martes, 18 de agosto de 2020

walks & colours

This is what I wore to visit Sunday street market, early in the morning (I prefer to avoid crowds and heat!). It was a quiet day at the market and I managed to buy a pair of blouses, maintaining a safe social distancing. Sometimes I just moved away from other people and waited until they finished their rummaging. I don't care if they considered me squeamish (actually, I don't care too much about random people's opinions on me!).
Actually, I don't need more blouses, but I'd like to find more summer trousers instead: They are eluding me!

Esto es lo que llevaba el domingo cuando fui a ver el mercadillo, temprano por la mañana (prefiero evitar multitudes y calores). Un día tranquilo en el mercadillo, y me las arreglé para comprar un par de blusas manteniendo la distancia social. A veces simplemente me apartaba de la gente y esperaba a que acabasen de mirar para acercarme. No me preocupa que me consideren maniática o aprensiva, la verdad es que en general, no me preocupa mucho lo que gente que no me conoce opine sobre mí.
En realidad no necesito más blusas en absoluto, pero en cambio me gustaría encontrar algún pantalón de verano, que parece que se me escapan.

- tunic, La Redoute (bought it summer 2009) / túnica, comprada en verano 2009
- turquoise trousers, second hand, Sunday Street market / pantalón turquesa, de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, mercadillo solidario
- face mask by Nonapapallona / mascarilla, de Nonapapallona

This is something I've worn many times, same orange tunic and same black linen dress. This one (July 2014) is one of my favourites.
But I actually own this dress since 2011, which means that it's becoming a classic in my wardrobe. I consider this a Good purchase!.

Esto es algo que he llevado muchas veces, la misma túnica naranja y el mismo vestido negro de lino. Mi favorita es esta ocasión en julio 2014.
Pero tengo este vestido desde 2011, lo que significa que es un verdadero clásico en mi armario, y lo considero una Compra Buenísima!

- orange tunic and white leggings, La Redoute (old) / túnica naranja y leggings blancos
- black linen dress, worn as a dust coat / vestido de lino negro, a modo de sobretodo
- face mask, a present by a friend / mascarilla, un regalo de una amiga
- sandals, outlet / sandalias
- 'heart on my lapel' brooch, by myself / broche de 'llevando el corazón en la solapa', hecho por mí
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja, de Etsy

Todays breakfast, a tomato and some (goat milk) cottage cheese on a toast, with usual olive oil.

El desayuno de hoy mismo, tostada con tomate y queso fresco de cabra, y chorreón de aceite de oliva.

We had some salad for lunch, a rice salad with some vegetables (both fresh and boiled) and some roasted chicken leftovers. This kind of salads are a summer favourite. And we had some non alcoholid beer too.

Para comer, una ensalada de arroz con verduras frescas y cocidad y unas sobras de pollo asado. Este tipo de ensalada es estupenda para el verano. Y la cervecita sin, también.

Hope you're having a safe and fab week!

Espero que estéis teniendo una semana fabulosa y manteniendo la seguridad.

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  1. I see you are doing the same kind of distancing as I do! And I love your colourful look - so perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. At the beginning of lockdown an expert suggested that we act like we've got Covid when anyone come close and take a huge step back from the space invaders. Jon's always doing it when he's shopping, so many people have no concept of space or the 2 metre rule!
    I love both your outfits and am coveting those wonderful white sunglasses. I love the look of your breakfast and the non-alcoholic beer! xxx

    1. Most people totally ignore the 2 metre rule!, it amazes me how many people are really 'space invaders' and how they stare at me when I take a step back from them!.
      Glad you like my outfits and old white sunglasses (I'm happy that I could fix them)

  3. I'm dong the same as you, avoiding crowds and taking my distance, and wait until others have finished rummaging. It's amazing how many people do think the social distancing isn't necessary when they're wearing masks. I have to step out of the way all the time, and squeeze myself against walls when oncoming people are walking 3 abreast and don't seem bothered at all. How gorgeous is that La Redoute tunic, and it looks perfect worn with your turquoise trousers and accessories. Loving the bright tunic in your second outfit too, such an unusual shape. And I couldn't take my eyes off that fabulous face mask! Both your breakfast and lunch had me salivating and yes to non-alcoholic beer :-) Besos xxx

    1. Totally agree with you, people walking 3 abreast are particularly annoying, sometimes I have had to walk on the road to keep my space.
      Glad you like my tunics, both of them have been in my wardrobe for ages!.

  4. I like bright color at your outfit and how you match outfit and mask. Very cool.

    New Post -

  5. People here are pretty good about wearing masks, but not about keeping their distance so I find myself ducking and swerving to avoid being close to someone, especially in the market or grocery store. Your lunch looks like a lot of the gluten-free meals I am eating these days - rice, meat and some vegetables.

    1. Totally agree about all the 'ducking and swerving' we have to do.
      I think that your gluten-free meals sound really appealing!. I'm making the most of the tomatoes season and having them in every salad I make!

  6. I am quite happy to move away, swerve or give wide berths to people, and I agree, I don't care what they think. I wear my mask whenever I'm not actually on an exercise walk and leaving my house. I'm eating at at restaurant tonight, and I'll be wearing a mask when I'm not actually eating. I think of a mask like a seatbelt: you might not crash every time you get in a car, but you'll be glad you wore one if you have an accident!

    Outfits! I love the tunic in your first outfit - it looks very floaty and cool. I am in LOVE with the second outfit - the glasses, the mask, the red dress...all so fabulous!

    1. I think you explained it brilliantly, we have to think of a mask like a seatbelt. Wise words!
      Glad you like my tunics, I'm wearing all kind of floaty clothes these days because it's Hot!. Love some accessorizing too!

  7. That looks like a lovely cool outfit for shopping in.

    And mmmm, Spanish olive oil. It's the best!