jueves, 1 de julio de 2021


I'm coming back slowly to business as usual, and also coming back to my favourite activities, including some blogging and commenting. Happy to be back actually!
This top and maxi skirt set started its life as a dress months ago and I've been trying to revamp it into something better, as it was a typical badly designed fast fashion piece, its pattern not even been centered. I considered Beate's suggestion to make a tunic but any of my patterns worked properly. Finally, I reformed totally the top and keep the skirt almost the same, but decided not to sew both of them together. Even if I prefer the simplicity of a dress, having two pieces can be more versatile. Time will tell!

Estoy volviendo lentamente a mi vida habitual, y también volviendo a mis actividades favoritas, incluyendo bloguear y comentar. Encantada de estar de vuelta!
Este conjunto de camiseta y falda empezó su vida como un vestido, hace unos meses, y he estado intentando mejorarlo, ya que era el típico ejemplo de mal diseño de la moda de usar y tirar, no tenía siquiera el dibujo centrado. Primero consideré una sugerencia de Beate, hacer una túnica, pero ninguno de mis patrones servía. Al final, deshice del todo la parte superior y dejé la falda más o menos igual, pero luego no los volví a coser juntos. Aunque prefiero tener un vestido, también está bien tener dos piezas, es más versátil. El tiempo dirá!
- top and skirt, made of a second hand dress / falda y camiseta hechas de un vestido de segunda mano
- striped summercoat, a hand-me-down by a friend / abrigo de verano, del desván de una amigav - sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja
- shawl, retail (old) / chal

As you can see, face masks are not compulsory outdoors anymore!. Anyway, I'm keeping it on hand, ready to wear it as soon as I walk into a busy street or go into a shop. Actually, I wear it whenever there are people around.
Como podéis ver, las mascarillas ya no son obligatorias en exterior. De todos modos, sigo llevando una a mano, lista para ponérmela en cuanto paso por una calle concurrida o entro en una tienda. En realidad, la llevo siempre que hay gente cerca
- skirt, homegrown vintage (I bought it thirtysomething years ago) / falda, de mi propia cosecha vintage, la compré hace treintaitantos años
- top, second hand (HM tags) / camiseta, de segunda mano (etiqueta de HM)
- purple sandals, Chiruca outlet (new) / sandalias moradas, de un outlet de Chiruca
- necklace and bracelet, second hand, charity market (old) / collar y brazalete, de segunda mano, de un mercadillo solidario
These are the views from my balcony, which I'll soon lose as there are new buildings being built in the neighbourhood (even if they're far away). Anyway, I'm glad that we've enjoyed these views for some years.
Estas vistas desde el balcón las perderé pronto, porque hay construcciones en marcha en la vecindad, aunque no me queden cerca. Me alegra haber tenido unas vistas así durante unos cuantos años!.
Hope you're having a nice week. Sending (cool) hugs to anybody suffering a heatwave.

Espero que tengáis una buena semana. Y envío un abrazo (fresquito) a todos los que tengan que aguantar una ola de calor.

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  1. Two pieces does sound like a useful way to solve the dress issues. It is a beautiful print. I'm still wearing my masks, even if I get side eye from people. Just about everyone here has abandoned them, but I didn't come this far to get sick at the end of a pandemic.

  2. you made a fabulous, perfectly centered two-piece dress out of the un-lucky FFF (fast fashion fähnchen)!! bravo!
    fashion history nerd speaking: the 2-piece-dress is an old idea from times ago, when textiles were expensive and valuable - so a not so wealthy women could make the most out of a piece of fabric......
    love the bright second look too - had such a skirt in the early 90s too, with different colours/prints of cause - but wore it to death until 2000 :-D
    gorgeous moon over spain! xxxx

  3. Making two pieces out of that poorly made fast fashion piece was an inspired idea. You can still wear it as a dress, and nobody but you (and us, of course) will know any better. But I'm definitely seeing possibilities for both the skirt and the blouse! Gorgeous outfit, by the way, as is the second one featuring the home-grown vintage skirt. I love that term :-) Great to hear you no longer have to wear a mask outside. Apart from a month or two last Summer, we never had to wear them at all times outside, only in busy shopping streets, or anywhere else where there are many people around. Doesn't really make sense to wear them when there's nobody around or when walking in nature!
    I'm loving the view from your balcony. What a shame about the new buildings. It's the same everywhere, we have a building site across the street from us :-( Besos xxx

  4. Arg to fast fashion and not lining up a great print like that - good for you for making it work even better as a two-piece outfit. I hear you on the masks - I am wearing one whenever I'm around people I don't know, even though ours are not mandated for public spaces anymore.

    Sorry to hear you'll be losing some of your view - we are seeing a lot of highrises in my city and it's spoiling the views in my opinion.

  5. What a good idea! It looks lovely on you and you're wearing my favourite coat again...

    We have never had to wear face masks outside although lots of people do. I'm looking forward to never having to wear one ever again!

    I am sorry you're view may be lost to some high rises - maybe they won't block it all? Fingers crossed anyway.

  6. Great work on the dress - the kids call that a co-ord! You're bang on trend!
    I absolutely love the revamped dress with the pinstriped coat and the pretty colours in the second outfit make my heart sing.
    We're expecting an announcement about social distancing later today. We've only had to wear masks indoors although if I'm visiting the charity shops I put mine on when I leave the house and don't take it off until I'm back inside and able to wash my hands properly.
    What a shame that beautiful view is going to be obstructed by new building. xxx

  7. Two pieces are definitely more versatile. The converted dress looks really nice. And hooray for homegrown vintage! It's great when a favourite garment lasts so long.

    We no longer have to wear masks from tomorrow, but I'm going to carry on wearing mine inside shops.