viernes, 5 de julio de 2019

massive flower & clothes circuit

This was another strapless maxidress that I recently bought (second hand), so I'm becoming a repeat offender. The reason to keep buying strapless dresses when I don't do strapless, is because of the amazing prints, and the possibilities!. There are many possibilities in a maxi dress, it's a lot of fabric! (as Vix said). So you can add straps (as I made previously in other dress) but you can also make a skirt, or go for a total revamp!
I've been visiting our local street market every Sunday and been lucky almost everytime I did!. Obviously, I prefer to visit some charities, but they don't open in the evenings nor Saturday mornings in the summer.
When I started visiting this open-air market and rummaging through the piles of second hand clothes I usually felt dissapointed and tired. But nowadays I've understand that the secret is to take your time and never let any stone unturned. It's also useful to know the 'character' of the sellers (are they trustworthy?) and the origin of what they offer. I suspect that some retailers' clothes could come from Germany or Denmark, as these are the languages I've read on labels, which is fine with me because plus sizes are more frequent!. They're probably clothing donations which are sent abroad to be sold in markets. I've read that this has caused many problems in Africa, but here local retailers don't look concerned by these competitors (second hand shoppers are a minority), they're more worried about shopping centres and fast fashion!.

Este era otro de los vestidos sin tirantes que compré hace poco (de segunda mano), así que ya soy oficialmente una reincidente. La razón por la que sigo comprando este tipo de vestidos cuando el estilo sin tirantes no me va nada es por los estampados, y también porque tienen muchas posibilidades: hay un montón de tela!. Así que se puede añadir unos tirantes (como hice anteriormente en otro vestido) o también se puede hacer una falda o atreverse con una modificación total!
He estado visitando el mercadillo de los domingos muy a menudo y he tenido suerte casi siempre!. Claro que preferiría ir a las tiendas solidarias, pero ni abren las tardes ni los sábados en verano.
Cuando empecé a ir al mercadillo a rebuscar en los montones de segunda mano, solía acabar decepcionada (y cansada). Pero ahora voy cogiéndole el truco, que es sobre todo no dejar piedra sin remover y tomárselo con calma. También es bueno ir conociendo a los vendedores, si son confiables, y el origen de lo que ofrecen. Me parece que el género de algunos de los vendedores que frecuento viene de Alemania o Dinamarca, porque las etiquetas suelen estar en estos idiomas, y mejor para mí porque hay tallas grandes a menudo. Probablemente sean ropa donada que se envía a otros países para venderse en mercadillos. He leído que ésto ha causado serios problemas en países africanos, hundiendo a los productores locales. Por aquí es improbable que preocupe a los pequeños comerciantes locales, ya que el mercado de segunda mano es minoritario, están más preocupados por los centros comerciales y grandes cadenas.

- green blouse, La Redoute (old) / blusa verde
- sandals, Art (old) / sandalias
- orange sarong, charity market / chal naranja, de un mercadillo solidario
- beach bag embellished with crochet starfishes (old) / bolsa de playa customizada con estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- necklace by Ciclón (a present) old / collar, un regalo de hace años
- papier maché bracelets, made by me / pulseras de papel maché, hechas por mí
- earrings, Silvereira (old) / pendientes

I gave a try to the dress before cutting it, but the elasticated top was really wobbly and I didn't feel like wearing it this way.

Antes de cortar el vestido, probé a llevarlo tal cual, pero la parte elástica del cuerpo no se estaba en su lugar y tampoco me gustaba mucho de esta manera.

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  1. Oh, I see this strapless was another great find! It is interesting that obviously the strapless dresses really have these amazing prints and I see you know how to wear them although you don't wear strapless dresses. It is fantastic that you always find such treasures and I'm sure you are right that you never should kept one stone unturned. Keep it up!
    xx Rena

  2. Kudos to you for transforming something that wasn't quite right into something that is perfect for you.

    I agree, when you shop vintage you need to have the right frame of mind and take your time enjoying the quest.


  3. the Transformation is amazig and turned out amazingly.
    The Color combination is ideal for summer. Love it.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  4. I find elasticated tops annoying, so I'd never have worn the dress that way either. But clever you to transform the dress, which indeed has the most amazing print, into something very, very wearable. Shopping second hand isn't for the faint hearted, and needs the right frame of mind as well as quite a bit of determination! Besos xxx

  5. Hello lovely!! You look fantastic, love all of these colours :))) x

  6. That's such a good idea, Monica! There are loads of these in the chazzas here and I always pass them up as I don't do bare arms very often.

    I love the print and colours on this one and love it with the green top and the unbuttoned blouse. I love how you have sandals in every colour! I also love your starfish crochet embellished beach bag and your beautiful papier mache bracelets.

    You've used a different backdrop too - green space!

    Hope your week is going well and that it's not too hot. It's great here today - just a bit grey...

  7. That maxi is gorgeous, I love the scarf print and the vibrant colours.
    I can't resist a maxi dress - endless possibilities with all that fabric!
    Secondhand shopping really does force us to think more creatively and our wardrobes (and the planet) are a lot better for it. xxx

  8. We don't have any street sellers of second-hand clothes here - glad you are finding gems amongst the dross! I love the big bold print of your dress/skirt - that is just glorious!