sábado, 10 de julio de 2021

revamp & rewear

This is my last revamped piece, a linen tunic that I've bought three years ago and worn many times, but not felt it anymore. I think that this minimalistic tunic never fitted my style as it was too plain. Obviously, I've accessorized it with necklaces and brooches and stuff (see here). However it felt tired, so I decided to revamp it. Firstly, I removed its sleeves, to make it more comfortable in the summer. Then I tried some tie&dye with bleach, which didn't result as expected, but good enough (I didn't use the right tecnique). Finally, I attached two different pompon trimmings that I had in my stash, to create a fake necklace (and added a real necklace too!)
Esta es la última prenda que he personalizado, una túnica de lino que compré hace unos tres años y he llevado muchas veces, pero que ya no me parecía interesante. Creo que esta túnica tan minimalista nunca ha sido de mi estilo, es demasiado sosa. Claro está, le he añadido accesorios, collares, broches y demás, en anteriores ocasiones. Pero al final no le ví más posibilidades, y decidí meterle la tijera, lo primero de todo, y le quité las mangas para hacerla más veraniega. Luego le dí un toque desteñido con lejía, pero no resultó como esperaba, porque tampoco utilicé la técnica debidamente (mejor ver un tutorial antes!). Igualmente, quedó aceptable. Y finalmente, le cosí unas tiras de madroños que tenía en la caja de costura, para crear una especie de falso collar. También me puse un collar, porque más es más!

- tunic, 4x4 (Jul2018) / túnica
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- sandals, Sketchers / sandalias
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja
This floral dress was purchased on August2019 at our local Sunday street market (second hand) and I wore it many times, most of them with this same jacket! (matchy!). I keep it in my wardrobe the whole year, as it can be layered easily and look nice under a coat. I'm happy to rewear it, what more can I say?
Este vestido tan floral vino del mercadillo de los domingos (de segunda mano) allá por Agosto 2019 y me lo he puesto muchas veces (la mayoría con esta misma chaqueta!). La verdad es que lo tengo en el armario todo el año, porque se puede poner fácilmente encima de ropa de invierno y con un abrigo encima, es muy cómodo. Y me alegra volvérmelo a poner de nuevo, ¿qué más puedo decir?
- jacket, second hand, eBay (old) / chaqueta de segunda mano, eBay
- purple sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias moradas
- orange shawl, second hand (charity market) / chal naranja, de segunda mano, mercadillo solidario.
Hope you're safe and as fabulous as possible!

Espero que sigáis todo lo estupendamente que podáis.

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  1. I love your "Hot Harridan Reading" photo. That dress is wonderful and is definitely a "forever" piece. Excellent revamp on the tunic; I think the tie-dye turned out beautifully, and I like the subtlety of it compared to many of the tie-dyed pieces you see at festivals, etc.

  2. In spite of the tie-dye not working out exactly as intended, I'm absolutely loving the revamped tunic. Adding the pom-pom "necklaces" was an inspired idea! So much more Monica :-) Your floral maxi dress is an absolute delight as well, and as the jacket is perfect with it, why not wear it again and again? I'm also loving the orange scarf with it and the necklace is fabulous too! Do stay safe, my dear, we've been hearing worrying things about the situation in Spain! Besos xxx

  3. I think the tie-dye was pretty fabulous. I also loved the pom pom trim which looked just like necklaces. You definitely achieved your goal of jazzing the tunic up. Well done you!

    I'm in love with that maxi dress; the print is so pretty and such lovely colours. The purple jacket is just perfect and you have purple sandals to match. The orange scarf was the 'cherry on the top' of the outfit. I think is as close to the perfect outfit I've ever seen!

  4. I love how you've given the tunic a make-over - the tie dye and pom-pom trim really lifts it into something quite different. Inspiring!

    You really can't beat a maxi dress for cool summer dressing can you? I love the print and how you've accessorised it with the orange scarf - super!

    Anna x

  5. I love what you did to that tunic, the tir-dye looks fabulous from where I'm sitting and the fake necklace trim is just brilliant. It's much more you now!
    The rose dress is always a favourite, too. I love the photo of you reading Loved Clothes Last. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I did! xxx

  6. That's great work on the tunic.

    And that floral dress is beautiful; it deserves to get loads of wears.

  7. Fantastic makeover. You're artistic and talented and can see the potential in a piece. Creative people just amaze me.
    Stay safe

  8. What a great idea with your minimalist tunic - you've turned it into a maximalist's dream! I'm often drawn to minimalist pieces like that, if only because I can imagine them with gobs of jewelry or loads of pattern.

    My heart always stops for that amazing floral dress. Sigh. I love the colours. Matchy forever!!