martes, 30 de julio de 2019

minimum effort

Last Sunday has been a lovely summer day, not too hot (under 30ºC!!) and no storms nor rain, just as summer should be. So we enjoyed a long walk and then typical aperitives and tapas. Having an aperitif before Sunday's lunch is called 'vermouth time' (even if most of the people choose to drink another beverage!) and it's a highly respected tradition that nowadays has become a trend between the young and cool ones (who I don't feel involved with, but who cares!). Obviously, I forgot to take pics of any of these 'activities' as I was too busy enjoying/tasting/chatting!. Not a good blogger!
But I took pics of a new-to-me outfit, wearing a black and white tunic recently purchased at Sunday's street market. I'm not a huge fan of white shirts, but this one has embroidered flowers and an interesting shape so I think it's a keeper. One of the things I enjoy the most about buying second hand is that it provides lots of possibilities to try different styles. And it's also a source of inspiration!.

Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a Visible Week and a Slow Fashion Season.

Este pasado domingo hemos tenido un día de verano buenísimo, sin demasiado calor (por debajo de 30ºC) y sin tormentas o lluvia, tal como el verano debería ser. Así que disfrutamos de una caminata larga y luego del típico aperitivo del domingo, el llamado vermú, (aunque luego la mayoría de la gente beba otra cosa) que es una tradición que me gusta mucho. Ya sé que ahora se ha puesto muy de moda, pero en realidad no me importa, me sigue gustando. Evidentemente, me olvidé completamente de sacar fotos de ninguna de estas 'actividades', como de costumbre estaba demasiado entretenida disfrutando, charlando y riéndome. Mala bloguera.
Pero al menos sí que me saqué fotos llevando esta túnica en blanco y negro, recientemente adquirida en el mercadillo del domingo. No soy muy aficionada a las camisas blancas, pero esta tiene flores bordadas y un corte interesante, así que creo que me la quedaré. Una de las cosas que más me gustan de comprar de segunda mano es la cantidad de posibilidades de probar diferentes estilos. Y es también una fuente de inspiración.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible y un verano sin ropa de usar y tirar: Slow Fashion Season.

- tunic and trousers, Street market, second hand / pantalón y túnica, de segunda mano del mercadillo
- sandals, Wonders (old) / sandalias
- yellow straw bag, clearance sale (old) / bolso amarillo, de una liquidación
- red pendant, artisan market (years ago) / colgante rojo, de un mercadillo artesano, de hace años
- black necklace, Sfera (ages ago) / collar negro, de hace siglos

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that your temps are back down to normal! That must feel wonderful.

    What a lovely top - and it's all embroidered! I love that level of detail on garments - it does make them special! And I've found that black and white mixes (I'm wearing one today too!) allow us to show off a bright coloured piece or some bright accessories, like this marvelous red necklace of yours! Lovely outfit, and glad you enjoyed your "vermouth time"!

  2. The temperatures have cooled down here as well, although yesterday they were nearing 30°C again. My boss is visiting from Miami, and he complained it was so hot. And he is used to high temperatures! I wonder what he would have said had he been here last week! Just a normal summer's day with aperitives and tapas sounds absolutelyb delightful. Where do I sign up? You are looking cool and collected, as well as your usual funky self, in that black and white outfit. I love the embroidery on the top and the addition of the pendant providing a pop of red. Glad to see that fabulous straw basket and the silver sandals too! Besos xxx

  3. Your day of aperitifs and tapas sounds absolutely wonderful and I don't blame you forgetting stuck in rather than photographing everything.
    That top's lovely, the embroidery is so pretty I didn't notice the background colour.
    After last week's record breaking temperatures it was quite chilly here the last couple of days. I've been trying to sunbathe today but it's just started raining....grrr! xxx

  4. Your Sundays sound just perfect! So glad temperatures have cooled for you...

    I love your black and white tunic and I think the silver sandals are just fabulous with it. Its a very summery and pretty look on you, Monica.

  5. You look wonderful, am glad the weather is more bearable now too. I love your sandals, they are so cute!! I hope you have a great weekend! Besos! x

  6. Your outfit is stunning - you brought your minimal efforts to the max! Love the shape of the blouse, and embroidery is great. Isn't it a nice tradition to keep? ;)