lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017

grey hair & comfort

These pics were taken when we went for a walk with my mother, and I ask her to pose with me. Even if she usually doesn't like having her pictures taken, she enjoyed it. As you can see, my mom has quit dying her hair and decided to go grey, which I think makes her look very elegant and cool. I agree totally with her about how comfortable is not having to take care of dyed hair, it has made my life easier since I stopped dying my hair in June (still haven't dyed it!). Even if I miss a touch of (red) color on my hair, I'm feeeling that my natural 'salt and pepper' color is not that bad!
We payed a visit to some Street art, and I like this background particularly, so this is my outfit to join Visible Monday and wish you a visible week!

Estas fotos se tomaron cuando fuimos a dar un paseo con mi madre y le pedí que posase conmigo. Normalmente no le gusta mucho que le tomen fotos, pero lo pasamos bien. Como podéis ver, mi mamá también ha dejado de teñirse el pelo y ahora lo lleva gris, lo que creo yo que le da un aire muy elegante y moderno. Además, estoy de acuerdo con ella en que es muchísimo más cómodo no tener que preocuparse de cuidar el cabello teñido, mi vida se ha simplificado desde que dejé de teñirme allá por junio. Aunque a veces eche de menos ese toque de color (rojo) en mi flequillo, tampoco me parece tan mal este color mío natural con su toque de canas.
Me gusta especialmente este fondo (y tiene su gracia) así que me parece oportuno para unirme al Lunes Visible Visible Monday y desearos una semana muy visible también!

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- shearling coat, second hand (ages ago) / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano, de hace siglos
- pants, 4x4 (summer sales) / pantalón, de rebajas
- turtleneck, La Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- sleeveless shirt as a waistcoat (October, old) / camisa sin mangas a modo de chaleco
- necklace, a birthday present / collar, un regalo de cumpleaños
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- sarong as a shawl / pareo a modo de pañuelo
- bag, Gabol (old) / bolso

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  1. You're both so lovely and what a great mother-daughter pic! I agree about giving up the monthly hair colorings - this is much easier : > xox


  2. Your Mom also has great style sense : )

    I'm still dedicated to my hair colour. It is a huge pain in the butt it is one of two maintenance things I do for myself, (the other is eye lash extensions). Plus I think going back to my very light blond hair, probably white by now would wash me out so much I wouldn't recognize myself.


  3. You both look fabulous, I love your funky trousers and the colour of your mum's coat! The graffiti backdrop is super cool, too.
    There's no way i could go back to being my natural blonde, black haired girls have all the fun! xxx

  4. I could immediately tell it was your mother posing with you. You do look like her! And I love it that your both dressed in colour. Love your Mum's coat and scarf! Obviouslu, I am loving your outfit too, especially those groovy trousers. And the grafitti backfrop is just fabulous! Besos xxx

  5. Your mum is fabulous! her hair is fab and what an amazing scarf she's wearing.

    Are you planning to let your hair go grey (ish)? I can recommend it.

    I loved the street art in your photo and your outfit is lovely. I particularly like the idea of a sleeveless blouse as a waistcoat - very clever.


  6. I love your hair in it's natural state.... chic.... and goes with everything! :o)
    Your mum looks like a stylish lady too, but of course I would not have expected anything less considering how fabulous her daughter is!!
    I love the colours in this look, and the big pop of orange.
    Salt and pepper suits you!
    Fake Fabulous | Style and fun with fashion, over 40

  7. You and your mother are very similar, both very stylish ladies. She really suits having grey hair and I must admit that I hadn't noticed the lack of red tones in your hair until you mentioned it. One day I may give up colouring my hair, but not yet. Your outfit is fun and I particularly like the fact that your handbag really goes so well with your trousers. The splash of orange by way of that scarf is so flattering to your complexion - I love it!

    Anna x

  8. Awesome photos! And your Mum looks smashing! I love her colour, and so right about it being elegant AND cool. And excellent backdrop. That's about the size of glass of wine I could use sometimes, but really, I'm not a big drinker. You both rock. Your pants have all the colours of the mural. Good!

  9. What a lovely photo of you and your Mum! I can see where you have inherited your love of colour from - she looks great in her blue coat and patterned scarf. I love the pattern in your pants - the blue vest and orange scarf make a fab outfit.