viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

lazy summer

I've been having some computer issues, probably because of the (high) temperatures, so my blogging and commenting have been affected. However I'm taking it easy because it's too hot to become stressed by anything, as we're having another heatwave. Actually, even if I miss blogging, I'm making the most of this pause (actually you can find me by the poolside every evening!)
Anyway, I've not been totally inoperative, as I made this recap of what I wore around ten years ago. I think it could be a curiosity to see my evolution as many of these clothes are still in my wardrobe (obviously, some others are not, they were given to friends or donated to charities). Totally in a Slow Fashion Season!

He estado teniendo unos problemas informáticos, probablemente por culpa de las (altas) temperaturas, así que no he podido publicar ni comentar como de costumbre. A pesar de todo, me lo estoy tomando con calma, porque hace demasiado calor para estresarse por nada, tenemos otra ola de calor. En realidad, aunque eche de menos el bloguear, procuro sacarle partido a esta pausa (podéis encontrarme en la piscina todas las tardes)
Tampoco he estado totalmente inoperativa, ya que he hecho un pequeño resumen de lo que publiqué hace unos diez años o así. Creo que podría ser curioso ver la evolución, ya que muchas de estas prendas que me puse entonces todavía siguen en mi armario (evidentemente, otras no, y se las dí a alguna amiga o las doné a tiendas solidarias). Como podéis ver, sigo en la temporada sin ropa nueva en esta iniciativa: Slow Fashion Season!

Some black&white / En Blanco&Negro

22 Jul 2009

Aug 2009 and B&W dress

polka dots on Aug 2010 and Jul 2013

B&w dress on jul 2011 and Jul 2012

some colorful style too / también hay mucho colorido.

Magenta Bag on Aug 2009

Old Orange Tunic on Jul 2010 and printed tunic on Jul 2010

lady-like on Jul 2010 and mixing old and new on Aug 2010

July 2013

Have a nice weekend! / Que paséis un buen fin de semana!

9 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the wonderful recap! I must say you don't get older and your style was also in the past years very cool. Hopefully your computer works now again properly!
    xx Rena

  2. wow I love your recap :) So many wonderful looks. I am with Rena you don't get older :)
    We have a heatwave too, I need outfitpictures for the next posts, but it is soooo hot!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, Tina

  3. What a fun retrospective! You look gorgeous in every single one. I always enjoy seeing how hair changes, especially with those of us who have funky styles! I love how your style evolves, yet always stays true to you!

    I've been seeing the reports on the news of the heatwaves over there - stay safe, my dear! I'll send you cool ocean breezes from the west coast of Canada!

  4. How lovely to see this re-cap of outfits, Monica, especially as I wasn't blogging back in the day, so I missed the original posts! You've always been fabulous, stylish and colourful, it seems! We too are suffering from the heatwave, and incidentally I had computer issues too. But indeed it's too hot to become stressed. Let's both hope for cooler temperatures, right? Besos xxx

  5. Monica, you look totally fabulous! It's interesting you have had your hair short all this time. I have too, cutting it short in May 2009 and have kept it short ever since and of course I've gone grey.

    I think your style has remained similar in the past 10 years in that you love colour; layering, pattern mixing, comfortable shoes and accessories. I loved every outfit you featured. I especially loved your 'lady-like' look - the print on that blouse is so fab and I loved the loose cotton trousers. What a wonderful recap. You've inspired me to do something similar for a future blog if I can find enough old photos...

    I do hope your heat wave subsides soon and that your computer issues get sorted. Our mini heat wave was horrible and I'm happy to say that its cooler and raining today!

    Stay cool

    1. By the way I forgot to say you look fab in your hair scarves; you should definitely keep wearing them!

  6. How cool to see your older photos! You really haven't changed much at all. You style has evolved but it remains funky, quirky and colourful.

    I hope you get some respite from that terrible heat soon.


  7. It's definitely too hot to worry about blogging. We've been having very hot temperatures too, but not quite as hot as some parts of Europe. I agree with the previous commenters - you certainly don't look older! I started blogging back in 2009 and it's fun to go back and look at outfit posts from that time. Unlike you, who has kept your colourful style, I wore a lot more colour back then, and have switched to more black and grey. Stay cool!

  8. Loving the recaps - your style just gets better and better as time goes on! Vronni's right, you totally rock a headscarf! xxx