sábado, 4 de abril de 2020

massive flower & beret

This is what I wore to go to the market some days ago, only that I wore boots and a coat, as it was sleeting (We even had a light snow on Tuesday). So sandals and sunnies were worn only for fun and only indoors!. Also because sunnies are the best concealer ever!.
Anyway, weather is improving, spring is coming and it's been three weeks since we are confined to our homes. I'm keeping myself busy, sewing, cooking, crafting, dressing up, chatting, practising pilates, reading, watching series. And I'm also keeping myself (mentally) healthy by avoiding most media. It makes a difference!.
Hope you're safe and managing it as well as possible!

Esto es lo que me puse para ir al mercado hace unos días, sólo que me puse botas y un abrigo gordo, porque estaba cayendo aguanieve (el martes incluso cayó una nevada ligera). Así que las sandalias y las gafas de sol son puro entretenimiento y sólo para dentro de casa. Bueno, las gafas de sol son cosméticas, porque son el mejor corrector del mundo.
De todas maneras, el tiempo mejora, la primavera se acerca y hace ya tres semanas desde que estamos confinados. Me mantengo ocupada, cosiendo, cocinando, haciendo manualidades, vistiéndome, charlando, practicando pilates, leyendo, viendo series. Y también me mantengo mentalmente sana al evitar la mayoría de los medios de comunicación. Es lo que marca la diferencia.
Espero que estéis bien y que lo llevéis ¡lo mejor posible!.

- skirt, second hand, Sunday street market / falda, de segunda mano del mercadillo del domingo
- black turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto negro
- orange-red cardi, second hand, Sunday street market / chaquetita punto rojo-naranja, del mercadillo también
- tights, Snag / medias
- shawl-blanket, retail (old) / bufa-manta, de comercio local
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- papier maché brooch, made by me ages ago / broche de papel maché, hecho por mí hace siglos
- necklace, charity market (last year) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario del año pasado.

What I really wore most of my day in my Real Life: slippers (but matchy ones!)

Esto es lo que llevé puesto la mayor parte del día en mi Vida Real: zapatillas de casa (pero combinadas!)

Another sewing project that it's now going on. Patchwork!

Otro proyecto de costura en marcha: ¡patchwork!

12 comentarios:

  1. Yay, the retrun of the massive flower skirt! What a fabulous outfit, thank you for sharing it, Monica!
    I'm excited to see the patchwork project and cannot wait to see it when you've finished (no rush, we could be in lockdown for weeks!)
    What's with these cold temperatures, frost and snow? I wish Spring would arrive! xxx

    1. Glad you like the massive flower skirt!, it's so colorful and funny!
      The patchwork project is going to take me some time, but you're right, no rush!

  2. Dressing for fun and indoors - right on!! And I agree with you about the sunnies! So great to see this cheerful humongous flower. And the colour of course. I wore my red beret to the market recently too, with massive glasses because I like them but also as a protective shield. Your project looks exciting. Can't wait to see it finished - enjoy the process.

    1. I love how sunnies do their magic in an instant!, they hide a multitude of sins! and make me feel protected and ready to go! (and all my sunnies have prescription glasses!)

  3. How lovely to see your massive flower skirt again, and I'm totally loving the outfit you built around it. It's even looking fabulous with your slippers :-) I'm glad to hear you're keeping yourself busy. That patchwork is going to look fantastic! Your weather doesn't sound much fun, though. It's like the world is completely upside down, even apart from the horrible virus. We've been having sunny weather for a while now, although temperatures weren't always Springlike. Avoiding the media is the best idea ever - I am feeling much calmer doing so! Besos xxx

    1. I like to keep my mind focused in something creative, even if sometimes I'm not making anything Real, just planning or drawing. It makes me feel more positive. As I am really lazy and anarchical, my plans sometimes take ages to develop!
      I'm not feeling particularly catastrophist these days, probably because I'm avoiding media. World is going to recover from this and our lifes could be different in the future but will worth living them anyway.

  4. I love that skirt so much - I'm glad you wore bright colours to go outside! Staying away from the media is so helpful for one's mental health! Happy to hear you've been keeping yourself busy!

  5. And there I was thinking it was warm in Spain because you were wearing sandals in your last post!

    I'm so glad you are keeping busy and not listening/watching/reading media. I watch the daily bulletin and the subsequent news arising from it and try to keep it at that. I've seen some horrible examples of scaremongering on FB and wish people would bloody stop it!

    Loving the big flower skirt. It always brings a smile to my face. Loving all the colours and the jewellery; your me made brooch is beautiful. What is the patchwork going to be? Do tell...

    Stay safe and well, Monica.

    1. Totally agree about FB, I'm avoiding it actively as it makes me feel angry and sad!
      Glad that you like the skirt and colours!
      And it's usually warmer here than in UK, but not always!. We have some chilly days here in the north, particularly if we are near the mountains. Anyway this Winter has been almost non-existant!.

  6. Gosh, sleet! That's colder than we've been. At least your brooch is bringing the sunshine!

    Keeping busy is definitely the best approach. I've been trying to do that too.

  7. It's been cold and rainy here today, so it was nice to see you in your bold and beautiful colours. The sun brooch is wonderful. I don't go on FB, so I have managed to avoid the crazy stuff people post there. I check the news in the morning to see if there are any new developments (such as some good news for a change) but that's it for the day.