martes, 7 de abril de 2020

loungewear & purple

We're having some rainy days, it's not particularly cold but days are dark, we have to switch on the lights as if we were in winter. No basking in the sun at the balcony these days!
This is what I wore yesterday. Both the purple trousers and the shirt were bought at the Sunday street market (second hand) but on two different visits. But they're really matchy and I like to wear them as a set. The trousers were made of an H&M strapless jumpsuit (I just folded their elasticated band/top in two and voilá, there is a wide waist). Their sizing is really strange anyway!.
Actually, I've been wearing similar clothes these days, as I own plenty of pyjama-like trousers and soft cardigans!. It's my kind of loungewear! (and it's also my kind of any wear, actually!).
Obviously, I have put on a necklace and bracelets to take my pics and also worn a headscarf to hide a bad hair day. I'm becoming a huge fan of headscarves!. Incidentally, I've watched the 'Mary Poppins Returns' movie (quite boring film but beautiful costumes) and loved 'Topsy Turvy', a character played by Meryl Streep. She has the most amazing style, from her headscarf and bracelets to her necklace made of pencils, very artsy but lovely anyway (see her fabulousness here). And her attitude looks really appropriate for these days.
Hope you're safe and keeping yourselves this way!

Estamos teniendo unos días lluviosos, tampoco muy fríos, pero sí bastante oscuros, tenemos que encender las luces de casa como si fuese invierno. Nada de disfrutar del sol en el balcón estos días.
Esto es lo que me puse ayer, dos prendas compradas en el mercadillo del domingo, de segunda mano, pero en días diferentes. Pero, como son exactamente del mismo color, me gusta llevarlas como un conjunto. Los pantalones eran en realidad uno de esos monos/enterizos sin tirantes, pero simplemente doblando la banda elástica ya te sirve como cintura. Está claro que el tallaje era rarísimo.
En realidad he estado poniéndome ropa muy parecida cada día, porque tengo un montón de pantalones tipo pijama y chaquetas suaves y cómodas. ¡Es mi estilo de andar por casa! (en general, de andar por cualquier lado).
Evidentemente, he añadido un collar, pluseras y me puse un pañuelo en la cabeza para ocultar el pelo tan raro que se me está poniendo. Los pañuelos en la cabeza me están gustando cada vez más. Y a propósito de ésto, he visto la película de El Regreso de Mary Poppins, que es bastante aburrida pero tiene un vestuario muy bonito, y sale un personaje llamado 'Topsy' interpretado por Meryl Streep que me ha hecho muchísima gracia, sobre todo su estilo. Pañuelo en el pelo, pulseras, flecos y un collar hecho de lápices, todo muy tópicamente artístico, pero encantador: podéis ver aquí fotos. Y su actitud de adaptarse a un mundo que se vuelve del revés me parece muy adecuada para estos días.
Espero que estéis bien y que os cuidéis mucho.

- trousers and shirt, Sunday street market (second hand) / camisa y pantalón, de segunda mano del mercadillo del domingo
- necklace and bracelets, charity markets / collar y pulseras, de mercadillos solidarios
- scarves, vintage (both were presents) / pañuelos vintage, fueron regalos
- lipstick, Forward Magenta 055 by Revlon / lápiz de labios, Revlon nº 055 Forward Magenta
- crochet cardi / chaquetita de ganchillo

8 comentarios:

  1. You match your walls!

    Such a lovely bright outfit and the scarf is so lovely; the outfit colours are gorgeous! That's a really good tip about the jumpsuit. I've seen several that were strapless; I'm itching to get out to the charity shops now! Love your bead pendant and pink slippers rock!

    Stay safe and sane

    1. Love that you've noticed all this purple! ;D
      I've revamped some strapless dresses too and it's really easy!, I always have a look at them at the second hand and charity shops. And I'm missing them badly too!, my sundays are quite boring without all the rummaging in the street market stalls.

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit and a fabulous headscarf! Vronni's right, you do match your walls beautifully!
    Your wide legged trousers remind me of the costumes in the Agatha Christie film, Murder Under The Sun. Hope the weather cheers up for you soon. xxx

    1. ;DDD what a lovely compliment, as I love the style and costumes on this film!, floaty trousers and massive hats!. Hope we can wear them outside soon!

  3. Your trousers and top were just made for each other, Monica, and I love how you transformed the jumpsuit into trousers. Very clever. You're right about H&M's sizing though. I've noticed that too. Your pink crocheted cardi is just perfect with this outfit, and I love how you piled on those bangles! Wide-legged trousers do look amazing on you, and make me want to dig around in my wardrobe to see if I can find any. Maybe I can even convert a jumpsuit, as I have a couple of those I'm hardly wearing ... And your headscarf reminds me that I should look at some tutorials as my hair is getting to be at that awkward stage ... Can't very well wear berets into Summer, can 8 :-) Besos xxx

    1. Actually, many fast fashion brands have those strange sizing, but H&M is particularly nonsensical.
      Glad that you like wide-legged trousers, they actually look like maxi skirts!.
      I missed my appointment at hairdresser due to the lockdown, so my hair is more and more unmanageable as time goes by. I don't consider to cut my own hair, as experience have taught me that it's a Bad Idea!.

  4. H&M's sizing is all over the place - those trouser look great on you! I love that this is your lounging wear! It's very colourful and comfy, yet so stylish. I hope it gets warmer for you soon!

  5. Muy cómodo, te ves genial. Cuidate mucho y continúa contando cosas.