martes, 17 de abril de 2018

orange is the new orange

This week has started in a not-so-great way, due to some problems in Mr.A.'s computer and our car having to be repaired. So we've been getting things done, as responsible adults we are. My favorite activities have had to be postponed, but I still managed to take pictures on Friday, when we went to the library and run some errands. You know, my life is so glamourous!
Anyway, I've kept myself in the visible spectrum for Visible Monday. Also linking Fake It Until You Make It and wishing you a fab week!

Esta semana no ha empezado demasiado bien, por culpa de unos problemas en el ordenador de Mr.A. y de que nuestro coche está en reparación. Así que hemos tenido que ocuparnos de estas cosas, como adultos responsables que somos. Y mis actividades favoritas se han tenido que posponer, aunque todavía he podido tomarme unas fotos el viernes, cuando fuimos a la biblioteca y a hacer unos recados. Ya sabéis, mi vida es todo glamour!
De todos modos, me he mantenido dentro del espectro visible para el Visible Monday. También enlazo al Fake It Until You Make It y os deseo una excelente semana!

- jacket, second hand (eBay) / chaqueta, de segunda mano (eBay)
- maryjanes, Clarks (old) / Merceditas
- bag, by Nonapapallona, last year / bolso, de Nonapapallona, del año pasado
- grey tights, Calzedonia / medias grises
- grey turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto gris

Orange is one of my favorite colors, so I've become an advocate of its qualities, not only as a bold color which could inject energy in any outfit, but also as a versatile color which can be included in many color combos. From rusty orange to peach, from saffron to reddish orange, there are many shades which could appeal to your taste.
This orange skirt was one of the very first skirts I sew, using some Ikea fabric which caught my eye with its orange boldness and (kind of) oriental print. This was many moons ago and this skirt has demonstrated to be a very versatile piece as worked in different color combos through the years.

El naranja es uno de mis colores favoritos y me he convertido en defensora de sus cualidades, no sólo como color vivo y brillante que puede inyectarle energía al día, sino también como un color versátil que puede mezclarse en diferentes combinaciones de color. Del naranja óxido al melocotón, del color azafrán al naranja rojizo, hay muchos tonos para elegir según vuestro gusto!
Esta falda anaranjada fue una de las primeras que cosí, usando una tela baratita del Ikea que me cautivó con su color atrevido y ese diseño (estilo) oriental. Eso fue hace muchos años ya, y esta falda ha probado que es muy versátil, ya que ha funcionado en varias combinaciones de color a través de los años.

11 comentarios:

  1. You've really showcased how versatile orange can be. I too love orange and so many other people really dislike it.

    I think the red and orange outfit is my favourite.

    Sorry about the poor start to the week. Hopefully that means the rest is easy sailing!


  2. Oh no, what a poor start to the week! Why does everything break down at the same time?
    At least you've got that fabulous handmade skirt to cheer yourself up. It's such a fabulous print and colour and looks absolutely fantastic every way you've worn it! xxx

  3. Hope your week got better as it progressed. It's typical isn't it: if something breaks down, you can be sure that something else does as well. At least you're not letting it get to your sense of style, which is fabulous as always. I'm happy to see that amazing orange skirts making another appearance. And orange can only cheer you up, no? The print is fantastic too! Besos xxx

  4. I have always loved this skirt of yours as I am a big fan of orange, and the print and style is gorgeous! Your outfit is superb, I love every detail, how wonderfully you combined the shades of gray and chose white shoes - it's just brilliant and really showcases the punch of orange. I hope your problems are sorted out by now, or will be soon. Life is full of contrasts - that's what I keep reminding myself in such situations. We had to repair our car during our recent vacation too. :)
    Lots of love!

  5. That is one beautiful skirt - I'm also a fan of orange, and love mixing it with lots of other colours (like pink!). I hope your broken things get fixed! Better luck for the rest of the week, my dear!

  6. ok, so your the third person how's had car issues this week. Enough, already!

  7. It is a very versatile colour Monica, as you have so beautifully demonstrated! I used to hate orange - how weird that I now love it. Age does change you in more ways than just the physical...

    Ikea does make some lovely fabrics with really interesting prints. Your skirt is fabulous.

    Hope all the technical/mechanical issues are now sorted.

    Have a great week.

  8. I'm sure your lovely skirt cheered you as you ran your boring errands. Sorry to hear you had to forgo some of your favourite things. At least your skirt is faithful!
    I have always loved this skirt and especially love it with the striped tights! Whooee! A feast for the senses.
    I find orange to be a very hot colour, even more than red, so can't wear too much of it. But I agree it is very versatile.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  9. You look radiant! I love the orange. I hope things will lift and get better for you xx

  10. I hope the car and computer issues are all sorted out. I love orange too and it is a great colour for you because it's so warm and sunny and uplifting just like you are. It took me years to even realise that orange suits me but now I can happily wear it. I also like to eat orange things. LOL xoxo

  11. Oh, that IS unfortunate to have both computer and car break down at the same time! Not a good way to start the week. You look fab in your orange and grey combo though, such a cool print on the skirt.