martes, 7 de agosto de 2018

heat & cold shoulder

I bought this (preloved) top at eBay because of its color (and beads!). It was a cold shoulders top, which looked quite strange on me, and too big too, so I sewed the sleeves to the straps, made some others adjustments and voilá, a totally useful top!. A major lesson learnt is that of the importance of not giving up when a second hand purchase doesn't look as expected, just give it a try!
The heat is still beating down hard, so lightweight fabrics are compulsory and I picked this sarong made of the lighter viscose ever. I've become a huge fan of kaftans, sarongs and beachwear for any occasion, as they're usually practical in the summer heat and add lots of color and fun!. I bought this sarong when on vacation in March to be worn as a scarf, but it would be a waste not to show its massive blue and magenta shades properly!
Linking Visible Monday and Fake It Until You Make It and wishing you a visible week!

Compré esta blusa en ebay, de segunda mano, por el color (y por los detalles cosidos). Era una de esas blusas de hombro al descubierto y resultó que me quedaba rarísima y además me estaba grande, así que decidí coser las mangas a los tirantes, con los consiguientes ajustes, y tachán, una blusita de verano totalmente operativa!. Una buena lección de cómo no hay que rendirse cuando algo que compras de segunda mano no resulta como esperabas, hay que darle una oportunidad!
Aún nos está dando fuerte el calor, así que es obligado llevar tejidos ligeros y escogí por eso este pareo de una tela de viscosa ligerísima. Me estoy volviendo muy aficionada a los kaftanes, pareos y toda clase de vestidos playeros para cualquier ocasión, me parecen muy prácticos para estos momentos de calor y además, añaden mucho colorido y gracia!. Este pareo lo compré cuando estuve de vacaciones en marzo, con la idea de usarlo como pañuelo al cuello, pero hubiera sido una pena porque es enorme y tenía que mostraros estos tonos magenta y azul en toda su extensión!
Enlazo al Visible Monday y también Fake It Until You Make It y espero que tengáis una semana muy visible!

- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- bracelets, a present / pulseras, un regalo
- sandals, Wonders (two years ago) / sandalias, de hace dos años
- bag, Matties (retail) / bolso

Same top after I sit for a while and bend and move (as I'm used to), mwhaha, lots of wrinkles. I've decided not to worry too much about this, it's Real Life!
la misma blusa después de que estuviera sentada un rato, y me doblara y moviera, tal como normalmente hago!, montones de arrugas!. He decidido no preocuparme por estas cosillas, es la Vida Real!

10 comentarios:

  1. Great save on the top! Don't give up, great words. Thanks for this colour blast - I especially love how you included all those bracelets with this. Always top of the game.

  2. What a great idea to convert that "cold shoulder" top, and isn't that sarong fantastic. Great outfit for a hot summer's day. Oh, and I'm loving the necklace too! And wrinkles are a part of life, aren't they? Besos xxx

  3. Those cool colours are great armour against the heat.

    Good for you for fixing the top to make it workable. You have more patience than I.


  4. Dear Senora Allnut, just to tell you how much I like your blogging, your clothing, your colours - everything! It lightens up my day. I am a regular but mostly quiet reader. Me too, I like to dress in all these colours. If we would have the same size (I think that I am shorter than you) and would not live in such a great distance (I am from Germany) we could exchange our wardropes for some time - I am sure it would be great fun for the two of us. Thank you for blogging! Stay proud and colourful!

  5. Wow, I see you are really skilled as the preloved shirt turnes out fantastic in the end and I really love how you have combined it with the fantastic skirt! So sorry that the heatwave continues ...
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I have wrinkles, so why not my clothes? Ha! You're right, that's life, whatever!

    I love this gorgeous rich blue-purple on you - and what a smart idea to sew up the "cold shoulder" (I'm sick of this style already). LOVE that skirt - wow!

  7. I am not a fan of the "cold-shoulder" look so kudos to you for changing up the sleeves on the blouse to suit you better. Love these colours together!

  8. I agree with Sheila on wrinkles! :)
    This top will be a staple of your wardrobe, I have a feeling - and you've done a wonderful job saving it!
    Lovely combo as always, unique, colorful, so very YOU!
    Lots of love!

  9. What a gorgeous colour combination! You did a wonderful job with the ill-fitting, non-suiting top, it looks brilliant on you now. xxx