viernes, 26 de junio de 2020

heatwave & yellow bag

I was trying to find a pair of words to define my last outfits. Then I've realised that both of them have been worn in similar weather conditions (around 37ºC) and with this same straw bag. The weather has been so hot last days that I have not feel tempted to go outside in the evening to brave the elements (there were also some storms and downpours). Nor walking in the (burning) sun nor getting soaked are really appealing activities!
I've worn this yellow straw bag as my default bag for the whole week, as I hate to change bags (so lazy!). A massive straw bag fits perfectly my lifestyle. I only change bags if I go for a walk, then I have some small bags to carry the minimal stuff. Generally speaking, my lifestyle keeps being homely and I just run essential errands, despite everything is already open. But many people seem to have forgotten any precaution, so I'm extra sensible and avoid crowds.

Estaba intentando encontrar un par de palabras para definir mi vestuario estos últimos días. Y me he dado cuenta de que lo único en común es el calor que hacía (alrededor de 37ºC) y que he llevado el mismo bolso amarillo. Tanto calor ha hecho que no he sentido ningún interés en salir fuera por las tardes a hacer frente al clima (también hemos tenido tormentas y lluvias torrenciales). No me parece nada apetecible ni caminar bajo un sol de justicia ni que me caiga encima una tormenta.
Este bolso amarillo ha sido mi bolso por defecto la semana entera, también porque odio cambiar de bolso (me da muchísima pereza!). Y uno de estos bolsos de paja enormes me viene perfecto para diario. Sólo cambio a un bolsito pequeño con lo mínimo si voy a salir a caminar. En general, sigo llevando un estilo de vida 'hogareño' y sólo he salido a hacer algunos recados esenciales, aunque todo está abierto. Pero hay tanta gente que ha olvidado todas las precauciones que, por mi parte, pienso ser más prudente aún y evitar cualquier aglomeración.

- dress, sewed by myself during lockdown (here) / vestido, fabricación casera, lo hice durante el confinamiento (véase aquí)
- sandals, Wonders (old) / sandalias
- bag, retail (old) / bolso
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, un regalo de Sacramento

I've remembered to take a pic of our dinner, a mushrooms omelette, local tomatoes salad and a piece of goat cheese, with a non alcoholic beer.

He recordado tomar una foto de una de nuestras cenas caseras, un revuelto de setas, ensalada de tomates de huerta y queso de cabra, con una cerveza sin.

- The Massive Flower Skirt, was made of a strapless dress bought second hand (Jul2019) / la falda de la flor enorme se rehizo con un vestido sin tirantes comprado de segunda mano (en Jul2019)
- green blouse, La Redoute (old) / blusa verde
- sandals, Chiruca outlet (old) / sandalias
- necklace and bracelet, charity market (old) / collar y pulsera, de un mercadillo solidario

Hope you are safe and as fabulous as possible!

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  1. That's a lovely straw bag-I'd wear it often too.
    Your dinner looks delicious.

  2. I didn't used to own anything yellow and not because my mother-in-law insisted it was an unlucky colour!! But I thought it didn't suit me, but now I have quite a number of yellow ítems, but not a bag, and that's a lovely yellow bag you have there!!
    Those local grown tomatoes are mouth watering, aproveche!!

  3. I love, love, love the patchwork dress! Or will it be called 'The Lockdown Dress' from now on? It looks fabulous on you and how well the yellow straw bag goes with it; such a nice pop of colour. Love those sandals as well. I hate swapping bags, too. Like you I like a big bag; but use smaller ones for quick trips out.

    The massive flower dress is always a winner and I like the pretty green blouse with it; and the fab necklaces and bangles.

    Our heatwave has passed and now it's nice and cool...

    Take care and stay safe

  4. You should have called your post "Smoking Hot" I absolutely love the patchwork dress, such a great fit and a joy to look at and you know I love the massive flower skirt already!
    I haven't needed a bag (apart from my two National trust visits) for three months! I love my summer baskets and it seems strange that they're in the bedroom just looking at me!
    As always your dinner looks so good, I've just shown Jon and asked him to make me the same when our tomatoes are ready! xxx

  5. 37° Celsius, oh dear, no wonder you weren't tempted to go outside! We had 32°C on the hottest day, which was yesterday, and I already found it quite unbearable. I'm loving both of your outfits. Your lockdown-sewn patchwork dress looks utterly perfect for braving those hot temperatures in, and your green blouse and massive flower skirt are the epitome of cool! Love the yellow straw bag and your dinner looks delicious. Hurray for alcohol free beer! Besos xxx

  6. The patchwork dress is so lovely, gorgeous. I really love that. And these foods look so yummy too, wonderful!! Here it has been raining and quite cool, it would give you relief, ha. I need some sunshine though!! I hope you have a wonderful week xx besos!

  7. I had a comment all written and suddenly it disappeared, so if you get two from me, that is what happened! You did an excellent job on the patchwork dress, and it's the perfect thing to wear with a brightly coloured accessory like that yellow bag. We are supposed to have temperatures in the mid-to-high 30's for at least the next week and I'm not happy about that! It's too hot for me to be outside.

  8. How very clever you are to create a fabulous patchwork dress! I'm always envious of anyone who finds time to sew and be creative with fabric, but at least I'm one step nearer to this as I've at last got a sewing room. Now I just need to find time to sew! (I'm back at work :( )

  9. I'm not even using a summer bag - I'm still carrying my chunky black leather winter bag! You look so effortlessly stylish, my dear friend! Your black and white is so chic, and that scarf skirt is one of my favourites of yours.

    Our city/island/province have been really good, COVID-wise, but it's the same here: no mask-wearing (even though it's recommended), poor distancing, etc. COVID hasn't gone away, and we're sure to spike if people are too lax. Scary!

  10. 37 degrees sounds utterly melting! I'm not surprised you've stayed inside.

    That omelette and tomato salad looks really good. We've been living on things like tortilla and cazon en adobo on Saturdays. Spanish food always makes us happy!