martes, 26 de mayo de 2020

spring & office

My first week at work has been really quiet and I've even enjoyed to be back to business as usual, particularly because of the social life. Small talk and all.
We have had some unseasonably warm days, which has made me realise that summer is coming and my wardrobe is still not ready!. Some people have commented me on having the sensation of having skipped spring, due to the lockdown.

Ha pasado mi primera semana de trabajo y ha sido muy tranquila, incluso he disfrutado de la vuelta a la vida cotidiana, en especial por la vida social (charla intrascendente incluída y todo).
Hemos tenido algunos días de calor fuera de lo normal, lo que me ha hecho darme cuenta de que el verano está casi encima y todavía no tengo el cambio de estación hecho. Normal que tanta gente comente que la sensación general es la de haberse saltado la primavera, por culpa del cierre total.

I wore this outfit previously on March, and I've been wearing other 'lockdown outfits' to go to work now (repeat mode!). It feels like a premiere after a long rehearsal period. It also feels like my mind is trying to fix the frustration due to lockdown. It's good to be outside!

Ya me puse esto mismo en Marzo, cuando estábamos todos en casa, y también he estado repitiendo otros conjuntos que me puse durante el encierro. Me da la sensación de haber llegado al estreno después de una larga temporada de ensayos. Y también me parece que mi mente intenta arreglar toda esa frustración del no haber podido salir.

- trousers, revamped / pantalón, modificado
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- dress worn as a summer coat, second hand (charity market) / vestido, que llevo abierto, de segunda mano en un mercadillo solidario
- beads and polka dot neckerchief, presents / collar y pañuelo de lunares, unos regalos
- denim jacket, second hand at AsosMarketplace, boutique Bich / chaqueta vaquera, de segunda mano en Asos Marketplace
- tunic/blous, made by a friend, years ago / camisa-túnica, hecha por una amiga, hace años
- trousers, purchased in an outlet, then shortened (old) / pantalón, comprado en un outlet y luego acortado
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja, de Etsy (tiene unos años ya)
- shoes, elemèntèrre outlet / zapatos
- scarf, Dayaday (old) / pañuelo

More spanish-style aperitives at home: mussels with a tomate sauce, a simple meal.

Más aperitivos estilo casero, mejillones con una salsa de tomate, comida sencilla.

Usually we cook our meals from scratch and make the most of every ingredient. We had some baked salmon and broccoli, another simple meal. Just a few days later we added the leftovers to a rice salad with fresh tomatoes and olives. It's time for salads!

Habitualmente cocinamos con ingredientes frescos y los aprovechamos bien. Un día comimos salmón al horno con brócoli, pero las sobras se incorporaron a una ensalada de arroz con unos tomates y aceitunas. Me encanta que sea ya la temporada de las ensaladas.

14 comentarios:

  1. Estás muy guapa, como siempre. Me apasiona tu manera de incorporar el color. Yo todavía estoy desubicada.

    1. Feliz de que te guste! y te animo a ponerle color a la ropa como se lo pones a la comida con ese ingenio que tú tienes!

  2. I'm glad to hear it went well going back to work. The rehearsal/performance description is accurate!
    You're looking summery and stylish.

    1. I'm still working on my (mental) re-adjustment to Real Life!
      And summer is coming really quickly!

  3. You've had the dress rehearsal and now it's time for the red carpet! You look fabulous in both outfits, I bet your brightened everyone's day. I want to steal your bag, it's gorgeous!
    Your food always looks so tempting and that tablecloth is wonderful! I haven't had broccoli in so long! xxx

    1. Glad you like my bag, I bought it at Etsy (made in Portugal) and it is really well made and useful for my daily life.
      And I'm one of these strange people who like broccoli! We eat it frequently (lots of veggies actually!)

  4. I love your black, white and red outfit. The colours go so well and the neckerchief is lovely. It's far too warm here for any type of scarf but I don't suppose that will last!

    Loved your denim jacket outfit, too. You always look so colourful and stylish and I love your Mary Janes with the pattern on them.

    I'm so glad you're getting to go out and not too sad to be back at work. A lot of benefit of work is the social side of it and apparently the greatest amount of people meet their partners at work!

    The food looks delicious!

    1. It's also too warm here now to wear any scarf, but last week we have some chilly days (10ºC).
      I've recently bought some denim jackets (second hand) and I'm realising they're versatile and comfy!. I've never been a huge fan of denim, but now I'm changing my mind.
      I like the social side of my work!

  5. I like that black dress with the white trim worn open as a coat. We have not returned to our office yet, but will likely be doing so in a couple of weeks, but only one of us can be there at a time, so still no social interaction :( After weeks of rain, cold temperatures and the occasional snow, now it's hot and humid here too. What happened to Spring?

    1. Glad you like the monochromatic dress!, black&white is always so appealing!
      Being alone at the office sounds a little bit boring but safer!
      Many people have told me about this feeling of missing spring, it's like a time gap. I'm feeling really puzzled these days.

  6. I'm loving your back-to-work outfits, which only look the better for the long rehearsal. My favourite is that gorgeous black and white outfit at the start of your post. It's very chic and relaxed at the same time, and the colours really suit you! I'm glad your enjoy being back at work. It must be heaven being able to do small talk again. I've only seen my colleague twice since our hours were reduced and on both occasions we did more talking than working :-) It is also true that we seem to have skipped Spring, not just due to lockdown, but the weather seems to have gone straight into Summer too. Your aperitives and cooked from scratch meals are making me feel hungry all over again, although I've just had my dinner! Besos xxx

    1. Glad that you think these colors suit me, so lovely!.
      Totally agree that the weather has become summery suddenly, it's hot here!.
      Small talk is not something I do frequently, but now I've realised that it's important to keep people connected!

  7. Fabulous outfits, Monica! I love that dress worn as a duster coat! So amazing! I know, I've missed seeing people - there have been 3 other coworkers in my huge office over the past 2+ months, and we won't start bringing people back until the office has had its protocols put in place. I'm excited to start showing off some outfits to actual people! I also plan to repeat some of my favourites.

    Your mussels look amazing! We have them here frequently - all local. Yum!

    1. Totally understand that you plan to repeat some fav outfits, as it makes a difference to show them to actual people!.
      Lovely that you also have mussels frequently, they're tasty. Ours came from the spanish Atlantic coast, so quite local too. I do like to know where my food is produced!