miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

black dress

This dress was bought at a charity market in March, but I didn't wear it until last week. It was still chilly enough to wear tights, so I seized the opportunity of doing it!. Obviously, I could have picked a pair of black tights (and red shoes!), but decided that red tights looked more interesting (and realized that I own four pairs of them, I actually like Red color).
I think there's a 50's vibe in this dress (Mr. A. told me so) but it's not vintage, it's just a classic design which they have been making for decades only changing some minor details. This is not a problem for me, as I think that many classic pieces can be worn in different styles, they're versatile, and never go out of fashion. To sum up, I'll probably keep this dress for a while!
Linking Visible Monday and hoping that your week is being fabulously Visible!

Compré este vestido allá por marzo en un mercadillo solidario, pero no lo había estrenado hasta la semana pasada. Como todavía hacía fresquito, aproveché la (última) oportunidad de llevar medias, que podrían haber sido medias negras (con zapato rojo!) pero decidí que las medias rojas serían más interesantes. De paso, me he dado cuenta de que tengo cuatro pares, se ve que me gusta el rojo!.
Creo que el vestido tiene un aire años 50 (es la opinión de Mr.A.) pero no es vintage, es tan sólo el tipo de diseño clásico que los fabricantes han estado sacando durante décadas, cambiando sólo algún detallito. No es que sea un problema para mí, creo que muchas prendas clásicas pueden integrarse en diferentes estilos, son versátiles y además, no pasan de moda. En resumidas cuentas, creo que me quedaré este vestido un rato y veremos cómo lo combino!
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- dress, charity market / vestido, mercadillo solidario, segunda mano
- striped coat, a hand-me-down from a friend / abrigo de rayas, del trastero-armario de una amiga
- polka dot neckerchief, a hand-me-down too / pañuelito de lunares, también del armario de una amiga
- brooch, a present (old) / broche, un regalo
- shoes, Clarks (old) / zapatos
- bag, Parfois (old) / bolsito

12 comentarios:

  1. I like the contrast trim on the pockets and the white buttons.

    That striped overcoat is very cool, especially when paired with the bold red.


  2. Like Suzanne I love this paired with the coat. And all the pintucks do a great job of sculpting and embellishing at the same time. What a great invention. They knew a thing or two in the olden days ;-)
    I adore red as you know, so all the red bits get my tick of approval!
    You did black but kept it Monica...anything but boring!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks for your comment!, love that we share our love for Red Color!

  3. Wow, that dress was such a great find, Monica! I love the white edging, and the way you combined it with your red tights and white Mary Janes. A timeless classic! xxx

    1. glad you like it, you're a reference concerning classic dresses!

  4. I think the dress looks brilliant with the red tights - and the white shoes! The shoes match the white trim on the dress. Lovely! It was a fab find; I love shirt dresses and they are classics, so they never look out of date. I like how you added the polka dot scarf at the neck. The brooch is so cute...and finally the striped coat was a brilliant accompaniment to the dress.

    Hope your week has been going well.

    1. thanks for your lovely comment!. I think we enjoy matchy ensembles, great minds think alike!

  5. What a fabulous dress - we're going over to the dark side a lot lately, aren't we? The red tights are perfect - much more interesting than black - and the striped coat is fantastic. xxx

  6. What a great dress and fabulous styling by you. The red tights work so well against the black and those white shoes are great too! The long striped coat is very swish Monica, terribly elegant x

  7. Love the dress, and the tights and shoes sare perfect with it.

  8. Oh, I LOVE the red tights with this outfit - good call on not going black. The dress is a really classic cut - you're so right, not quite vintage, but also very timeless. Have a fantastic weekend!