martes, 3 de abril de 2018

long weekend

It has been a long weekend that was spent almost totally painting and decorating our living room. It has taken us two days to do all the painting and cleaning, but there's still a lot of work to be done!
But there has been time to go for a walk, enjoy the flowers blooming at the city parks and taste some aperitives too!. I've also had time to receive my friend M. for our usual 'sewing saturday' which involves (obviously) sharing skills, patterns and fabrics, but also some delicious food. Lots of fun, but no photos as we were too busy!

Ha sido un larguísimo fin de semana, gastado casi por completo en pintar y decorar nuestra sala de estar. Nos ha llevado dos días, entre pintar y limpiar, y todavía queda mucho trabajo por hacer.
Pero también ha habido tiempo para salir a dar una vuelta, disfrutar de toda esa floración en los parques, y tomar unos pinchos también. También he tenido tiempo de recibir a mi amiga M. para nuestro habitual 'sábado de costura', donde compartimos proyectos de costura, patrones, telas y tal, pero también hay una comida muy buena. Muy divertido, pero ni se me ocurrió sacar una foto, estaba demasiado liada!

I was wearing a black coat when this pics were taken, but I thought it was not very interesting to show it once more. Winter coats are becoming really boring pieces, but still needed.
This maxi skirt was sent to me by Vix, and I've worn it lots of times (always with a vest and similar accessories, firt time in Jan2014), even if didn't show it so much in the blog. I had planned to wear it with my purple duster, but it was cold!
Linking Visible Monday and Fake It Until You Make It

Llevaba un abrigo negro cuando me saqué estas fotos, pero no me pareció interesante sacarlo otra vez. Los abrigos de invierno se están volviendo de lo más aburrido, aunque aún nos hagan falta.
La falda larga me la envió Vix, y me la he puesto muchas veces, la primera en En2014, aunque no lo saque mucho aquí. Quería ponérmela con la gabardina morada, pero hacía frío!
Enlazo a Visible Monday y también Fake It Until You Make It

- coat, retail (Winter sales) / abrigo, de rebajas de invierno
- t-shirt, October (ages ago) / camiseta, antigüita
- crochet waistcoat, ages ago too / chaleco de ganchillo, de hace siglos
- bird brooch, by local artisan / broche de pájaro, de artesano local
- scarf, a present / bufanda, un regalo
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / Merceditas
- 80's brass bracelet, my own vintage! / brazalete de latón de los 80, de mi propio vintage

8 comentarios:

  1. So many shades of purple! I love it!

    Did you do something different with your hair? It's looking especially swish lately.

    I wish our trees were in bloom here. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow!!! After being without it for almost 2 months now that is a very depressing thought. I have my fingers crossed the weatherman has it wrong.


    1. thanks for your comment, I'm letting my hair growing wild, so this is a really nice compliment!

  2. You're looking fab in all those purples, plus you are a perfect match with the Spring blossoms! What a stunning skirt, and I love the addition of the waistcoat and the bird brooch! I am loving the colour of those mary janes. I have to agree with Suzanne on your hair, it really suits you! Besos xxx

  3. I recognised that skirt as soon as you popped up in Bloglovin' - it looks fabulous with the varying shades of purple and that gorgeous bird brooch. Yes, Suzanne & Ann are right, your hair is looking especially good lately.
    Your long weekend sounds perfect especially Sewing Saturday.
    Look at that blossom! I wish we had some sign of spring here! xxx

  4. I'm so fed up of winter coats too Monica. But, I do love this wonderful outfit in these rich grape tones, especially that lovely maxi skirt - I just adore how elegant a maxi looks as well as feels too! The other piece I really admire is that cute bird brooch as it's so unique.

    Wishing you a lovely week!
    Anna x

  5. I love this luscious purple skirt - what a lovely swooshy thing it is! Our blossoms are just like that!

  6. I love love love this fabulous outfit! I've always loved this skirt on you - Vix did a great job picking it for you! The black vest sets off all the shades of purple so beautifully. Your weekend sounds busy, but must be very satisfying to gave so much work done and also make time to play with your friend! <3