lunes, 22 de junio de 2020

Purple & summer

Suddenly spring has changed into summer, so suddenly that it felt like if somebody had remembered to turn on power and then Summer happened. Voilá.
But it was still chilly in the mornings last week, when I had to wear a cardi or jacket to go to work. I wore this same skirt two days in a row, to try different options. It's a lovely skirt but I find it difficult to style it, aside from wearing it with a black top. This purple shirt was an obvious choice (matchy!), and also appropriate to wear long sleeves as it was cold! (10ºC / 50ºF). The next day I picked a green top and a jacket in a reddish shade of purple. I prefer this brighter color combo, I think it looks more summery.

De pronto la primavera ha cambiado a verano, tan de repente que parece que le han dado a un interruptor y ya es verano.
Pero la semana pasada todavía hacía fresquete por las mañanas, y tenía que llevar una chaqueta cuando iba al trabajo. Me puse esta misma falda dos días seguidos, para probar diferentes ideas. Es una falda que me gusta, pero me resulta difícil encontrarle combinaciones, aparte de ponérmela con un top negro. La opción más evidente es el morado y elegí una camisa de este color, y además con manga larga que resultó muy apropiada para los 10ºC que teníamos. Para el siguiente día, elegí algo más colorido, una camiseta verde y una chaqueta de un tono morado diferente, y creo que prefiero estos tonos más alegres, me parecen más veraniegos.

- skirt, a present by Sacramento, vintage / falda, vintage, regalo de Sacramento
- fleece cardi, C&A (old) / chaqueta polar
- purple shirt, old (shortened) / camisa morada, antigua, la he recortado
- straw bag, etsy (old) / bolso de paja, de etsy
- scarf, charity shop / pañuelo, segunda mano de Cáritas
- shoes, elementérre outlet (old) / zapatos
- jacket, ebay, second hand (old) / chaqueta
- green t-shirt, old (shortened) / camiseta verde, antigua y la he recortado.
- beach bag embellished with crochet starfishes / antiguo bolso de playa adornado con estrellas de mar de ganchillo

We run errands on Saturday and had a nice time, despite the heat. I wore a light cardi but it was 30ºC (86ºF), really hot even if walking under the trees.
Sunday street market is back and I went for a short visit to local garden center stalls, as just a few people were around. It was easy to keep a safe distance, so this didn't stressed me. However, I'm not ready to rummage activities in a second hand stall, you can call me squeamish!.
I've been busy at home, there are always mundane tasks to accomplish!. I removed the bedroom lampshade and give it a good wash (I have a washable lampshade), and also replaced a broken wheel under my bedside table (actually, I had to replace the four of them). I'm thinking on revamping my bedside tables too but I have to consider seriously my options!

El sábado volvimos a salir a hacer recados, tal como solemos hacer, y pasamos un buen rato, aunque hacía calor. Me puse esta especie de chaqueta por cubrirme del sol, pero hacía 30ºC, calentito hasta en la sombra!
El mercadillo del domingo está de vuelta y fuí a visitar los puestos de los viveros, ya que se veía poca gente. No me pareció muy estresante, ya que se podía mantener una distancia fácilmente. Pero me parece un poco pronto para meterme a rebuscar en los puestos de ropa, ¡podéis llamarme aprensiva!.
He estado ocupada en casa, con pequeñas reparaciones poco glamurosas, que siempre hay que hacer. Le he dado un buen lavado a la pantalla de la lámpara del dormitorio (tengo esta pantalla lavable!), y también tuve que cambiarle las rueditas a la mesilla de noche. Estoy pensando en hacerle algún cambio a estas mesillas, pero tengo que darle vueltas.

- dress, second hand (charity market) / vestido de segunda mano, de un mercadillo solidario
- cardi, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta
- sandals, Chiruca outlet (old) / sandalias
- bag, Matties, retail (old) / bolso, Matties- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar

Hope you're keeping yourselves safe and Fabulous whatever the weather!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous! you've styled that lovely skirt beautifully, such gorgeous colours and a great ethnic-inspired print. The dress is a beauty, too.
    Our weather is crazy, cold one minute, nudging 30°C the next, at least it's not boring!
    How exciting to hear that your market is back and that you didn't have to perform that stressful socially distancing dance. I hope it'll be the same here when life returns to normal in the next few weeks!
    I'm excited about your plans for the bedside tables. xxx

  2. Summer has arrived here with a bang as well, as temperatures are expected to creep up to 30° Celsius tomorrow. I'll be melting whatever I'm wearing ;-) I'm loving both the outfits with the skirt, although yes, I do agree that the second one, with the green top and violet jacket looks more colourful and summery. And as it has green in it, it can obviously only be my favourite! Sunday's outfit is meeting my full approval too. That maxi must be one of my favourites of yours. You really do suit these shades of blue. Loving the blue sandals too! Besos xxx

  3. Purple is my second favourite colour!

    What is it with skirts? I find them the hardest things to styles as well. Is it the shape? In my case it's because of my fat tummy - skirts usually emphasise it and I want to hide it!

    I loved both of your purple outfits; the matchy top and lovely striped scarf is beautiful and classy. I also think the plain green top with the fab purple jacket is gorgeous, too! The blue dress is very cool and looks great with the crochet cardigan.

    Glad you're gettin out and about - you'll be ready for a rummage when you're ready. Don't rush it....

    Take care

  4. It's summer over here too, and we had several days of temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, which I don't enjoy. I like the patterned skirt with the green top and pink/purple jacket, and the striped scarf is a cool addition.

  5. Fabulous looks!! Summer is here too, though we still have some days with rain but, it's a nice break inbetween the hot sunshine. Hope you have a great day x