viernes, 31 de mayo de 2019

jungle print & essential clothing items

Jungle print trousers are a favourite of mine, a girl can't have too many of them as I'm concerned. Actually, any hawaiian or tropical inspired print looks appealing to me. I think that knowing your own taste and style is way better than trying to replicate any fashion advice from a magazine. Your little black dress can be a purple jumpsuit!. Not having a single white shirt is not a crime, it's just an option (and a good one, if white is not your color and you don't do shirts). The perfect pair of jeans can be not only elusive, but also unfulfilling. However, creating your own style is always rewarding, you can pick your own 'essential clothing items' and they can be as bold or subtle, as loud or discrete as you want, completely made to fit your own personality!

Los pantalones de estampado jungla son de mis favoritos, no se pueden tener demasiados!. En realidad cualquier estampado tipo hawaiano o tropical me parece atrayente. Creo que conocer el propio gusto y el propio estilo es mucho mejor que intentar copiar los consejos de una revista. Puede que tu 'vestidito negro' en realidad sea un mono morado. Si no tienes ninguna camisa blanca, no estás cometiendo un crimen, simplemente es tu elección (y una buena elección, si el blanco no es tu color y no te van las camisas). Esos vaqueros perfectos pueden ser no sólo difíciles de encontrar, sino también poco emocionantes. Sin embargo, crear tu propio estilo nunca decepciona, puedes elegir tus propias 'prendas esenciales' y pueden ser tan brillantes o tan sutiles, tan extravagantes o tan discretas como quieras, completamente a la medida de tu propia personalidad!.

- trousers, sewed by me (old) / pantalón, cosido por mí
- t-shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camiseta
- striped coat, hand-me-down by a friend / abrigo de rayas, del trastero de una amiga
- beach bag embellished with crochet starfishes (old) / bolso de playa adornado con estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- pink scarf, retail (old) / chal rosa, tienda local
- fuchsia trousers, Punto Roma (old) / pantalón rosa fucsia
- tunic shirt, 4x4 (old) / túnica 4x4
- new shoes, Allrounders (outlet) / zapatos nuevos

I retouched this pic to erase some details, but didn't retouch my closed eyes nor wrinkles on my clothes! (actually, I don't have time to do it!). This cute van is outside a shoes factory warehouse where they sell clearance ítems. These warehouses take up several streets in Arnedo, a town where some famous shoe factories are settled. This means lots of shoes, boots, sandals. Obviously, there are also some warehouses selling just cheap shoes which are made far away. Really annoying. However, there are many other ítems to try and I found this sporty shoes!

Esta foto está retocada para ocultar algunos detalles, pero no he retocado ni los ojos cerrados ni las arrugas (en la ropa!). En realidad tampoco tengo tiempo de hacerlo!. Esta furgonetilla está fuera de uno de los almacenes donde venden saldos en Arnedo, ciudad famosa por las fábricas de calzado. Estos almacenes ocupan varias calles de un polígono, así que hay montones de zapatos, botas y sandalias para ver. Evidentemente, también hay a la venta zapatos baratuchos de plástico importados ya sabéis de dónde, pero a pesar de todo sigue habiendo cosas que ver y yo encontré estas zapatillas tipo deportivo!

Terraces season and a picture of storks, which are nesting on many old roofs, including the former Hospital's roof. I know you enjoy them!

Ya estamos en la época de terrazas, y os enseño una foto de todos los nidos de cigüeñas sobre el tejado del antiguo Hospital, porque me han comentado que es algo llamativo.

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  1. Yes to handmade jungle print trousers! I just bought some asian print ones secondhand.
    I agree, each to his own staples. I am drawn to creating a capsule wardrobe or uniform, but find most examples online supremely boring.
    I have created my own eco print drop crotch balloon pants which have become my staple.
    I am in love with your striped coat. It gives such presence and foil to your colours.
    Those socks really suit those super shoes.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I always love seeing your trademark jungle print trousers, and this one is particularly fabulous, especially since you made it yourself! Your sage green top, striped coat and funky necklace are perfect with it. Would love to have a closer looks at those funky shoes! Love the vintage van you're posing in front of, and those PANK trousers you're wearing which compliments the colours of your tunic. Have a lovely Sunday, Monica! Besos xxx

  3. I always enjoy your photos of towns and streets, and these pictures with storks are amazing! Love your new shoes - perfection for your colorful personality, and your striped long jacket is one of my favorite ones ever.

    You wrote it so beautifully about having a personal style. It isn't easy to achieve to some of us, but I much prefer making all sorts of mistakes on my way to copying others and following fashion mags. <3

  4. I love that your little black dress can be a purple jumpsuit! It drives me daft when people tell us what we need in our wardrobes - they're usually tailored and beige!
    Love your jungle trousers, the slot into your stylish wardrobe a treat! Loving that Citroen van, too! xxx

  5. As a bird watcher I love your storks on their nests. Wish we had them here...

    I love your essential item being a pair of jungle print trousers! So much more interesting than a black dress. You always wear such fab things with essential items; I love that striped coat and the wonderful print tunic. The shoes are fabulous. I had a similar pair a while ago but had to re-donate them as they pinched me too much - I have wide feet.

    It will soon be Saturday!!

  6. How interesting to see the stork nests!

    I agree...everyone needs their own list of "basic items". Style is very personal and subjective, just like life.