martes, 17 de agosto de 2021

heatwave capsule

We have had a heatwave for a few days. Even if it has been really unpleasant, we haven't had as high temperatures as southern regions and fortunately no catastrophic fires (fingers crossed).
I can deal with usual hot weather, even when temperatures climb into the thirties, but 41ºC (105ºF) is not my cup of tea. So I've resorted to my 'heatwave capsule', some lightweight dresses and tunics made of breathable fabrics that I've tested previously. They're not always the most flattering clothes ever, but comfort is first in my book, so floaty (even oversized) pieces that barely touch my skin are my favourite ones!.
Anyway, when it's so hot, we go out out only when strictly necessary (work!) and then stay at home (closed windows and blinds) all day long. No wonder I hate heatwaves.

Hemos tenido nuestra primera ola de calor del verano, ya a mediados de agosto. Aunque haya sido desagradable, no hemos tenido temperaturas tan altas como en el sur ni tampoco incendios catastróficos, afortunadamente (y esperando que siga así).
No tengo tanto problema con el calor normal de verano, incluso cuando las temperaturas suben hasta los treinta y pico, pero 41ºC ya supera mi límite. Así que he sacado la ropa especialmente seleccionada para la ocasión, un conjunto de vestidos y túnicas ligeras de tejidos transpirables, que ya he comprobado que funcionan. No siempre son favorecedoras, pero la comodidad es lo primero en este caso, así que cualquier ropa vaporosa que apenas toque la piel me va a encantar.
De todos modos, cuando hace tanto calor, salimos sólo si es estrictamente necesario (para ir a trabajar!) y luego nos quedamos en casa con las ventanas y persianas cerradas todo el día. No tiene nada de raro que odie las olas de calor.
Everything is revamped & reworn in this ensemble (as usual!). The skirt was made of a strapless dress (second hand) and I've sewed this top from an old shirt. You can see same outfit last year

Todo totalmente reciclado & reutilizado por aquí. La falda está hecha de un vestido sin tirantes de segunda mano y la blusa está hecha de una camisa que tenía y que se rasgó. Podéis ver que ya me lo puse el año pasado

This oversized dress in purple was recently acquired at Sunday street market, and it has an amazing texture and swooshiness. I added a recycled piece of fabric from my stash, to substitute a piece of white stuff in the neckline which I didn't like.

Este vestido morado (de una talla muy grande para mí) es de segunda mano del mercadillo, y tiene una textura y vaporosidad muy agradable. Le añadí un trocito de tela reciclada en el escote, porque llevaba una pieza blanca que no me gustaba nada.
This are two of my favourite pieces to stay cool (pun intended). My patchwork dress was made of viscose fabrics and some voile scarves, so it's incredibly lightweight (and sheer too, but who cares). The lavender tunic is made of linen and these are viscose leggings, so both feel fresh on the skin.

Estos son dos de mis favoritos para los días más calurosos. El vestido de patchwork está hecho de trozos de viscosa y pañuelos de gasa, así que es ligero como el aire y un poco transparente también, pero cuando hace calor no importa nada. La túnica color lavanda es de lino y llevo unos leggings de viscosa, así que son materiales frescos.
And these are the last dresses which found their way into my heatwave capsule. They were destined to be my beach/pool dresses this summer (this kind of dresses get destroyed quickly, due to the combination of sunshine, chlorine/salt and frequent washing, they fall apart!). But I think that this floral one deserves a better use before being relegated to 'beach dress'. It is really lightweight and doesn't need ironing!.

Y estos son los últimos vestidos que se han incorporado a mi vestuario para ola de calor. Iban a ser mis vestidos para playa/piscina de este verano (no me duran nada, entre el sol, el cloro/sal y los lavados quedan destruidos rapidísimo). Pero creo que este vestido de flores merece un mejor destino antes de acabar como vestido de playa, porque es ligerísimo, muy gracioso y no necesita planchado!.
Hope you're keeping yourselves as safe and fabulous as possible!

Espero que cuidéis vuestra salud y sigáis todo lo estupendos que se pueda!

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  1. I do not envy you the heat and I'm so glad there haven't been any fires.

    Your heatwave capsule is lovely and you do look very cool. Lovely colours, patterns and fabrics and brilliant accessories as always. I am loving your sandal collection. It's also so much more practical to have short hair when it's so hot.

    Hope you're having a good week.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it!. Totally agree that short hair is really practical, whatever the weather ;D

  2. I'm the same when it's really hot like that, hardly venturing outside and staying inside with windows and blinds closes. We had only 15°C today, can you believe it? What a difference.
    I'm glad to see you're still being your colourful and stylish self. You've got quite a few stunners in your heatwave capsule, my favourites here being the maxi skirt and top and that magnificent purple oversized dress! Besos xxx

    1. The weather is not really hot anymore, which makes me happier!
      I believe that having a few stylish items to wear when the weather is so unpleasant makes a difference (and this also applies to extremely cold weather conditions!)
      Glad you like my purple dress!

  3. I absolutely love your capsule heatwave wardrobe, so stylish and colourful and I want to steal that straw hat, it's fabulous.
    I'm with you on oversized, loose fitting and floaty. A lot of Brits seem to expose every inch of flesh in skin tight vests and shorts when we get hot weather, they don't realise that covering up in the coolest option! xxx

    1. Lovely that you want to steal my straw hat! ;DD
      I can't understand why people wear those tight clothes and shorts when it's so hot, it feels suffocating and uncomfortable!

  4. I am so impressed that your heatwave capsule items are so stylish as well as being practical! Floaty, cool, swooshy - these are all excellent things!

  5. I never looks as stylish as you, heatwave or not!

  6. you look fabulous in your heatwave capsule!!!
    love all the outfits - such wonderful bright colours, pretty patterns and... FLATTERING SHAPES!!
    yes - in my books flattering does not mean tight/figure hugging/accentueted waist/ec. - flattering is when the wearer looks beautiful in a garment. and in a heatwave one looks beautiful because feels comfortable in a loose airy dress - instead of sweltering in a structured or skin tight item.......
    you rock summer look!

    1. I think we're in the same page!, flattering is when you feel comfortable and feel yourself!, obviously, anything that makes me feel like a sweaty mess is unflattering! ;DD
      Thanks for your comments!