martes, 16 de julio de 2019

blue maxi dresses

I've worn this new-to-me floral dress for the first time and been so comfortable that wore it the next day too. The second dress was worn previously here and here and it was also a second hand purchase. Actually, both dresses are really comfortable and both are made of a light viscose knit, which is one of my favourite fabrics ever, as it is breathable and have a nice drape too. So I feel lucky everytime I read 'viscose' in a label when thrifting (this is another thing I've learned: read the labels, all of them!).
I know that this kind of maxi dress doesn't make me any favour (I hate this expression!) and that it looks like if I have not a waist (which could be right, actually). But it feels like wearing my pyjamas and a very comfortable ones that drape me nicely and flow when I walk. I tried to show it by moving the skirt but didn't photograph well!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week!. Remember we're in a #slowfashionseason and enjoy it!

He estrenado este vestido floral que es nuevo-para-mí, y tan cómodo que me lo he vuelto a poner al día siguiente. El segundo vestido ya es un viejo conocido y lo saqué anteriormente aquí y aquí. Ambos vestidos son de segunda mano, muy cómodos y ambos están hechos de este mismo punto de viscosa ligero, que es de mis tejidos favoritos, totalmente transpirable y con una caída muy buena. Así que cada vez que leo 'viscosa' en una etiqueta cuando estoy viendo ropa, siento que he tenido suerte!. Porque una de las cosas que he aprendido es que hay que leer las etiquetas, siempre!
Sé perfectamente que este estilo de vestido no me hace ningún favor (cómo odio esta expresión!) y que hace que parezca que no tengo cintura (lo que puede que sea cierto). Pero es que ponerse estos vestidos es como ir en pijama, en uno muy cómodo de una tela estupenda con caída y que fluye naturalmente cuando caminas. He intentado mostrarlo moviendo la falda, pero no he conseguido fotografiarlo!
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible, y también os recuerdo que estamos en temporada de moda sostenible #slowfashionseason

- dress, second hand, Sunday street market / vestido, de segunda mano, del mercadillo del domingo
- necklace, charity market / collar, de un mercadillo solidario
- bag, a present (old) / bolsito, un regalo
- sandals, Chiruca / sandalias

I had this same pair of sandals in pink (here) so couldn't resist them in turquoise! they're really comfy!. Bought them at a factory outlet some months ago. I had to add a little heel to my pink ones, and my cobbler painted a strip of pink on the heel to continue the design. But now he has made it even better in the turquoise ones, because he added a matchy heel. These details make me happy!

Tengo este mismo par de sandalias en rosa (desde el año pasado) así que no pude resistirme a comprarlas también en turquesa cuando las ví en el oulet de fábrica. Tuve que añadirles un poco de tacón a las anteriores, y el zapatero les pintó una línea rosa para continuar el dibujo. Pero ahora lo ha dejado casi mejor en las turquesa, porque les ha puesto el tacón a juego. Estos detalles me encantan!.

- dress, charity market / vestido, de mercadillo solidario
- crochet cardi, C&A (old) / chaquetita ganchillo
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- sandals, elementérre (old) / sandalias
- bag, Matties (old) retail / bolso de tienda local, Matties
- and my new cart! / y tengo carrito nuevo!

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  1. Both those dresses are lovely on you! Royal blue really suits you. Also, what an obliging cobbler you have! It's hard to find good shoe menders in the UK. I've only ever had one - he trained as an engineer and was really clever at reviving shoes I'd thought were beyond hope. I love that yours put the colourful details into the new heels; treasure him!

    1. Thank you!
      I agree that it's hard to find a good cobbler, but also a tailor or a handyman. And this particular cobbler is really good, sympathetic and honest, and his wife is really kind too!

  2. Both of those dresses look perfect for really hot temperatures.

    I love the sandals too. I don't know that brand. I don't think we have it here.


    1. It's a local shoes factory, Chiruca. They're famous for their quality mountain boots but their sandals are cool too!

  3. Wow! I love both the maxi dresses and I agree they are just so comfortable to wear. I am also very enamoured of your pink and turquoise sandals. How fab are they? Your cobbler sounds like a treasure; what a very cool idea to paint some pink onto the additional heel so it all co ordinates.

    I loved your first blue necklace and those cute blue and pink earrings; beautiful.

    The new cart is great - does it have a name?

    Hope your week is going well.

  4. Never mind having a waist or not, I think both dresses are gorgeous and you look fabulous wearing them. I think they do, do you favours. I'd been admiring the storks/cranes dress before. Such a stunning print! But your new, new-to-you dress is gorgeous as well, with its subtle yet colourful print. Very Summery! xxx

  5. I love both those dresses on you, blue so suits you! I hate that expression, too, who cares if something does you favours? If it makes you smile and feel good about yourself then surely that's all that matters!
    You find the best footwear, love the colours of your sandals. xxx

  6. I'm with you - viscose is a lovely fabric, very soft and drapey. I think both dresses are marvelous - but you know my heart belongs to that crane dress! It's amazing! Such a cool pattern.

    It's a silly phrase. Why should we care if a dress "does us favours"? Must everything always be aimed at making us as perfect (another word I hate) as possible? And who determines that? Don't get me started on the patriarchal brainwashing!!

  7. You look amazing in both dresses. I like viscose for summer dresses it is very comfortable. Yes we are in slow fashion season... 4weeks:)

  8. Love both dresses, but that stork print is amazing! It makes good sense if you find shoes you like to buy them in other colourways.

  9. Most of my summer dresses "don't do me any favours" because they are longer and loose-fitting. When it is as hot as this summer has been, I want comfort. I think both of those dresses look lovely on you.