martes, 24 de abril de 2018

pineapple & turquoise

I've worn for the first time this kitschy t-shirt, which I bought at a clearance sale. It's not the most elegant nor cool t-shirt, but who cares when there's a golden pineapple in it!. Then I picked these pants which have a quite subdued color too. Lots of subtle shades here (irony off).

He estrenado esta camiseta un poco kitsch, que compré en una liquidación. No es la más elegante ni es tendencia, pero a quién le importa cuando tiene una piña en lentejuelas doradas!. Y luego elegí estos pantalones en colores también discretos. Todo en tonos sutiles (ironía!).

- pants and kind of cardi, 4x4 / pantalón y especie de chaqueta
- sneakers, Nike (outlet) / zapatillas

6 comentarios:

  1. That's so much fun! If you're going to wear print make it a kitchy pineapple! xxx

  2. How very subdued ;-) I'm totally in love with this outfit, especially the trousers, which remind me of one of my vintage Barbie outfits. I must share that one some day! Love the pineapple t-shirt and what a fabulous necklace! I think I need turquoise sneakers ... Besos xxx

  3. Ha, you're practically in neutrals! Beige for all! Ha, never! I love the glittery pineapple - I would wear that!

  4. Another awesome colour combination; I feel positively drab next to you! Glittery pineapples - why not?