viernes, 8 de mayo de 2020

walks & roses

We went for a walk on Tuesday for the first time in months and chose some of our favourite paths which are usually quiet areas. Not anymore. Actually I felt really stressful because of some people not moving away or even crossing my path.
I ask Mr.A. to take a photo quickly in this quiet moment, before any passersby could photobomb our shoot. Many people are totally focused on their mobile phones instead of enjoy their walk, the views, the fresh air or whatever they have around them. So it's better to keep an eye on them, as they're not watching out for their surroundings.
I wore a red shirt and a floral skirt, inspired by Polyester Princess, because I like her wearing of colors and accessories and her fab style. I don't wear rings nor bracelets outside these days as they make all the hand washing really annoying. But I haven't given away accessories, as I added some beads and a brooch.

Al fin salimos a pasear el martes después de todos estos meses y elegimos algunos senderos que nos gustan y que suelen estar desiertos. Pero ya no. En realidad me sentí muy estresada por toda la gente que no se apartaba al pasar y que incluso se te cruzaba en el camino.
Estas fotos me las tomó Mr.A. en un momento tranquilo, rápidamente antes de que algún paseante se nos cruzara. Mucha gente va totalmente centrada en su teléfono en vez de disfrutar del paseo, las vistas, el aire fresco o lo que quiera que hayan salido a buscar. Así que hay que cuidarse no sólo de lo que uno hace, sino también de lo que hacen todas estas personas que ni se fijan por donde andan.
Me puse una camisa roja y una falda muy floral, inspirada por Polyester Princess, porque me gusta mucho cómo lleva los colores, los accesorios y su estilo estupendo. No me pongo anillos ni pulseras para salir porque es muy molesto para todo el lavado de manos. Pero tampoco renuncio a los accesorios, me he puesto un collar y un broche.

- red shirt, made of a dress which I barely wore / camisa roja, hecha de un vestido que no me ponía
- skirt, sewed by me ages ago (fabric by Ikea) / falda, hecha por mí hace años, con tela de Ikea
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- bag, by Nonapapallona local design! / bolso, de Nonapapallona ¡diseño local!
- faux turquoise beads, charity shop / collar de turquesas falsas, de una tienda solidaria
- brooch, a present by my mom / broche, un regalo de mi madre

So I've decided to walk only in my neighbourhood, which provides plenty of wide walkways and greenery, and it's a barely frequented area even nowadays. So I can stop and smell the roses!.
Keep yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible!

Así que he decidido que sólo voy a salir a caminar por mi vecindario, que tiene unas aceras y paseos anchos, bastantes jardines y está muy poco frecuentado incluso estos días. Y además, puedo ver estos rosales tan coloridos!
Espero que sigáis todo lo estupendos que podáis.

6 comentarios:

  1. The bird brooch is so cute! People are so bloody annoying with their faces glued to their phones.

    Such lovely, colourful outfits and accessories, Monica. I love the Ikea fabric skirt and the tunic over the three quarters leggings. You look very cool and summery.

    Keep on taking those walks!

  2. Aww, thank you for the shout-out, Monica! I'm loving both your colourful outfits. That floral skirt and shirt combo is a delight, and how cute is that bird brooch. The tunic dress in your second outfit is a sight for sore eyes as well. Wearing colour does make all the difference, at least it does to me! So glad you were able to go on a walk after all this time, but I'm hearing you on people acting irresponsibly and not taking their distance. Especially when they're looking at their phones! Such a relief you can walk a bit more quietly closer to home! Besos xxx

  3. I love both nyur colourful Ann-inspired outfits and am delighted that you've found a peaceful place to walk You'd think that after so long in lockdown people would wantto savour every moment of their new found freedom and not spend it chatting on a phone! xxx

  4. Love your little bird brooch, so original and timely now that we can hear so many birds singing!! Good that you have a choice of places to walk, I agree that some people are really inconsiderate when out walking, be it country or urban, and just refuse to budge. In town I often I find myself stepping into the road to avoid them. Fortunately they are in the minority and there are very few cars on the road at the moment!!

  5. Hooray! You made it outside!! I'm so happy you were able to get out and stretch your legs, even if the COVIDiots were cutting you off and jabbering away on their phones (PEOPLE!). I find myself having to walk way out on the road to get away from people sometimes.

    You can't go wrong emulating Ann's style! I love her colourful looks, and your version is just marvelous. I love your bits of turquoise with red. Fabulous!

  6. I adore that flamboyant skirt and also like that you're having fun mixing patterns too. The blue trainers look great and are perfect for those long walks.
    I understand how you feel about people not trying to implement social distancing - it must be very stressful.
    Take care and stay safe x