jueves, 23 de abril de 2020

sunnies & rain

I've been wearing maxi skirts and sandals even if the weather has not been summery. It was cloudy and rained almost everyday, so I didn't ventured into the balcony. However, I throw on some necklaces and my sunnies and took some photos of what I was wearing. Business as usual!
My sewing projects keep me busy, I'm also reading some old books and watching some old series, and I've been practicing pilates at home (on the living room floor!). Obviously, I miss my walks and activities, but I'm amazed that I'm not putting any weight. Anyway we always cook our meals from scratch and eat well, but now we have smaller portions.
Actually I've lost some volume, probably due to the lack of social life (no tapas and wine with friends, no beers at terraces, no spanish lifestyle!).

He estado poniéndome faldas largas de verano y sandalias aunque el tiempo no haya estado nada veraniego, en realidad ha estado nublado y lluvioso casi cada día. Así que nada de aventurarse fuera al balcón. De todos modos, me he echado encima unos collares y las gafas de sol y me he sacado fotos, ¡como de costumbre!.
Me mantengo ocupada con mis proyectos de costura, estoy leyendo algunos viejos libros y viendo viejas series, y he estado haciendo pilates en el suelo de la sala de estar. Evidentemente, echo de menos mis paseos y actividades, pero estoy sorprendida de no haber cogido peso. De todos modos, siempre hemos hecho comidas cocinadas en casa y saludables, sólo que ahora comemos menos cantidad.
En realidad creo que he perdido algo de volumen, probablemente debido a la falta de vida social, nada de pinchos y vinos con los amigos, ni cervezas en una terraza, ni nada del decadente estilo de vida español.

- blouse, an old tunic that I dyed purple, recently shortened (see it before here, and April2015) / blusa, una túnica vieja teñida de morado, que acorté hace poco (véase el antes aquí y en Abril2015)
- skirt, made of a strapless dress, bought second hand / falda, hecha de un vestido sin tirantes (segunda mano)
- cardi/net, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta tipo red, del 4x4
- necklaces, charity markets (old) / collares, de mercadillos solidarios
- faux turquoise pendant, a present / colgante de turquesa falsa, un regalo

Welcome to my gym (aka living room). My pilates mat is a (Ikea) chair cover, easy to put on and remove.

Bienvenidos a mi gimnasio (también conocido como sala). La esterilla de pilates es una colchoneta de una silla del Ikea, muy fácil de quitar y poner.

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  1. You are a vision in this lovely lavendery-blue combination, Monica! L and I have also lost weight - we're not eating out anywhere near what we used to, and L's drinking evenings with friends have led to him losing a full waist size! He's skinny already, so I have to fatten him up with chocolate.

    Love your Pilates workout area! I am lucky to be able to get out for a walk about 5 days a week. Keeping my cardio up!

    1. Thanks, Sheila, you're so lovely.
      And the lack of social life (and drinks+treats) is making a difference, isn't it?.
      I'm missing my walks, dear lady, but pilates is keeping me entertained (and flexible!) ;DD

  2. Love you in these lovely layers of restful blues, so pretty!
    Your pilates area is fab with the sun shining on it. What a great place to exercise.
    My weight hasn't changed but Jon's lost weight as he's not popping to the shops for snacks and walking a lot more. xxx

    1. Glad you like my pilates area, it's quite sunny in the mornings.
      It's amazing that we have not put on weight!

  3. I love all the blues and turquoises going on here, Monica, as well as the various prints and textures. I'm not sure I lost any weight (I don't own scales), but I'm feeling healthier, as I'm definitely eating more fruit and veg, and I'm no longer tempted by the mid afternoon office slump snacks! Jos is no longer having his morning croissants or chocolate buns either! I applaud you on your exercise routine. I've never been into exercise and probably never will, so I'm glad of all the garden work to keep me fit now that I can't go on my usual walks! Besos xxx

    1. I can assure you that exercise or sports are not my cup of tea!. But I practiced pilates some time ago and found it easy for a clumsy person as I am (and it's not particularly extenuating). I'd prefer to go for a walk, but this is (still) not possible!.
      Glad that you're eating healthier, the situation is keeping us away from snacks and pastries!. really

  4. A sartorial vision despite being at home. Thank goodness for the internet so it is not wasted! :-)
    I love your creativity and adaptability.
    I am doing yoga outside in my caravan park as you probably know from my poems!
    Thanks for being a bright shining light.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Doing yoga outside sounds really lovely, I open the doors to my balcony when practicing pilates and also sit outside to read when it's sunny, it makes me feel better!
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. You've got the blues, but in a good way! I've been using my living room as a gym and dance studio for several weeks and there isn't much room to move very far. We are all learning to make do with less space and being creative about using it.

  6. I absolutely love all those beautiful, harmonious blues together on you. Absolutely gorgeous, especially against your purple walls!