martes, 28 de agosto de 2018

wearing old & new clothes

Most of my clothes have been in my wardrobe for years, some of them for five to ten years, which could be considered 'old' and 'dated' in fashion industry standards (there are even some clothes living in my wardrobe for twenty or thirty years which I consider my homegrown vintage). I have no problems in wearing same old clothes if they still tickle my fancy and I've realized that many of them can be worn in multiple ways, mixed and matched, reinvented!. This white linen pants are really old, but I have not any reason to look for a substitute, and this beach dress has become a favorite layering piece which gives a twist to any outfit!
And I'm getting the most out of my new tunic and enjoying its joyful qualities!. I think it's going to become a frequent visitor here. I'm even thinking on sewing something similar using some fabric leftovers, some kind of patchwork tunic, won't it be delightfully kitsch?!!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!.

La mayoría de mi ropa lleva años en mi armario, a veces cinco o diez años, lo que puede considerarse 'viejo' o 'pasado de moda' según los estándares de la industria de la moda. Incluso tengo ropa colgada en el armario desde hace veinte o treinta años, que considero como cultivar mi propia cosecha vintage. No me causa ningún problema ponerme las mismas viejas prendas si siguen pareciéndome apetecibles y la mayoría de ellas admiten múltiples combinaciones y reinvenciones. Estos pantalones blancos de lino tienen ya bastantes años, pero no veo razón para buscarles un sustituto, y este vestido de playa abierto se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos para superposiciones, da un toque divertido!
Y le estoy sacando el jugo a mi nueva túnica, disfrutando de esa animación que da el colorido. Creo que va a aparecer mucho por aquí!. Incluso estoy pensando en hacerme algo parecido usando retales sobrantes, una túnica de trozos patchwork, ¿a que sería deliciosamente kitsch!?
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible!

- linen pants, La Redoute (ages ago) / pantalón lino
- fuschia blouse, Festa / camisa fucsia
- beach dress, 4x4 (old) / vestido de playa
- sandals, Chiruca (outlet) / sandalias
- Straw bag, etsy / bolso de paja
- necklace and set of bracelets, presents / collar y juego de pulseras, regalos
- ring, Ciclón / anillo

- tunic, retail / túnica, tienda local
- red pants, Festa (ages ago) / pantalón rojo, antiquísimo
- sandals, élementérre (outlet) / sandalias
- red pendant, artisan market / colgante rojo, mercadillo artesano
- earrings, Silvereira (old) / pendientes

8 comentarios:

  1. There is absolutely no reason not to wear "old" clothes. Indeed, the only consideration should be whether it still tickles your fancy. Who cares what's in fashion anyway? I love your way of reinventing your clothes by trying different combinations and/or add something "new". Your patchwork tunic is fabulous with those red cropped flowers. Trying to make your own version of the tunic sounds like a great idea! Besos xxx

  2. I don't think of the pieces you wear as being from a particular decade or trend. Simple shapes in bold colours and patterns will always be in style.

  3. Those linen pants are a total classic - there is no reason at all to get new ones just because these are older. I love that you have pieces that you love that you've kept for a long time. Fast fashion would have us replace everything every couple of years, but that "vintage" stuff is better quality and lasts why bother getting new??

    I love the patchwork look of both the kimono jacket and the fun, flouncy tunic. I'm all in favour for kitsch!

  4. That tunic really is fabulously you.

    And when something works I figure why try to reinvent it or buy another? Use what you already have. Those white pants are classic.


  5. if it still fits....wear it
    if it doesn't have holes….wear it

    "dated" and "old" are marketing terms to get you to buy more stuff

  6. Oh big yes - if you still love it, wear it with joy! Love the colorful and flowy blouse. xox


  7. What an absolutely beautiful shirt and tunic. You look wonderful in both outfits - so colourful and cool! You are the picture of summer!

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