martes, 25 de agosto de 2020

summer classics

Even if I've paused my sewing projects for a while (too busy), I'm still making some small repairs and revamps. I've made this top from an old shirt that I accidentally tore (this shirt). I've used a simple pattern to make a peasant blouse, which is one of the easiest things I've ever sewn (obviously, I managed to make some mistakes anyway, ahem).

Aunque he dejado en pausa mis proyectos de costura, porque estoy ocupada estos días, pero todavía sigo haciendo algunos arreglos y reformas. Me he hecho esta blusa a partir de una camisa vieja que tenía un enganchón (esta camisa). La hice usando un patrón sencillo para una blusa, que es una de las cosas más fáciles de coser. Igualmente me las arreglé para meter la pata en algún detalle. Pero no pasa nada!

- skirt, made of a strapless dress (second hand) / falda, hecha de un vestido sin tirantes (de segunda mano)
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- new nekclace, Ciclón (and it matches my earrings!) / nuevo collar, Ciclón (que hace juego con mis pendientes)
- Straw bag, etsy / bolso de paja
- sarong as a scarf (previously worn as a skirt here) / pareo a modo de chal (en ocasión anterior me lo puse como falda, aquí)
- orange skirt, Ikea fabric, sewed years ago / falda naranja, de tela del Ikea, cosida hace años
- shirt, a present by Sacramento / camisa, un regalo de Sacramento
- hairpin/fascinator as a brooch, old / broche: un adorno para el pelo tipo horquilla.
- Sandals, Wonders (old) / sandalias

This orange skirt is one of my wardrobe essentials, I sewed it many years ago and have been wearing it every year, particularly in the winter(I even made a little recap here)
I took this photo at a sunny corner in my office. As I'm alone most of the time, I don't have to wear my mask!. But I wear a (matchy) mask when going outdoors: this one was sewed by a friend and has even a washable filter inside. Keeping myself and other people safe!

Esta falda naranja es una de las prendas esenciales en mi armario, lleva conmigo muchos años. La cosí hace tiempo y me la he puesto mucho, incluso hice una pequeña recopilación (véase aquí).
Me saqué una foto en un rinconcito soleado de mi oficina, donde no tengo que llevar mascarilla, porque estoy sola todo el tiempo. Pero sí que llevo mi mascarilla (conjuntada!) cuando salgo fuera: esta me la hizo una amiga y tiene hasta un filtro lavable dentro. ¡Así todos estamos más tranquilos y seguros!

12 comentarios:

  1. I love that gypsy top, it's perfect with the purple maxi skirt, a fantastic outfit.
    The orange skirt has always been a favourite of mine, the mask is fabulous, well worth showing off! xxx

    1. I've been inspired by your own gypsy/peasant tops, and I think they look nice with skirts!
      Glad you like the orange skirt, also a favourite of mine!

  2. That shirt's reincarnation as a peasant top is sublime, and looks divine worn with that maxi. And obviously I'm head over heels with your second outfit as well. Like Vix, I've always been a fan of that lovely orange skirt. I'm glad to hear you don't have to wear your mask all the time at the office, even if it is such a fabulous one. That hairpin worn as a brooch reminds me of something similar I've got. Or used to have. Now where did I put it? The problems of a maximalist :-)) Besos xxx

    1. I'm glad that you like my 'new' top and also glad that my orange skirt has so many fans!, so lovely to have a statement piece!
      And it makes a difference not wearing a mask all the time. It makes me feel so much better.
      You've put a smile on my face with your 'where did I put it?' problems, it sounds really familiar to me!

  3. Those are really great outfits - I'd never have guessed the peasant blouse was made over from a different garment. It goes so well with that skirt too.

    We all make little mistakes, and no-one ever notices them.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm particularly glad that you like my blouse, as it's one of the few patterns that I'm able to sew from scratch.
      Totally agree that actually nobody notices those little mistakes, not only because they're not really important, but also because most people are not used to notice how garments are built (fast fashion has spoiled them!)

  4. Oh, I see although you stopped your sewing projects your sewing still wonderful things! The blouse is adorable and I like it so much how you have combined it with the skirt! And the orange skirt is simply a dream - now wonder you are wearing this skirt already since a longer time!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. So lovely that you like my little blouse, and also lovely that this orange skirt has so many fans!

  5. That skirt is the cute st! I like the mask very much too.

    1. Thank you, Goody!. This mask has received some compliments by random people too!. It was a lovely present!

  6. Well done on the peasant blouse - this is one of my favourite colour mixes in your wardrobe. Purple and turquoise? Yes, yes, yes! All day!

    I LOVE the pattern/colour mixes in the second outfit. LOVE. Red + orange + black and white is amazing. I may have to steal this, lol. Your mask really makes the whole thing pop too - I'm really enjoying matching my masks to my outfits.

    Have a great weekend, my dear!

    1. Lovely that we share a love for this fab color combo!, purple and turquoise!
      And I totally agree about black&white with bold orange and red!, they work together!.
      Your delightfully matchy masks are a joy for the eyes!