martes, 2 de julio de 2019

cool summer

We're having a respite in the #HeatwaveFromHell which means that current temperature of 'only' 32ºC / 89ºF feels really pleasant. Having less than 20ºC / 68ºF in the night is delightfully fresh, particularly when you go to bed and wrap yourself in a sheet (something impossible some days ago when we had 25-30ºC all night / 75-85ºF). So now I'm enjoying every chance to be outside, running errands, sitting on a terrace or going for a walk, because I'm afraid that another heatwave could hit us next week!
This is what I wore last week, light fabrics, tunics and leggings and sundresses. Actually I have had some of these clothes for ages (specifically since 2011), and still enjoy so there's no reason to get rid of them!. Totally into Slow Fashion Season!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a Visible Week!

Tenemos unos días de respiro en la Ola el Tsunami De Calor lo que significa que esta temperatura de 'sólo' 32ºC resulta un alivio. Tener menos de 20ºC por la noche es una delicia de frescor, sobre todo cuando te vas a la cama y te puedes tapar con la sabanita (que era algo imposible los días anteriores, cuando teníamos de 25 a 30ºC toda la noche). Así que ahora mismo disfruto de cualquier oportunidad de estar fuera, haciendo recados, sentándome en una terraza o saliendo a caminar, porque me temo que otra ola de calor vaya a volver para la próxima semana!
Esto es lo que me he estado poniendo la semana pasada, telas ligeras, túnicas con leggings y vestidos muy de verano. En realidad bastantes de estas prendas son de hace siglos (específicamente, de 2011) y todavía me gustan, así que no hay razones para desprenderse de ellas. Totalmente en la Temporada Sin Moda De Usar y Tirar #SlowFashionSeason.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible.

Flowers outside my office and colorful accessorizing: a plastic necklace bought at Dayaday years ago, and a set of bracelets which was a present. Sandals by Raquel Pérez (local label) bought months ago in a factory outlet. Top second hand (eBay). Purple sarong as a skirt.

Flores en el exterior de mi oficina y un puñado de accesorios coloridos: collar de plástico del Dayaday comprado hace años y un conjunto de pulseras que fue un regalo. Sandalias de Raquel Pérez (marca local!) que compré hace unos meses en un outlet. La blusa es de segunda mano (eBay) y la falda es un pareo morado.

- orange tunic & white leggings, Asos (wore for the first time Ag2011 / túnica naranja y leggings blancos, de Asos (los estrené en Ag2011
- White sandals, elémenterre (outlet) last summer / sandalias blancas, del verano pasado
- necklace, Trucco (old) / collar
- bag, Parfois (years ago) / bolsito
- sundress, wore for the first time Jul2011 / vestido de verano, por primera vez en Jul2011
- fucsia sandals, Chiruca (last summer) outlet / sandalias fucsia
- bag, Surkana (retail) old / bolso, antigüito también
- necklace, charity market / collar, de un mercadillo de caridad

10 comentarios:

  1. You look very lively considering the heat! It's been on the news here, I think I'd hide in the fridge till September if it was that hot here.

  2. I would most definitely join Mim in the fridge! We've had one really hot day here and luckily I was beside the seaside....

    I loved your pink necklace and the set of bangles and those floral sandals are just beautiful. Loved your orange ASOS tunic; what a lovely colour and shape. The white sunglasses are very chic. You do look lovely and cool in this photo! Your sundress is fabulous and I really love your bag; the curved edging and the colour of the bag is fantastic. And you've got pink sandals to match it all, yay.

    How do you keep cool in such heat Monica is beyond me. I hope your office is air conditioned...

    Have a great and hopefully cooler week!

    1. Staying fresh is a problem!, but my office is air conditioned and I spend almost every evening at the pool, lying in the shade of big trees or swimming!.

  3. Las olas dr calor son insoportables. Pero con edos colores de llevan mejor.

  4. I'm about to head into a region with hot weather, so these are some good tips! I don't have a lot of clothing for really hot weather! I love your bright PANK and your striped sundress is so pretty on you. Hooray for Slow Fashion!

  5. You look gorgeous. I am in love with the orange tunic and this wonderful coloured striped dress. And also your accessories :)
    I enjoy this temperatures much more and I love the cold nigts to sleep. I,am afrsid of a new heatwave. uahhh ;)

  6. I really like your colourful summer outfits, you accessorise so well! The pink and blue outfit at the top is my favourite though :)

    Your summer temps sound a lot like ours - early summer is like that for us. Thank goodness for aircon at night, or we would never sleep, it's so hard when it's over 30 during the day and doesn't cool off at night!

    I hope that you are having an awesome week despite the heat :)

    Away From Blue

  7. I love that striped dress and the colourful flags in the streets.

    I'm happy that your office has air conditioning. Lots of places in Nice (where my husband is from) don't even have air conditioning. I don't know how they manage.


    1. poor people, Nice has suffered this same heatwave and probably people don't have air conditioning because it's pretty strange to have so much hot!

  8. I admire your ability to stay cool in a heatwave. I would probably melt completely. Or join Mim and Vronni in the fridge, if there was still space! Glad you are/were having a respite from it all, though. I cleverly escaped the heatwave in Belgium by going to the UK, where temperatures were totally bearable ;-) Love the orange tunic, stripey sundress and that massive plastic necklace! Besos xxx