jueves, 4 de agosto de 2022

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I've taken some free days to visit our family and change the landscape. It's really refreshing to see some mountains and some old stones too. As it happens to me frequently, I totally forgot to take photos so only can share a few pics of this romanic church (sorry but no english info). Glad that I asked Mr.A. to take photos of me and his mom in front of this famous modernist building, Casa Botines, which is totally a medieval fantasy created by spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

Me he tomado unos días libres, en que hemos ido a visitar a la familia y a cambiar de aires. Después de tanto calor, es refrescante ver montañas y también algunas viejas piedras. Como de costumbre, me olvidé totalmente de sacar fotos y sólo puedo mostrar unas pocas imágenes de esta colegiata románica. Menos mal que le pedí a Mr.A. que me sacase una foto con su madre delante del famoso edificio modernista de Casa Botines, una verdadera fantasía medieval obra de Gaudí.

Back at home we have had more and more hot days, even if it's not considered a heatwave. But it feels uncomfortable anyway so I've kept wearing same lightweight clothes and also kept myself away from sunshine. Some (personal) advice to keep the coolness and use your #%@ common sense, which can be useful these days, as heatwaves are becoming 'normal' everywhere.

De vuelta en casa hemos tenido más y más días de calor, aunque no se consideren una ola de calor. Pero sigue siendo incomodísimo, así que yo sigo llevando las mismas prendas ligeras y manteniéndome lejos del sol. Unos consejos (personales) para vestirse en ola de calor y usar el sentido común, que pueden venir bien estos días, ya que las olas de calor se están convirtiendo en 'lo normal' cada vez en más sitios.
We have had some storms too, but the temperature has not dropped, it just becomes more humid and still hot. Obviously, we managed to get soaked in the storm, even wearing an umbrella.
I wore this (second hand) linen tunic with some viscose leggings by La Redoute and Skechers sandals (which luckily are water resistant)

Hemos tenido también tormentas, pero sin que caiga la temperatura, simplemente sigue haciendo calor pero además hay humedad. Claro está que nos cayó la tormenta encima y nos empapamos aún llevando paraguas.
Llevaba esta túnica de lino (de segunda mano) con unos leggings de viscosa de La Redoute y sandalias Skechers que afortunadamente son resistentes al agua.
Sometimes I break my own rules and wear black in a summer day (but in a lightweight fabric). It was not really hot, the temperature of merely 32ºC felt like a relief.
This viscose top was another second hand purchase at street market. Trousers were revamped by adding a strip of fabric both sides to make them wider. And I added some jewellery to jazz it up!

A veces rompo mis propias normas e incluso me pongo ropa negra en verano (pero de una tela ligera). Evidentemente no hacía tantísimo calor, 'sólo' hacía 32ºC que se siente casi como un alivio. Esta camiseta de viscosa vino del mercadillo, de segunda mano. Los pantalones fueron reformados añadiéndoles una tira de tela en los costados. Y también me puse algunas piezas de bisutería para animarlo todo un poco.
My blogging activities are even more erratic than usual, as I'm still quite busy. Sorry!

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  1. A change of scenery is always refreshing, even if it isn't in the literal sense :-) I'm glad to read you were able to get away and visit family. I had to read twice that Casa Botines is a medieval fantasy, and not the real thing!
    I try to keep out of the sun when it's that hot as well. Imagine being glad that it's only 32°C :-)
    Well done on keeping up with the heatwave outfits. I am particularly loving that second outfit with the gorgeous maxi skirt and red top! Besos xxx

  2. I'm glad you're having a wonderful summer! I adore Gaudi, lucky you to visit! The church looks marvellous, too.
    I love your straw hat and you look cool and fabulous in all four of your outfits.
    I've been spending almost every hour I can outdoors in a bikini (no good for blog posts!) xxx

  3. I'm so glad you got away to see the mountains, Monica, and the wonderful cool architecture. It looked like an oasis of coolness with all that thick stone. I am loving your summer outfits; they are gorgeous but practical and the accessories are fabulous. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  4. It's good for our brains to see different things, including nature and art! What a gorgeous place that is! I've even heard of Gaudi, lol. Awesome outfits, as always - you're so inspiring! The clear umbrella makes me want one!

  5. It must have been lovely to get away and see your family, and the mountains do look wonderfully green. Casa Botines looks splendid.