jueves, 5 de abril de 2018

spring layers

I've been wearing pants a lot, because I'm going to my physiotherapist almost everyday, to receive a treatment for my ankle issues. Sneakers are not compulsory, but they're becoming my default choice, as many other shoes make me feel uncomfortable or even hurt my fussy feet. I've never been a sneakers huge fan (I still dislike most of sportswear) but this is changing these days!
So I've had to rethink my spring options and adapt my own style to the circumstances.
Next week I'll be free and will enjoy sundresses and all the things I've missed!

He estado llevando sobre todo pantalones, porque estoy yendo a fisioterapia casi todos los días, para ver si me arreglan un poco los tobillos. No es obligatorio llevar zapatillas, pero se están convirtiendo en mi elección por defecto, ya que casi todo el calzado me incomoda o directamente me hace daño (mucho daño!). Nunca me han gustado mucho las zapatillas, y aún sigo teniendo manía a la ropa deportiva (casi toda), pero estoy cambiando de opinión últimamente.
Así que he tenido que repensar mis opciones y adaptar mi estilo a las circunstancias.
La próxima semana estaré libre y podré ponerme vestidos y todas las cosas que he echado de menos!.

- red coat, La Redoute / abrigo rojo
- plaid coat, clearance sale (last year) / abrigo cuadros, de liquidación (del año pasado)
- plaid leggings

Same outfit was previously worn on Oct2017, but now I've added a red coat over it. Doubled coat!

Anteriormente llevé lo mismo en Oct2017, pero esta vez le he añadido el abrigo rojo encima. Doble abrigo!

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  1. Both coats are lovely,but it must have been really cold to have to wear them together. Here's to hoping you get to wear your sundresses next week! Sorry to hear about the ankle issues. I'd be gutted if I had to wear sneakers so much, even if they're quite a nice pair like yours. Have to be careful with the shoes I'm wearing too, as my knee has been playing up. Besos xxx

  2. I love all your red and blue patterns - this is such a fun outfit. It would be awful to be limited just to sneakers - I'm so sorry you have those issues. These shoes are really cute for runners!

  3. I know you're not a fan of sportswear and athleisure Monica, but you are rocking these red gutties!!!
    I think you could do with a few more pairs in various colours... ahem :o)

    I'm sorry to hear about your on-going ankle issues, I hope you get some relief soon.

  4. You must take ages getting undressed with all those layers at the physio. I too have this problem!
    One of the Advanced Style ladies wears Crocs for her feet in all colours to match her outfits. They look great!
    Maybe you can do the same promotion for sneakers. Make them fashionable. This outift certainly works that way.
    xo Jazzy Jack PS Hope your ankles feel better soon.

  5. I love all of your outfits, you look wonderful. I hope the ankle gets better, sometimes comfortable shoes are needed indeed :)) Have a marvellous week xx

  6. I'm sorry about the ongoing ankle issues, I hope they start to heal soon.
    Only you could make trainers look good! xxx

  7. I think you're very wise wearing what feels the most comfortable right now - while also staying true to yourself, choosing colorful sneakers (it's not always easy to combine the two)! They definitely are made for walking, and I wish more shoemakers would create such comfortable soles in fashion shoes. I also think that you layer coats so well - for warmth and also as a style statement! And you're always fantastic with colors. I wish your ankle heal soon! Warmest hugses! <3

  8. I've never been a sneaker fan either, but am finding that it's getting more and more difficult to find shoes that don't bother my bunions or my flat feet after wearing them for several hours, so I now own a few pairs of athletic-style shoes. I would definitely wear those red ones! I hope your ankle improves quickly.