viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019

scarves & couture

Finally I finished some sewing and wore my 'creations' for a short walk. Both the skirt and the kimono were made of scarves/shawls that I bought at a charity market, where there was a wide and varied range of them (see here). It was a serendipitous occasion that I had just read some inspiring posts by Vix, particularly this one on creating a kimono, which encouraged me to give it a try. It's not so usual that I've got a plan and found the right materials at the same time.

Finalmente he terminado algunos proyectos de costura y he estrenado mis 'creaciones' para ir a dar una vuelta. Tanto la falda como el kimono están hechos con pañuelos/chales que compré en un mercadillo solidario donde encontré una enorme variedad (podéis verlo aquí). Fue una verdadera causalidad que justo había leído unos posts muy inspiradores de Vix, en especial éste sobre cómo coser un kimono con pañuelos, lo que me animó a intentarlo. No sucede todos los días que tengas la idea y el material para llevarla a cabo, y al mismo tiempo!

- sandals, Chiruca outlet (last summer) / sandalias, del verano pasado
- blouse, made of a dress (old) / blusa, hecha de un vestido
- beach bag (embellished with crochet starfishes), ages ago / bolso de playa, adornado con estrellas de ganchillo, de hace siglos

The skirt should had been easy to sew, but I managed to make a mistake when cutting the pieces so it was not so easy (totally my fault!). It's made of two matchy shawls that I cut lenghtwise and sewed together, then added a lining into the skirt (it's sheer!) and an elastic waistband. The kimono is made of two shawls too, both the size of a pashmina.
I've made this (crap) sketch, but notice that it's not a scale drawing. As a note, I used a breakfast bowl to draw the circle in the middle and its diameter is 6" (15cm). Obviously, you'll need at least a large shawl, but if the other one is smaller, you can overlook the piece of fabric attached to the neckline, and go just for sleeves.
Hope it could be useful as a guide!

La falda debería haber sido fácil de coser, pero me las arreglé para equivocarme al cortar (mira tú qué tontería) y al final se me complicó un poco. Está hecha con dos chales cortados a lo largo y luego cosidos alternadamente, una goma elástica en la cintura y una tela como forro (se transparenta!). El kimono está hecho con dos chales también, tamaño pashmina.
He hecho este esquema simplicísimo, que no tiene ni escala ni nada. Para que os hagáis una idea, utilicé un bol de desayuno para dibujar el círculo que forma el escote, y tiene unos 15 cm de diámetro. Claro está, necesitaréis al menos un chal grande para el cuerpo, pero si tenéis otro pequeño que os sirva para mangas, podéis saltaros el añadir la pieza del cuello y escote, con las mangas ya vale!
Espero que sea útil para animaros!

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  1. Well done you!

    I love both your kimono and your skirt. What lovely complimentary colours they are and the bag with crocheted starfish is so fabulous. There are so many scarves out there that the possibilities for you to make more are endless...thank you for the pattern,too!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. thanks, Vronni!
      And you're right!, there are lots of scarves out there!

  2. I think you did a fabulous job on this, both pieces! So creative, and great colours. I'm wearing a kimono today (post will be up on Sunday), but of course I did not make it!

    Have a fabulous weekend, Monica!

  3. You mix colors so masterfully! And I admire your sewing - both great pieces, and great picture too! Very inspiring! <3

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you found the right bits to make a scarf kimono-y thing - how rarely does that happen?
    It looks absolutely brilliant, I love it. Excellent tutorial, too! xxx

    1. I'm glad that you like it! and agree that finding the right bits is so lucky!

  5. This turned out so cool!


  6. Well done, Monica, I'm admiring your skills and creativity, never mind about the mistake. Both the skirt and kimono are utterly gorgeous and very you! Besos xxx

  7. Monica, you did a great job on these two pieces; this is a lovely outfit! What an excellent way to re-purpose some scarves.

  8. fabulous scarves couture!
    and thanks for the diagramm for the kimono - i´m away hunting scarves :-D