miércoles, 1 de abril de 2020

ambitious sewing

Project #1

This is an 80's dress which lovely Sacramento sent to me some time ago. A fabulous present!.
I want to copy it and have this gingham fabric, 100 percent cotton, that my friend M. bought for me at an specialized haberdasher's (she travels a lot). Whatever the reason, cotton gingham is becoming as rare as hen's teeth!
I've realised that there are lots of pleats involved, the pattern looks simple but it is Not!.

Este vestido ochentero vino en un paquete que me envió la estupendísima Sacramento como regalo, pedazo de regalo!.
Quiero copiarlo en esta tela de cuadros vichy, de algodón cien por cien, que me compró mi amiga M. en una tienda especializada cuando estaba de viaje. No sé la razón, pero estas telas en algodón ya no se encuentran tan fácilmente.

Project #2

I've owned this vintage dress for ages (fifteen years?). I bought it at a second hand shop which was at la Plaza del Pan, Sevilla, and has been a favourite dress for years. Nice memories!.
My project is to copy it using this fantastic printed viscose fabric. It was such a bargain that I bought not less than 5 metres, so I think I'll have enough fabric ;D. I've also planned to sew a pair of trousers, if possible!.
I've never sewed something so massive!

Este vestido vintage está conmigo desde hace años (unos quince?). Lo compré en una tienda de segunda mano que solía haber en la Plaza del Pan de Sevilla, y ha sido uno de mis favoritos desde entonces, y me trae buenos recuerdos.
También quiero copiarlo, usando esta tela de fantasía de viscosa, que fue una verdadera ganga. Me ofusqué un poco con la oferta, y compré cinco metros, así que espero que me llegue ;DD. Si sobra algo, me gustaría hacer también un pantalón.

views from my balcony!
Vistas desde mi balcón.

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  1. Hooray for pansies to cheer us all up! I shall miss planting mine this year.
    We've got the same block printed kaftan, how fabulous to have found enough material to be able to copy it - it's going to look amazing. Kaftans are perfect for isolation chic.
    Sacramento's dress will look great made in gingham and you're right, cotton is so hard to find, I wanted some clothes made in India and couldn't find anything but polyester.
    I've found my sewing mojo today and made a dress this afternoon! xxx

    1. I do love that we have the same printed kaftan, it puts a smile on my face everytime I see you wearing it (and you look Fabulous in it!). I'm a little bit worried by the massiveness of the fabric and how to draw the pattern!.
      Totally agree that cotton is hard to find. Probably it's because such a few people appreciate it, polyester is the king these days!
      Hope you're enjoying your sewing!

  2. Dos proyectos con mucho potencial ! En mi caso, yo estoy viendo cómo hago una vincha ;)

    1. Gracias, Lorena.
      Espero que la vincha te salga bien y la luzcas mucho!

  3. I love your sewing projects, Monica, and both dresses truly deserve to be copied. They're both absolutely gorgeous, as are the fabrics you have chosen to do them in. I'm sure that will keep you occupied! I'm on my first day of partial, temporary unemployment (only working on Mondays and Wednesdays now) and I have plenty of plans on how to spend my days. Today, however, is all about adjusting and taking some rest. I could do with some pansies, but alas all garden centres are closed. Yours are looking very cheerful! Besos xxx

    1. Glad that you like my ideas, I'm going to be busy as a bee!. Anyway, I also have some resting days as I'm not a high-energy person, so I do lots of reading, looking through the window or lying on my sofa.
      I'm glad that pansies were planted some time ago, they are cheering winter days up!.
      Neither can I buy any plant (probably supermarkets have them?!) so my spring pots have to wait!

  4. Oooh, that fabulous vintage dress... The fabric you're reproducing it in is lovely too - you'll have twice the fabulousness!

  5. Lovely pansies! Their old fashioned name is 'heart's ease' and they do with their glorious colours!

    Your sewing projects look like fun and how fab they'll be in the lovely materials you've chosen for them. The pleated bits on the first dress do look complicated - good luck. And the vintage dress is just beautiful.

    1. Love pansies, we call them 'pensamiento', thought, in spanish and I've read that this is also their original name 'pensée' in french (have read it here, so interesting!)
      Thank you for your lucky wishes!, I'm going to need lots of luck!

  6. How lovely to have some time to do sewing! I too have some project to do, but they are still way down my to-do list. I'm still busy cleaning the house, paying bills, filling up the freezer with home cooked meals and then of course there's the new idea of starting off an allotment. Sewing is coming very far down that list as you see.

    I love the printed fabric for your long dress though and the gingham will be fab for the other dress. These things are always more complicated than they look...

    Good luck!
    Anna xxx

    1. Wow, you're going to be busy as a bee, lots of tasks and projects!, Love the idea of growing some plants, either flowers or vegetables!
      And totally agree that usually this kind of sewing turn to be more complicated than expected!

  7. Ooh, I love both of those items that you're copying! Good luck with your projects. To my untrained eye, the caftan looks much easier!