lunes, 4 de mayo de 2020

Balcony & Red

We've enjoyed a long and sunny weekend, as Friday was a bank holiday. Now that people are allowed to walk, run or cycle outside, there were lots of them in every park, bike lane or urban path during the weekend, so we decided to wait for a quieter moment to go for a walk. But even on Monday morning there were more people outside than I've ever seen. Actually, I've never imagined that there were so many runners and cyclers in the city.
So instead of going for a walk, we went to do the groceries shopping, which we considered more necessary.
I'd like to enjoy a walk but only on my own terms!

Hemos tenido un fin de semana soleado y largo, porque el viernes fue festivo. Ahora que está permitido salir a pasear, correr o andar en bici, había montones de gente en cada parque, carril bici o sendero urbano todo el fin de semana, así que decidimos esperar un momento más tranquilo para salir. Pero incluso el lunes por la mañana había más gente de lo habitual, incluso diría que nunca me habría imaginado que hubiera tantos aficionados a la bici o a correr en la ciudad.
Así que en vez de caminar, nos fuimos a hacer la compra, que nos pareció más necesario.
Ya saldré a pasearme cuando pase este furor, y en condiciones más saludables.

I've wore red color to celebrate 1st of May (as I'm still a worker) and added a typewriter brooch to represent my own profession. Then I had an apéro at the balcony!.

Me he vestido de rojo para celebrar el 1º de Mayo (todavía soy una trabajadora) y le añadí este broche de máquina de escribir que representa mi oficio. Y luego me tomé un aperitivo en el balcón.

- trousers, made of some (uncomfortable) wrap trousers / pantalón, hecho de unos pantalones abiertos por los lados, muy incómodos
- red shirt, made of a short dress / blusa roja, hecha de un vestidito
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / merceditas
- hat, bought it back in the 80's, homegrown vintage / sombrero de paja, comprado allá por los ochenta, así que es ya de mi propia cosecha vintage.
- necklace, ages ago / collar, de hace siglos.

I've just finished this dress, a patchwork project that has taken a lot of time. But it has also taken a lot of leftover fabric scraps, which has been nice!. I've used a tunic pattern (only longer) so it's really flowy. Actually, it looks like the typical fat lady dress, but I don't care. It's so swooshy and breezy that it will be fab in a hot day (and summer is coming!)

He acabado este vestido, hecho con trozos de tela sobrantes de otros proyectos, lo que me ha llevado tiempo, pero también ha sido muy entretenido (y aprovechado!). He usado un patrón de túnica, sólo que más largo, así que ha quedado bastante fluído, con vuelo. Ya sé que parece justamente el tipo de vestido de señora gorda, muy ancho y sin forma. Pero no me importa, creo que me lo voy a poner mucho en verano, es fresco y agradable. ¡Y ya empieza el calor!

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  1. Ooh, we have matching wide-legged red pants! I love it! I've read about Spain opening up, and what a crowd of people came out to run, walk and cycle - that must have felt weird and crowded. I love your red outfit, especially that typewriter brooch. Your patchwork dress is amazing! It looks fantastic on you - I like how the gingham dips down at the sides to give it that visual interest.

    Stay safe, my dear!

    1. Great minds wear Red! ;DD
      It actually feels weird to see all the people outside and obviously some of them are not being careful nor sensible. So stressful!
      Glad you like the brooch (I do love a typewriter motive!)

  2. We saw the news with the Spanish people out and about at the weekend and it looked so busy, I don't blame you for taking your time and leaving it until the excitement's worn off a bit!
    I absolutely love yourlockdown patchwork project, that dress is absolutely magnificent on you and the black & white theme is so cool and stylish! It doesn't look like a fat lady dress at all!
    The red trousers are fabulous, too! Love that photo of you on your balcony! xxx

    1. I started this project inspired by your fab patchwork pieces!, so you have been my inspiration, dear lady!. So I'm particularly glad that you like it!
      And I'm more and more stressful everytime I try to go for a walk, it looks like there are people everywhere!. I have had to avoid my favourite paths (which are usually quiet but not anymore).
      Balcony photos (even with the laundry in the background) make me feel glamourous! ;DD

  3. It's so good you can go out and about again - you just need to do it in your own time as you say. The red outfit was lovely; it's a shame the trousers are not comfortable they certainly looked very comfortable. I loved all your fab bangles and the typewriter brooch was so very cute!

    Your patchwork dress is gorgeous - you are clever! I love the gingham and the patchwork together; it's very unusual and it looks very glamorous and cool on you. Definitely not a fat lady dress at all.

    Do you know when you might be able to return to work yet now that your lockdown is easing?

    Take care,

    1. I didn't explain it well, these trousers are comfortable now, but they were not comfortable before being revamped as they were wrap trousers (open sides) so totally unwearable!
      Glad you like my bijouterie, this means a lot coming from you!
      And I'm happy to read that you don't see my dress as a fat lady dress!
      I can return to work if I want, but it would be a nonsense as we don't have anything to do, so we've been told to stay at home if possible. I'll be back in a pair of weeks or so.

  4. A bold splash of red is just what we need right now. I would be hesitant to go out when it's busy too; you're wise to wait until it's quieter. You did a marvelous job on the patchwork dress.

    1. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Red Color to cheer the day up!
      And I dislike crowds, so it's being easy to keep avoiding them now!
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Very sensible of you to wait until things have calmed down. I don't think a walk among the crowds would have been enjoyable. This is what I fear will happen if our shops open up on Monday. Haberdashery shops were allowed to open yesterday, as they are considered essential for mask making, and it was on the news that there was a waiting time for 1,5 hours in some shops. Crazy! I applaud you on wearing red on 1 May, and adding the typing writer brooch is a quirky touch. Your patchwork dress might have been a labour of love, but absolutely worth it. I have to disagree, though, as it doesn't look like a fat lady dress to me! It will indeed be perfect on a warm Summer's day! Besos xxx

    1. Our first walk has been really stressful, so we've decided to avoid usual paths and walk only in our neighbourhood which is less frequented. People are mostly kind and sensible, but a few idiots can spoil anything.
      I'm so glad that you like my brooch, the red color and the patchwork dress. So lovely!