martes, 27 de julio de 2021

Summer Dresses

As Summer is here to stay, we have had some hot days with temperatures rising into the (high) thirties, even if they are not considered a heatwave. It's just normal weather!. I'm glad we've been near 40ºC only for a day here.
So I've been dressin up accordingly to the weather, which means lightweight fabrics and floaty dresses. My patchwork dress was sewed during lockdown. I used some leftover fabric scraps and a pair of voile scarves to create this patchwork, but the top is made of a (ridiculously bad designed) fast fashion tunic which I bought second hand. I have a weakness both for gingham and for viscose fabric, so couldn't resist this piece despite its obvious 'malfunctions'.
I'm not sewing anything so time consuming anymore, as I'm too busy. As I've commented previously, I'm missing my lockdown timetable (but not the lockdown itself!) and feeling a little bit overwhelmed at work (it has been an hectic month). However, I hope that 'business as usual' will come back eventually.

Como ya estamos en pleno verano, hemos tenido los habituales días con temperaturas subiendo hasta los treinta y tantos, aunque no se considere una ola de calor. Es simplemente verano. Me alegra que sólo hayamos estado cerca de los 40ºC un día, ya es bastante.
Así que mi vestuario se ha adaptado al clima, con tejidos ligeros y vestidos vaporosos. Este vestido de patchwork fue obra del confinamiento, usando trozos sobrantes de tela y un par de pañuelos de gasa de algodón, y haciendo el top de una túnica que compré de segunda mano. Era una túnica con un diseño ridículo, la típicamente mal hecha moda de usar y tirar, pero me atrajo mucho el tejido de viscosa y los cuadritos, no pude resistirme.
No estoy por la labor de coser algo tan trabajoso de nuevo, estoy muy liada. Sigo echando de menos el horario relajado de principios de este año (aunque no el estar confinados), y el trabajo está en su momento más agobiante. Así que espero que pronto volvamos a estar más tranquilos y vuelva a tener tiempo.
- sandals, Skechers outlet / sandalias
- straw bag, retail (old) / bolso de paja

I've realized this dress is ten years old!. First time in the blog on Jul2011, as you can see.

Me he dado cuenta de que tengo este vestido desde hace diez años, salió en el blog en Jul2011

This is a recap on this dress, ten years and still a favourite!.

Esta es una recopilación, diez años y todavía es uno de mis favoritos.


Hope your're keeping yourselves as safe and fabulous as possible!
Espero que sigáis todo lo sanos y estupendos que sea posible.

8 comentarios:

  1. Those sound like my kind of temperatures! I wish they were normal here, I was definitely born in the wrong country. 13°C and grey here, boo!
    On a brighter note you look absolutely gorgeous in your summery dresses, your remodelled gngham dress is wonderful, I love gingham too! The striped dress contians all my favourite colours, too - I love it on you! xxx

  2. Gosh, that's hot to me!

    Loving the patchwork dress especially with the yellow straw bag. The striped dress is beautiful - what a fab dress. I liked it best with the little black bolero. Such lovely colours in the dress and it looks fab on you.

  3. Unlike Vix, these are definitely not my temperatures :-) We've had a week of mid to high twenties, but now we're back to low twenties, unfortunately with lots of rain!
    Loving your patchwork dress but can imagine the amount of work. I love gingham too, but it is seriously lacking in my wardrobe. The yellow straw bag is gorgeous too, and the colourful striped dress is absolutely amazing. I love all the ways you've worn it. I don't think you can go wrong with a beautiful dress like that! Besos xxx

  4. You sewed a beautiful patchwork dress. I've always wanted to try making one but never have. Old favourite dresses are great too. Glad to hear summer hasn't been too hot.

  5. I would be very unhappy in 40 degree temperatures. We have had a couple of days this summer where it was that hot and it was unbearable outside. That patchwork dress is one of my favourites! The striped dress is great - it's a classic shape, fun pattern, and obviously you still love it.

  6. gosh - the patchwork dress turned out totally fabulous!!! very well done - you nailed esp. the proportions perfectly!
    and i can see why stripey one is a fav since ten years - classic, flattering and lovely colours!
    we scratched the 40° in early summer - and here this is a heatwave ;-D but now its around 25° and some rain which is perfect for me and the garden..........
    wish you that your work-life-balance comes to a good level soon!

  7. Ooh, your patchwork dress is awesome! I love it. Sorry to hear that life has mostly returned to being hectic for you, Monica.

    Love the striped dress - what a great shape. Ten years is a great accomplishment! It looks beautiful in every outfit (as do you!).

    Happy weekend, my dear friend!

  8. I lvoe your patchwork dress! The black and white is so distinctive, and it must be really nice to wear in the heat.

    Ten years is a good innings for a dress.