miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017

waterproof & turquoise

I've broken another of my rules, and bought a new coat (I was decided to look for a second hand coat first). It was purchased to be worn on walks (or excursions), because I like to dress up my own style even when I go for a walk. My casual clothes are outfits too!
(Don't know why I had to pick the picture where I looked arrogant!, probably I was merely distracted!)

Rompiendo otra de mis normas, ya que estaba decidida a buscar un abrigo de segunda mano), compré un abrigo nuevo, con la idea de usarlo sobre todo para paseos y excursiones, porque me gusta también vestirme con mi propio estilo aunque sea para salir a caminar. El estilo cómodo también es estilo!
(No sé porqué fui a elegir las fotos en las que tengo esta expresión de superioridad, probablemente estaba distraída sin más!)

Anyway, I really couldn't keep my new coat only for casual outfits, so I worn my coat with a maxi skirt. Hardly do I wear a maxi skirt in a rainy day, so I broke another rule.
Whatever the weather, I was looking forward to wear this maxi skirt, which was my last (and easiest) revamp. It was made of a strapless dress, which I bought at a charity market. I had just cut out the body and added an elastic waistband, really simple!. I liked the print, and picked some necklaces to create some kind of Art Decó vibe, this month's theme at Modish Matrons.
Some of these necklaces were inherited from my grandma, those glass beads are really amazing!

De todos modos, no iba a dejar este abrigo sólo para estilo casual, así que me lo puse con una falda larga. Nunca llevo faldas largas cuando llueve, así que he aquí estoy rompiendo otra regla!
Hiciese el tiempo que hiciese, estaba deseando estrenar esta falda, que fue mi última (y más fácil) remodelación. Salió de un vestido sin tirantes, que compré en el mercadillo solidario. Sólo tuve que cortarle el cuerpo y añadirle una cinturilla elástica, así de sencillo. Me gustó el estampado, y elegí unos collares para crear un cierto estilo ArtDecó, para unirme al tema de este mes en Modish Matrons.
Algunos de estos collares los heredé de mi abuela, las cuentas de vidrio son tan estupendas!

- coat, Lighthouse / abrigo
- pants, charity shop, revamped / pantalón, de Cáritas, reformado
- sneakers, Chiruca (dyed) / zapatillas, teñidas
- bag, Surkana (old) / bolsito
- sarong as a shawl (old) / pareo a modo de chal
- skirt, charity market / falda, de mercadillo solidario
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- crochet cardi, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta ganchillo, 4x4
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (dyed) / merceditas, teñidas

9 comentarios:

  1. I seriously need a coat in that colour for bad weather walks, instead of the boring black one I now have and loathe. Whatever was I thinking. That maxi skirt is gorgeous and works so well with the turtleneck and crocheted gilet. Besos xxx

  2. We all need practical coats and the colour of that one is just wonderful.

    All the hues of purple and blue are gorgeous together. I especially like those shoes peeking out from below the skirt.


  3. You looked for a second hand one first so you're not too naughty at all!
    You've chosen a fab colour, it fits in well with your wardrobe. xxx

  4. I do love the colour of that coat! I have a similar coat for wet weather and walking but mine is silver grey. The pants are fab with the orange stripe and I love that bag with the scalloped details.

    You maxi dress is fab and I love how you've toned it with lovely purples. The Mary Janes are fab - and you dyed them yourself!

  5. el azul es uno de mis colores favoritos, yo tambien me compre hace poco un 3/4 parecido para ir a andar o en plan sport pero a la vez apañado, pero en rosa otro de mis colores favoritos :)
    Un saludo que hacia tiempo que no te veia.

  6. your new coat has such a great color!!
    even my hiking outfits are "ensembles" - so hooray for picking a chic raincoat! and thank you for the art deco inspired look! gorgeous color combination!

  7. Hurrah for your casual/walking clothes that they matter - mine do too! Why not look sensational all the time, that's what I say, and you do! I love the pattern of both your trousers and the maxi, oh how I love a fancy pattern Monica. And that cute blue bag too, lovely!

    Anna x

  8. I have sooo many coats, but I justify this to myself because the majority of them were purchased secondhand, and we have so many different types of weather to contend with here in Canada! Plus, you need to have different coats to go with different outfits! I really like your new coat - very practical, but in a fun colour. Great colours in the last outfit, and you look much happier than in the first photo ;)