domingo, 26 de abril de 2020

sunny & red chair

This is my reading nook in the mornings, when it's sunny!. And I also sit on this red chair to do more mundane tasks like painting my toenails. Obviously, this has to be done wearing a straw hat and a necklace, because these things make all the painting better. Because accessories and lipstick make a difference!.
Keep yourselves safe and as much fabulous as possible!

Este es mi rincón de lectura por las mañanas, cuando hace sol. Y también me siento en esta silla roja para otras tareas menos espirituales, como pintarme las uñas. Evidentemente hay que hacerlo llevando sombrero de paja y un collar, porque todo sale mejor cuando llevas accesorios (Y lápiz de labios). Hacen que todo se vea diferente!
Espero que sigáis bien y todo lo fabulosamente que sea posible.

10 comentarios:

  1. Such gorgeous photos, you look so relaxed and glamorous. I'm so enjoying these little views of your home. xxx

  2. What a lovely reading nook you have. The perfect place to catch the morning sun. And of course, reading and painting of toenails is even better when one's wearing colourful clothes including all the accessories! Brilliant! Besos xxx

    1. This reading nook is bringing me joy, so I feel better if I sit on my red chair wearing something joyful!

  3. I totally agree, they make the difference! You look great and I love your hat, sunglasses and necklace - as well as your look and for sure the place!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. What a lovely little outdoor space! Sunny days are few and far between here so whenever we have one I sit outside on my porch for a bit just to get fresh air. I painted my toenails a few days ago for the first time in ages!

  5. I am jealous of that wonderful chair - and how perfect that you can just sit in the doorway and soak up the sun. I love that you dressed up to do your nails!