martes, 30 de agosto de 2022

Breaking the rules

Personal style usually evolves through the years, so my own style moved from an almost total black wardrobe to a fantastically colourful one. Still love black colour and wear it, but nowadays I tend to wear every possible (bold) colour and mix, match and layer as much as possible. I've also changed my style concerning shape and tryied new and different silhouettes. Still trying some new ones!.
One of my (increasingly labile) rules is that I always pick any fitted trousers/leggings when wearing a floaty or boxy top. It also works on reverse (fitted top + voluminous bottom).
This is the first time I wear a full skirt under an oversized tunic. Probably not the most 'flattering' ensemble, but I liked the colours and was comfy all day long. The tunic was originally white, which was not my cup of tea, so I dyed it using a mix of yellow and red to create some orange colour. Obviously it didn't work as expected and I obtained a rusty reddish colour. Good enough for me, anyway. And I made the most of dye product and refreshed some of Mr.A.'s red tshirts which looked a little bit faded. We're both huge fans of Red Colour!.

El estilo personal suele evolucionar a través de los años, y el mío ha cambiado desde el negro casi total a tener una armario de colorido fantástico. Todavía me gusta el color negro y me lo pongo, pero hoy en día tiendo a vestirme en todos los colores (fuertes) posibles, mezclando, combinando y superponiendo tanto como pueda. También he cambiado mi estilo respecto a la forma y he probado nuevas y diferentes siluetas, y sigo probando algunas más.
Una de mis normas (cada vez más relajadas) es ponerse siempre pantalón o leggin ajustado cuando llevas un top muy suelto y flojo. También funciona al revés (top ajustado con una falda o pantalón voluminoso).
Esta es la primera vez que se me ocurre ponerme una falda de vuelo bajo una túnica suelta. Puede que no sea el conjunto más 'favorecedor', pero me gustan los colores y es comodísimo. La túnica era blanca originalmente, que no me gustaba mucho, así que la teñí usando una mezcla de rojo y amarillo con la idea de crear un tono naranja. Evidentemente no funcionó como esperaba y creó este color rojizo óxido. De todas maneras, me parece bien. Y además, aproveché el tinte para refrescar el color de algunas de las camisetas rojas de Mr.A. que se veían algo apagadas. ¡Somos ambos muy aficionados al color rojo!
I've recently surrendered to the comfort of massive floaty dresses (which I previously looked with disdain!). We've been in some serious heatwaves this summer, so no apologies about dressing up in comfortable clothes. Anyway I believe that accessories can make the difference, even when you wear a beach cover-up to go to the office. This oversized dress was acquired at Sunday street market, only because I liked the amazing texture of its striped cotton fabric. And it has pockets!.

Últimamente me he rendido ante la comodidad de los vestidos sueltos y enormes, que antes miraba con desdén. Con todas las olas de calor que hemos tenido este verano, no hay que disculparse por elegir la ropa más cómoda. De todos modos creo que los accesorios marcan la diferencia, incluso cuando te echas encima un vestido de ir a la playa para ir a la oficina. Este vestido lo compré en el mercadillo, de segunda mano, aunque me está varias tallas grande, sólo porque me atrajo la textura tan buena de la tela de algodón de rayas. Y también tiene bolsillos!.
We're entering the side of summer I really like, when the weather is not suffocatingly hot anymore (I hope so!). I think it's time to say goodbye to my heatwave capsule, and welcome some layers and different clothes (including some trousers)!. These turquoise-aqua ones were purchased months ago, when I was on holiday, but haven´t worn it since then, as it has been so damn hot. Really comfortable, great colour And Pockets!

Estamos ya en la parte del verano que me gusta de verdad, cuando el tiempo ya no es de calor sofocante (o eso espero). Creo que es el momento de decirle adiós al conjunto de ropa que uso para ola de calor y darle la bienvenida a superposiciones y a diferentes prendas, sobre todo pantalones. Concretamente estos, de color turquesa, los compré hace meses cuando estaba de vacaciones y no los he llevado desde entonces, ya que ha hecho demasiado calor. Son cómodos, el color mola y ¡tienen Bolsillos!.
Hope you're enjoying last days of August, whatever the weather!

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  1. Like you, my wardrobe was mostly black for many years. For a long time I avoided it but I've found one or two black garments which I absolutely love wearing.
    It's fun to experiment with different shapes and break our own rules, isn't it? The loose top with the full skirt looks really cool and airy and the turquoise skinnies with the tropical top is cheerful and lovely but my favourite has to be the oversized, textured dress - I love it! What a great find. xxx

  2. I went through a brief phase of wearing mostly black and white in my 40s but soon stopped! I love your colourful outfits and it's always a good idea to try different styles and shapes of clothing. I tend to do the same as you; fitted top and loose bottom or fitted bottom and loose top. I liked the over size dress and they are so lovely and cool to wear in the heat; I never feel fully comfortable in them as I would prefer them to have a more 'fitted' shape. As you are clever with a needle could you make some darts or gathers (or whatever they're called) to make your dress more fitted? Some fabulous accessories especially the rings and the bangles and as always you have the coolest sandals!

    Have a great week,

  3. Like you - and Vix and Vronni too, it seems - I used to wear black almost exclusively for many years. In fact, whenever I wore colour, my then colleagues used to do a double take! Now it would be the complete opposite, as I hardly ever wear black, unless it's shoes, or a garment with a print!
    It's healthy and fun that our styles evolve through the years, and experimenting with clothes is fun too.
    My favourite is the oversized dress, its colours and texture are fabulous. The necklace you are wearing with it is fantastic too.
    Oh, and these are my favourite Summer days as well, with cool mornings and nights and sunshine during the day. xxx

  4. I've been wearing lots of loose dresses this summer because of the intense heat. I really like the full tunic layered over the full skirt. The shape of skirt continues the line of the tunic even if the colours are very different. I would wear that striped cotton dress - the colours are lovely! The temperatures are starting to drop a bit over here and I'm looking forward to wearing "real" clothes again. I miss my jackets!

  5. I am glad I'm not the only one succumbing to the lure of tent dresses in summer. Your accessories really do add so much to your looks. I kind of like the dress with the maxi skirt creating a layered A-line look.


  6. I have a friend who passed on the big top/fitted bottom or fitted top/floaty bottom tip to me, and it does work, though your voluminous outfit also looks great. And in the heat, cool is always going to be the priority, and much more flattering than being overheated. (And you can sign me up as another member of the 'used to wear all black' squad! I do still dip into it from time to time.)

  7. I do the same fitted/big combinations, but there is something to be said for a ginormous floaty dress! I love your Brutalist cuff - you have amazing jewelry.