jueves, 2 de mayo de 2019

trousers & t-shirts

I've been wearing this same combo last days, a pair of lightweight trousers and a t-shirt. Also wore my yellow straw bag, which I've realized that matches almost everything (hadn't previously noticed this huge amount of yellow in my wardrobe).
Unpredictable weather keeps things interesting. Many people are still wearing winter clothes whereas some of us have switched into summery mode (even if sometimes coats are still a good idea).
We had a bank holiday in the middle of the week, which I made the most of!, as I went for a walk, have aperitives and give my sewing projects a push (some second hand scarves were harmed in the making). I'm not sure if the result will be even wearable, but it's being an interesting and creative sewing, so I go ahead with it!

Estos últimos días he repetido la misma combinación de pantalones ligeros y camiseta. También el mismo bolso amarillo, que me he dado cuenta de que combina con casi todo, no me había dado cuenta de que tuviera tanto amarillo en mi armario.
El tiempo sigue variado y nos mantiene entretenidos. Mucha gente todavía lleva ropa de invierno mientras que algunos de nosotros hemos cambiado al modo verano, aunque haya que recurrir al abrigo a veces.
Este día festivo en medio de la semana lo he aprovechado muy bien, saliendo a caminar, tomando el aperitivo y dándole un empujón a algunos proyectos de costura, durante los cuales algunos pañuelos (de segunda mano) resultaron totalmente desmantelados. No sé muy bien si el resultado será siquiera ponible, pero está siendo un proyecto muy interesante y creativo, así que sigo adelante

- pineapple t-shirt, clearance sale / camiseta
- trousers, 4x4 sales / pantalón
- cardigan, 4x4 / chaqueta
- sneakers, Adidas outlet / zapatillas
- sarong as a scarf, old / viejo pareo a modo de chal
- yellow necklace, retail (old) / collar amarillo, tienda local
- polka dot tunic, retail (old) / túnica de lunares
- necklace, charity market (Animal Welfare Association) / collar, del mercadillo solidario de la Protectora de Animales
- straw bag, retail (clearance sale) / bolso de paja, de una liquidación
- bracelets, Dayaday (old) / pulseras

- coat, second hand, eBay (old) / abrigo, segunda mano eBay
- trousers, 4x4 (old) / pantalón
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- kimono, Eme, local designer / kimono, Eme, diseño local
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / Merceditas
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- set of bracelets, a present / pulseras, un regalo

10 comentarios:

  1. I'm always struggling with what to wear this time of year, but I think you are doing brilliantly balancing the seasons. Both pairs of trousers are brilliant too, my favourite is the first one, which remind me of some Barbie doll trousers I have in my collection. Loving the polka dot tunic and that amazing purple coat! Rain or shine, you brighten up any day! Oh, and we had a public holiday in the middle of the week too ;-) Besos xxx

    1. what a fab compliment that my trousers look like some of your Barbie's collection!, So Fabulous!!

  2. Those trousers are incredible! The tunic and the purple coat are magnificent and the tee shirt is such fun. xxx

  3. I'm loving the curve of that footbridge(?) behind you. And that purple coat glows out of the screen. Doesn't it go well with the yellow bag?!
    I also adore that/those doors! We don't have anything like it in our young city.
    I love the sound of your project!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I also love that footbridge and love old doors (I'm lucky enough to live in an old city with lots of them!)

  4. I see you are already in summer mood and you belong to those who switched already to summer clothes. I like your colourful look and the coat matches perfectly. And I'm convinced your sewing works are wearable!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. You always have the best bracelets! And necklaces. And clothes. Oh, you just ARE the BEST! Have a great weekend.

  6. Ooh, such a lot of colour! Love the trousers and the tops and the coat, jacket and crochet cardigan are all lovely.That yellow bag is so sunny and useful! I do hope you will show us your sewing; I love to see things people have made.

    Our weather is very cool at the moment so jumpers, jackets and coats are still required wear!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. OOOOooooo... these outfits are perfect examples of the reason I love your style!
    Colour inspiration everywhere.
    I currently have a Lilac top sitting next to a turquoise skirt and a blue jacket and I was wondering what colour would pull them together and you have answered my prayers here... bright blue and yellow!
    Thank you very much :o)

  8. Ooh, look at your hair! You look very chic, Monica! I love that "net" topper in the first picture, and your colours are so fabulous. Purple, yellow (yes, it goes with everything!), and everything in between. Magnificent! I wish we had a bank holiday...