lunes, 3 de agosto de 2020

heatwave & mask

I've been wearing just lightweight clothes and simple outfits. A blouse, a skirt, a necklace, and I'm done. I think it's important to keep on accessorizing, as it makes a difference if you have to focus on comfort.
Temperatures have risen to the 42ºC (105ºF) and I only go out for a short while in the morning (when the heat is still bearable). Not my favourite time of the year.

Me he estado poniendo la típica ropa ligera, todo muy sencillo. Una blusa, una falda y un collar, y listo. Creo que es importante seguir dándole importancia a los accesorios cuando tienes que centrarte en la comodidad, hace que todo funcione.
La temperatura ha subido hasta los 42ºC y ya sólo salgo un rato por la mañana cuando el calor es soportable. Desde luego, no es mi época favorita del año.

- blouse, second hand eBay (old) it was a 'cold shoulder' blouse but I revamped it / blusa, ebay (segunda mano), era una de esas con el hombro al aire, pero la reformé.
- massive flower skirt, second hand, sunday street market (made of a strapless dress) / falda de la flor enorme, de segunda mano del mercadillo (hecha de un vestido sin tirantes)
- sandals, Chiruca outlet (old) / sandalias
- necklace, charity market / collar, de un mercadillo solidario

My'lockdown patchwork dress' is the most lightweight cloth I own these days, so I'm wearing it frequently. Even if it's impossible that I feel comfortable in this heat, wearing a floaty dress makes things better.

Este es el vestido de trozos que me hice durante el confinamiento, y es lo más ligero que tengo ahora mismo, así que me lo pongo bastante. Aunque es imposible sentirse cómoda en este calor, llevar un vestido vaporoso hace que todo mejore.

Hope you're safe and as fabulous as possible.
Espero que estéis bien y todo lo estupendos que se pueda.

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  1. HI Monica, I do sympathize, this heat is awful isn't it, although here just NW of Madrid the temperature is just a little bit lower.
    I consider myself lucky to have a shared swimming pool, it is my life-saver these days especially as I don't even have a terrace to sit out on.
    I too only take early morning walks, you were obviously very early in the market, it's empty!!
    i find the lightest of fabrics are the best in the heat, stay cool!!

  2. I don't like the extreme heat either so I sympathize with you. We have had a bit cooler temperatures with rain this past weekend so it is much more bearable. You still manage to look very stylish in the heat, especially wearing that patchwork dress, which is one of my favourite pieces of yours.

  3. I'm so jealous, why did I have to be born in Northern Europe when I hate the cold so much?
    You look fantastic in the massive flower skirt, the amazing patchwork dress and your super groovy masks! xxx

  4. Oh Monica, 42°C sounds like pure hell to me! We had 35°C last Thursday and we expect a heatwave with temps up to the mid thirties in the next days! I'm not looking forward to that at all, and I wish I could send all the surplus degrees to Vix :-)) You are right about accessorizing being even more important to bring variety to one's hot weather clothes. I always love seeing your massive flower skirt and I love the necklace and bangle you accessorized it with. Not to mention the mask. We now have another accessory to add to our repertoire! Your lockdown patchwork dress looks indeed like the epitome of coolness on a hot day! Besos xxx

  5. We are having similar temperatures-I share your misery! I don't look nearly as well dressed as you though. I just love that blue on you. Hope the heat breaks soon.

  6. Oh my gosh, that is HOT! I also forgo most accessories when it gets too hot. You are looking stellar in these fabulous outfits. Bright and cheerful, and graphic and floaty - awesome! Love your masks! I am working on building up a wardrobe of them too.

  7. 42 sounds almost unbearable! I hope the heat breaks soon and you get some rain and cooler weather.