jueves, 21 de mayo de 2020

what I've been doing

I'm back at work which could be considered good news. But it also involves social distancing at the office and lots of hand-sanitizer, which is sometimes stressful. However I'm managing it well and enjoying the chatting with coworkers at a safe distance. People are more than willing to stop for a talk and it would be inconsiderate not to listen to them and express empathy.

This is what I wore my second day at work. Crap picture as it was too rainy to take pics outside.
Similar outfit previously worn here

Esto es lo que me puse en mi segundo día de trabajo. Una foto malísima pero es que llovía mucho para sacar fotos fuera.
Algo similar hace un año, aquí

Roses galore in city parks!
Montones de rosales en los parques de la ciudad.

We've been slowly coming back to business as usual, but still having our aperitives at home (a spritz with some canned cockles and mussels) and I think that we'll keep it this way for a long time. I miss our typically spanish lifestyle (wine&tapas), but I'm not in a hurry.
And we keep on cooking our meals from scratch and enjoying them at home!
Baked mackerel with a salad / Fideuá (see a recipe here)

Lentamente van volviendo a abrir muchos negocios, pero nosotros seguimos tomando el vermú en casa (un spritz con berberechos y mejillones) y creo que seguiremos así por una larga temporada. Me encanta el estilo de vida típico y tomar un vino y unas tapas, pero no tengo prisa.
Y seguimos cocinando nuestros platos con producto fresco y disfrutándolos en casa.

I've found some old magazines in a bag that my mom brought me (stuff from the storage room). She's amazed by me being a vintage lover. These crochet patterns are complex and hard to follow, having not a single drawing of the flowers!, just text!. However I'd like to give them a try as they are so lovely!

He encontrado estas revistas antigüitas en una bolsa que mi madre me trajo con cosas del trastero. Siempre le sorprende que me gusten estas cosas 'vintage'. Las instrucciones son complicadas y difíciles de seguir, no tienen dibujos explicativos, sólo texto. A pesar de todo, ¡me encantaría intentar hacer alguna de estas piezas!

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  1. It must be quite a shock to the system being back at work, but a the same time it must be nice to see your colleagues and have a chat with them. I'm usually on my own on my two office days, but saw my colleague on Wednesday, as she came in that day instead of Thursday which was a public holiday. No problems with social distancing but the constant hand sanitizing is driving me crazy sometimes. As is disinfecting door knobs Etc. after a courier has been to the office. Even though all our shops have opened, all pubs and restaurants remain closed. Have they opened at all in Spain? Love your outfit, the city roses and your Mum's vintage magazines! Those crochet vests are divine! Besos xxx

    1. You're right, it has been a shock to the system!. And totally agree about the hand sanitizing and desingfecting keyboards, mouses and knobs, which makes me feel I'm a paranoid.
      Pubs and restaurants are still closed, but some terraces are allowed to open and people have run to have a coffee/beer as if it was a matter of life or death. I think it's too early for these activities but tourism is such an important industry here!. And pubs and restaurants will open soon, but also swimming pools and beaches!. Not really sensible!

  2. Coming back to work is going to be really stressful for people, particularly those in offices, as amenities get taken away (lunchrooms, meeting rooms, etc.). That's the kind of stuff I'm working on now in my office. However, seeing people again? Ah, I can't wait! I miss people so much! It'll be a month before my office is open to people coming back, and my island (Victoria is on the tip of Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada) has ONE active case of COVID, and has had only 5 deaths total - we are nearly ready to re-open here.

    I love your bright outfit (that's one of my favourite coats of yours), and I can practically smell those roses! I am in love with those funky vests! I bet I could wing that pattern...it doesn't look too hard. I should dig out my wool box and crochet hooks! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It has been lovely to see people again, even if we're talking each other at a safe distance. I've been bringing my own thermoflask to have some coffee, and I have to put on my facemask to go to the bathroom!. Anyway these are small inconveniences!
      Glad that you're inspired to crochet!, I think it's really relaxing!

  3. Oh my goodness those crochet outfits are fab! Especially the long coat/dress. We are spoilt now with the internet for wonderful free patterns and detailed tutorials; but I taught myself to crochet 42 years ago from an instruction booklet...Your mum's storage room sounds like a treasure trove of delights; I'd love to see it.

    Some people wear pin striped suits to the office - you wear a pinstriped coat! Your outfit is lovely and I bet your colleagues are very excited that you're back in your colourful outfits to cheer you all up.

    The food looks yummy!

    Take care.

    1. Glad you like these crochet outfits and totally agree that detailed tutorials and videos have spoilt us!, the instruction booklets were really annoying!
      My 'gangster coat' always receives some comments, even if my coworkers are used to me looking 'slightly different'. ;DDD
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I love the crochet patterns, seriously groovy! Your Mum must have some incredible stuff stashed away!
    You look amazing in that pinstriped coat, such a great contrast with the jungle trousers.
    Those roses are beautiful, English municipal planting is never that lovely. The tapas at home looks so professional, much better than having to share your space with anyone else. xxx

    1. My Mum's wardrobe is a neverending source of incredible stuff!, I'd love to raid it even if my size is so much bigger than hers!.
      Glad you liked roses, I'm happy that city gardens are so well-kept, we have massive parks but also small flower beds in every square.
      And your comment on my homemade tapas is making me feel proud!

  5. ¡Hola! Yo también tengo unas cuantas revistas antiguas de labores. La mayoría, de los años 70 y 80, me las dio mi madre también. Y un par de ellas las he comprado: Una es de 1973 y muy parecida a la que nos muestras, la encontré en un mercadillo de segunda mano en Murcia. La otra de 1948 la encontré en una cafetería-tienda de segunda mano el verano pasado en Edimburgo.
    Respecto a los chalecos creo que fijándote en las fotos puedes sacar el patrón. En cualquier caso puedes encontrar gráficos de flores parecidos a esos en internet y darle un toque aún más personal.

    1. qué entretenidas son las revistas antiguas!, las tuyas seguro que son chulísimas!
      Y me parece muy buena idea sacar el patrón de las flores, o irlo dibujando yo misma según sigo las instrucciones, si soy capaz!.
      ¡Muchas gracias por comentar!

  6. Keep safe my dear!!! I really love these rose gardens, they are so beautiful!! I hope you have a beautiful week x

  7. Beautiful roses!! And mouth watering food!! I love fideuà, and have only attempted cooking it myself once, it's quite complicated I found!! Love fresh mackerel too, that's an easy one to do!!

    1. I also meant to say that like you i'm in no hurry,to get to a terrace, I'm quite happy having my coffee and food at home, it just feels safer somehow. Everything is opening up at an amazing speed now, I'm afraid we might be sorry.

  8. To be truthful, I'm not anxious to return to the office as I've settled into a relatively nice routine working from home. It will definitely take a while to adjust once we have to go back. Those roses are gorgeous!! The vest made of individual crocheted flowers sewn together is really cool - too bad the instructions are so complicated.