miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2022

Still Standing

It's amazing that ten days have passed since my last post and it's also amazing that I haven't had the time to write nor even think on my blog. It's not that I'm busier than usual, but apparently there's always something that requires my attention: finishing a sewing project, repairing something at home, going to the swimming pool, having my hair cut, shopping groceries, meeting a friend, going to the library or simply sitting on a terrace. After weeks staying indoors because of the heatwave (which looked like a lockdown!), I've been outdoors the moment the temperatures were below 35ºC. It's actually hot, but feels like a relief.

Es impresionante que hayan pasado ya diez días desde mi última entrada, y también que no haya tenido tiempo ni siquiera de pensar en el blog. Tampoco es que esté más ocupada que de costumbre, pero parece que siempre hay algo que requiere mi atención: acabar una costura, arreglar algo de casa, ir a la piscina, cortarme el pelo, hacer la compra, quedar con una amiga, ir a la biblioteca o simplemente sentarse en una terraza. Porque después de semanas de quedarse en casa por culpa de la ola de calor (que ha sido como un confinamiento otra vez), salgo de casa en cuanto la temperatura está por debajo de 35ºC. Sigue siendo calor, pero se siente como un respiro.
This is what I wore on Thursday, to go to the hairdresser and run some errands. Then we had some pints at a quiet terrace. Totally my kind of evening.
This dress was purchased second hand at a charity market years ago (and revamped). Sandals by Skechers (outlet). Usual straw bag from Etsy that I wear almost every day in the summer.

Esto es lo que me puse el jueves, para ir a la peluquería y hacer unos recados. Luego nos tomamos unas cervezas en una terraza tranquila. Una tarde de las que me gustan.
El vestido es de un mercadillo solidario, de segunda mano, y luego lo reformé. Sandalias de Skechers (outlet). Y el habitual bolso de paja de Etsy que llevo casi cada día en verano.
This outfit is totally a repeat offender, something that I wear frequently. Still happy with it, as it's easy to wear and comfy. I added this necklace which was recently acquired at a local designer workshop. I indulged myself in this original bijouterie piece as a birthday present. Totally recommend to invest in quality pieces when possible. And support local businesses and designers.

Este conjunto es totalmente un reincidente, me lo pongo muy frecuentemente y sigo contenta con él, ya que es fácil de llevar y muy cómodo. Le he añadido un collar nuevo que compré en el taller de una diseñadora local, como un autoregalo de cumpleaños, una pieza original. Siempre a favor de invertir en calidad siempre que sea posible. Y apoyar negocios y diseñadores locales.
That skirt was made of a second hand maxi dress (just removed the wobbly top). Peasant blouse made of an old shirt. Sandals by Chiruca (outlet) last year.

La falda fue antes un vestido largo de segunda mano, al que le descosí la parte de arriba. La blusa la hice con una camisa que se me estropeó. Sandalias de Chiruca (outlet) del año pasado.

This skirt was acquired on Nov 2017 and worn multiple times (as you can see below!): Nov 2017, Jun 2018, Aug 2018, Jul 2019, Nov 2019, Jan 2020, Apr 2020, Jul 2020, Aug 2020, Aug 2021, Jul 2022.

Hope you're enjoying your summer, whatever the weather!

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  1. Great clothes are worth repeating. I'm glad the temperatures have dropped a bit. It must feel like a trip to the arctic. The necklace is beautiful. Enjoy your summer.

  2. I'm so hearing you on staying inside during a heatwave feeling a bit like being in Lockdown! For me, a heatwave is anything over 30°C, so I'm not envying you 35°C plus!
    Your maxi dress is one of my absolute favourites of yours. That print is simply amazing!
    The skirt made out of a dress is gorgeous too and I'm loving the parade of outfits you created with it over the years! Besos xxx

  3. I've seen Spain on the news due to the extreme heat! I can't imagine 35 feeling cool! Glad you are laying low and staying cool as possible. I adore that first dress - the fabric is amazing. I totally support paying a bit more to support a local artist! Happy Birthday!!

  4. You always look fantastic but that crane dress is one of my most favourite of clothes you own! xxx

  5. I love your maxi dress - I am pretty sure I gush over it every time you wear it. Well done on all those outfits with that glorious skirt. Sending you cool breezes!

  6. those purple trousers are fantastic!

  7. That is a fabulous skirt, it deserves to get worn a lot. It sounds like you've been really busy!