martes, 14 de noviembre de 2017

why I bought a black bag

Obviously, I had not plans to buy a black bag, as I'm not wearing lots of black color anymore. I've even advised some friends to never buy black accessories if they wanted to inject some color in their wardrobes. But you know that my own rules are made to be broken!
This bag was purchased at Nonapapallona a local designer, so I've been supporting local business!. And enjoying some really lovely designs!
I'm also wearing for the first time a beret I crocheted. I was looking for a beret to match my new coat, but finally decided to make it by myself, as it was hard to find something appealing to my taste. I picked this kind of mixed threads wool, orange and grey, which make a fab color combo!
I think that this outfit has some 80's vibe, probably because I worn a black blazer over a graphic t-shirt, and that's very 80's (in my book). My t-shirt is not ragged and fixed with safety pins, and my blazer didn't came from my father's wedding suit, as it was used to be. I've become a bourgeois! (irony!). My t-shirt was bought at a charity market (3€) and I've had this blazer in my wardrobe for almost twenty years, so I feel that I didn't totally spoil 80's style!

It's time for a Visible Monday and it's also time to FakeItUntilYouMakeIt, so let's enjoy party time!

Evidentemente, no tenía planeado comprarme un bolso negro, porque tampoco llevo mucha ropa negra ya. Incluso he estado aconsejando a algunas amigas que no compren accesorios en negro si lo que quieren es inyectarle color a su estilo. Pero ya sabéis que mis propias normas están hechas para ser rotas.
El bolso es de Nonapapallona diseño local, así que estoy apoyando negocios locales, además de bonitos diseños.
También estreno esta boina que me hice de ganchillo. Estaba buscando una boina para combinar con mi nuevo abrigo gris, pero finalmente decidí hacérmela yo, porque no encontré nada que me gustase bastante. Y elegí este tipo de lana que mezcla dos colores, naranja y gris, que me parece que forman una bonita combinación de colores.
Creo que tengo un toque ochentero, probablemente porque llevo chaqueta con una camiseta con algo gráfico, y eso era muy de los ochenta (para mí). Aunque la camiseta no está rota y sujeta con imperdibles, ni la chaqueta es la del traje de boda de mi padre, como solía ser. Me he vuelto muy burguesa (ironía). Esta camiseta la compré en un mercadillo solidario por 3€ y la chaqueta lleva como unos veinte años conmigo, así que tampoco siento que haya echado a perder del todo el estilo ochentero.
Y es el momento para unirse al Lunes Visible Visible Monday y también a la fiesta en FakeItUntilYouMakeIt, así que espero que lo disfrutéis.

- coat, clearance sale / abrigo, de una liquidación
- pants, Punto Roma (last winter sales) / pantalón (de las rebajas del invierno pasado)
- black boots ?? / botas negras, ni se sabe
- shawl, flea market (old) / chal, de mercadillo
- brass bijouterie, really old / accesorios de latón, antigüitos

11 comentarios:

  1. It may be black but it isn't boring! I love the print, the chrome fastener and the fact that you're supporting a local crafts person. Your 1980s-inspired outfits are such fun, too - not a Princess Di ruffled collar in sight - thank goodness!
    Rules are made to be broken, even our own! xxx

  2. That's not another boring black bag: it's fabulous. And you're right: your outfit does have a 1980s vibe, but better! I'm loving your made-by-you beret, which will cheer up any cold day no end, as will your sun brooch, which I spotted immediately. Besos xxx

  3. You haven't lost your rad touch! Never bourgeois! Hahaha! I love your '80s vibe. And glad to see you rule-breaking, although this bag does not look boring in the LEAST. I love those colourful graphic splashes on there. And the best piece, your crocheted beret. Perfect!

  4. I love your hand made hat and grey and orange is such a fab combination of colour.

    You look so cozy in your chevron striped coat and I love your black jacket - an absolute classic that looks perfect with patterned trousers and tee shirt. Your new bag is lovely and not all boring.It's great you are supporting local businesses. Love all your accessories.

  5. What a sweet hat and bag. Handmade AND locally crafted. Lots of points from me for that! And your coat has a cool pattern too. Lots of texture even if black. So you still got your groove on! xo Jazzy Jack

  6. I agree, that's the best thing to do with rules, even if we invented them ourselves them - break them! I'm glad you did! Love this black outfit, your gorgeous chevron coat, the pants and of course your crochet beret!!

  7. That bag is the exception to the rule! In any case rules are meant to be broken (occasionally!) And that coat! Ooooh I like the chevrons. So unusual. I know what you mean about black. I'm wearing less and less black the older I get but sometimes the odd piece is unavoidable.
    And thumbs up for the beret!!!!

  8. When you wrote black bag, I imagined something much more simple, basic even, but not this delightful piece! It's so unusual and therefore perfect for you Monica. I apprecaite the 80's vibe of the outfit, but most of all I applaud you in the making of that lovely hat - how very clever of you!

    Anna x

  9. I was expecting to see a plain black bag, but instead, you have one with a lovely fanciful print and classic shape. I really like the chevron print on the coat and your cool t-shirt (yes, you are "pretty amazing"). Excellent job on the hat - it's a nice shape, and colour mix.

  10. Great outfit! Lots of black but not at all boring. I do like the little prince print on your back, definitely makes it special.