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How to manage this heatwave & gingham top #4

My (personal) advice to keep the coolness in a heatwave (assorted swear words included)

- Use your #&#* common sense: lightweight and natural fabrics, loose garments, light colors. No thick black t-shirts, no knits, no polyester and, please, no lycra.

- Use your #&#* common sense (part #2). To keep yourself hydrated, drink water and avoid alcohol or soft drinks. Beer is not going to keep you hydrated, as alcohol sucks all the water off your body, so have a glass of water in the middle of your beer intake, if you don't want to faint like a Jane Austen character.
And nobody wants to have a hangover in a #&#* hot day, for sure.

- Take care of your skin.
Sunscreen and a hat are your best friends (remember to apply sunscreen on your ears!) but it is also a good idea to cover your shoulders and cleavage, as these are the most exposed parts of your body when standing up. Even a short walk in the city can get you a sunburn.
It could look counter-intuitive, but strapless or sleeveless tops are not always the best choice in a sunny day.

It's better to avoid heavy metallic jewelry these days, not only because of the uncomfortable weight, but also because metal pieces overheat quickly and can burn your skin. Think on some washable (and light) bijouterie because you'll have to remove all the sunscreen from them. I like beads and light pendants, but many people prefer to avoid any jewelry when it's hot.

- Wear comfy shoes. Pick some breathable and light sandals with a thick sole which will keep your feet away from the overheated pavement. Flip flops are particularly uncomfortable, but people keep wearing them anyway, even when taking a bus, walking on cobblestones or on melting asphalt. Who am I to judge!?

Wish you a cool weekend!

Mis consejos (muy personales) para sobrellevar la ola de calor

- utiliza el sentido común: tejidos ligeros y naturales, ropa suelta, colores claros. Nada de camisetas negras de algodón gordo, ni tejidos de punto, ni poliéster, ni, por favor, licra!

- utiliza el sentido común (segunda parte). Para mantenerse hidratado, hay que beber agua, nada de alcohol ni refrescos. Y la cerveza no sirve para hidratarse, el alcohol te saca el agua del cuerpo a toda marcha, así que tómate un vaso de agua aunque estés bebiendo cerveza, si no quieres que te dé un vahído como a un personaje de Jane Austen.
Y nadie quiere pasar una resaca en un día de calorón, seguro.

- cuida tu piel.
La protección solar y un sombrero son tus mejores aliados (recuerda ponerte crema en las orejas!) pero también es buena idea cubrirse los hombros y el escote, que son las partes más expuestas al sol mientras estás en pie. Incluso dando un paseíto por la ciudad puedes quemarte.
Puede parecer contraproducente, pero llevar ropa sin tirantes o sin mangas no es siempre la mejor opción para un día de calor.

Es mejor no ponerse nada de joyería con partes metálicas estos días, no sólo porque el peso se hace incómodo, sino también porque las piezas metálicas pueden recalentarse y producir irritaciones. Mejor elegir algo de bisutería ligera y lavable, porque tendrás que quitarle toda la crema solar luego. A mí me gustan los collares de cuentas y los colgantes, pero mucha gente prefiere no ponerse nada y punto.

- ponte un calzado cómodo.
Mi mejor opción son unas sandalias transpirables que no pesen y con suela gruesa que te aísle los pies de ese pavimento recalentado. Encuentro que las chancletas de goma son especialmente incómodas, pero mucha gente las lleva de todos modos, subiendo al autobús, caminando sobre adoquines o sobre asfalto ardiendo, parece que no les importa, así que quién soy yo para juzgar?!

Y espero que paséis un fin de semana fresquito.

My sewing skills are quite limited, so I have to draw upon same patterns repeatedly. This is the fourth gingham top that I sew and the third one that I made on same pattern. The best part is that, as a repeat offender, it has become easier to make it. However, it has also become uninspiring!. Anyway this is still a fav pattern to make short dresses (I'm sewing a plaid one!)

Mis habilidades como costurera son muy limitadas, así que tengo que recurrir a los mismos patrones una y otra vez. Este es el cuarto top en cuadros vichy que me hago, y es el tercero con el mismo patrón. La parte buena es que, como reincidente, se va volviendo más fácil de hacer. Pero también se va volviendo menos interesante. A pesar de todo, sigue siendo un diseño que me gusta para hacer vestiditos cortos y estoy cosiéndome uno de cuadros escoceses!

- skirt, made of a strapless dress (charity shop) previously / falda, hecha de un vestido sin tirantes de segunda mano anteriormente
- sandals, Art (last summer sales) / sandalias, de las rebajas del verano pasado
- beach bag embellished with crochet starfishes / bolso de playa adornado con unas estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- bracelets, Dayaday and flea markets / pulseras, de Dayaday y mercadillos
- new ring, Ciclón (a birthday present!) / anillo nuevo, Ciclón, regalo de cumpleaños

Previous gingham tops: / Anteriormente otros cuadros vichy:

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  1. Thanks for the advice, Monica. Swear words and all ;-) Being a Polyester Princess, I am struggling, and all my non-polyester stuff is getting a good workout. I've also been raiding the charity shops for more lightweight cotton tops. I think you can't have enough of those gingham tops, and they all look lovely and fresh, repeat pattern or not. Also love the maxi skirt you're wearing. I've been looking for a similar one, so far without success. Have a lovely weekend, and hopefully it will cool down a bit soon. Besos xxx

  2. I stay indoors with a/c. It's very humid were I live -near 60-70% somedays. It wouldn't be so bad if the temp was the temp and not plus a heat index. Don't forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet!

  3. The plaid top is super cute so it's kind of cool you can just sew up another colour whenever you like.

    We've had a very hot summer here. I get up and walk the dog between 6-6:30 am when it is cool enough for both of us. The pug doesn't do well in heat.


  4. I love this predominately blue styling. I do agree we should use our common sense.

  5. All of these points are good advice. I don't know how so many people spend the whole summer wearing flipflops. I bet they are going to have foot trouble in the future! I live a few hours away from Suzanne, so I am sharing the same heat she has experienced. I have spent more time inside with my air conditioning than outside on my porch this year because it's so hot.

  6. I couldn't have put it better myself! No synthetics, lots of water, plastic rather than metal jewellery and wood soled clogs as opposed to thin plastic flip flops are all things I've been doing, too.
    Gorgeous outfit, you look so tall and elegant in a maxi. xxx

  7. Your tips are excellent, Sra! The thought of lycra on our 90 degree days makes me sweat right now : > Loving your look and fabulous lightweight jewelry, xo


  8. You are a pro in hot weather! Great advice, especially about the jewelry. I often forget about synthetic fabrics being hot and sticky, particularly if they are a wide/loose cut.

    You're also a pro at these gingham tops - they look fabulous on you!

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