martes, 16 de junio de 2020

distancing & walks

Last week I asked Mr.A. to take some photos when we were running errands and shopping groceries, just as we do frequently. Only that these days we have to be careful, keep the distance and wear a mask, because the streets around the market are not lonely places (and everybody must to wear a mask into the shops). But it was fabulous to have a chat (at a safe distance) and see some familiar faces, even if masked.
One of our (lovely) local retailers commented on my taking advantage of a few sunny moments to wear sandals. I totally agreed with her, wearing sandals was really optimistic as the weather had been chilly and rainy almost everyday (and it's still rainy now!). But I was lucky and made the most of a sunny morning!

La semana pasada tomamos estas fotos mientras estábamos haciendo unos recados y comprando comestibles, tal como solemos hacer. Sólo que estos días también hay que tener cuidado, mantener la distancia y ponerse mascarilla, porque estas calles alrededor del mercado no son solitarias, y también para entrar en las tiendas. Pero igualmente es estupendo charlar un rato (a distancia) y ver a los habituales (aunque sea enmascarados!).
En una de las tiendas me comentaron que se notaba que quería aprovechar el ratito de sol, porque llevaba sandalias. Totalmente de acuerdo, ponerse sandalias era muy optimista, porque toda la semana estuvo lloviendo y haciendo fresco casi cada día (y todavía sigue!). ¡Pero tuve suerte y salió una mañana de sol!

- mask, (with a filter and washable) by Nonapapallona, locally produced! / mascarilla, de tejido con filtro y lavable, de Nonapapallona, ¡producto local!
- vintage jacket, a present by Sacramento / chaqueta vintage, regalo de Sacramento
- skirt, bought ages ago / falda, comprada hace siglos
- t-shirt, retail (old) / camiseta, de tienda local, antigüita
- sandals, Raquel Pérez (local brand), old / sandalias, Raquel Pérez, marca local
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja
- scarf, flea market / pañuelo, del mercadillo
- brooch, made by me (epoxy resin) / broche, hecho por mí, con resina epoxy

I've baked no less than three clafoutis in the last two weeks and most of them were demolished before I could take a decent photo of them. But I've tried my best!.
I use a recipe from the internet, only that I change butter for olive oil, use half the sugar and don't pour any layer of butter in the baking dish as I use baking paper. Following the recipe! ;D

En las últimas semanas he horneado nada menos que tres clafoutis y casi ni consigo sacar una foto decente antes de que desapareciesen!. He hecho lo que he podido.
Uso una receta que saqué de internet, pero cambio la mantequilla por aceite de oliva, le pongo la mitad de azúcar y no unto el molde de mantequilla porque uso papel de horno. Sigo totalmente la receta ;DD

Some views from my balcony, including some new plants and my laundry, which had to come further inside (it's too rainy!). I've not sat outside to read for weeks, not only because of the rain. Since I'm back to work, I have less free time.

Unas vistas de mi balcón, incluyendo nuevas macetas y la colada, que he tenido que meter más adentro para que no se moje con la lluvia. Hace semanas que no me siento fuera a leer, y no sólo por la lluvia. Desde que he vuelto al trabajo, tengo menos tiempo libre.

Hope you're keeping yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible!

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  1. Hi Mónica, yes I agree that it's wonderful to go out and about and see familiar faces again, and to chat, albeit behind masks. That's a really nice mask you're wearing and it tones so well with your blouse and that beautiful skirt.
    I like the look of the clafoutis and I had been wondering what to take as a desert when I go to visit my son and his family this Sunday, thanks¡ you have solved the problem !! I just hope mine turns out as well as yours obviously does as it gets devoured so quickly!,

    1. I'm loving this mask, as it's breathable (and colorful!)
      Glad that you got some inspiration to bake something Delicious!, wish you a great success!.

  2. What lovely colours together pink and green are and I loved how the jacket had a very subtle pink (?) floral pattern as well! You look fabulous and the facemask is beautifully toning accessory, too. Hurray you were able to wear sandals at least for one day!

    Loving your flowers and the clafoutis had me dribbling...

    Stay safe and take care.

    1. Totally agree about pink and green and the subtle pink brocade jacket!. And it was fab to wear sandals!

  3. You're a vision in your fabulous outfit, and even your mask matches! I've been wearing one of two masks my stepdaughter made for me, to go shopping or walk along a busy street, but although mine has an opening to include a filter, I haven't done so, as I'm already almost hyperventilating as it is. Your clafoutis looks utterly delicious and I'm loving your cheerful window boxes. We haven't had much rain except for today when it was torrential. It's been very humid though, and I've already been wearing my sandals a lot. Today's shoes got totally drenched, though. Besos xxx

    1. Totally understand that you didn't added a filter to your mask, I prefer those with a filter included which make them more breathable. I'm also feeling anxious (and sweaty) every time I have to deal with people, even if there are not crowds in our quiet town!
      The spring weather keeps us entertained, it's so unpredictable!

  4. You look like a bouquet of flowers in your glorious colourful outfit, Monica! I admire that you've matched your mask to your outfit - very snazzy.

    I have only been wearing a mask for my grocery shopping and when in a big drugstore, but I'm getting my hair cut tonight and masks are mandatory for that.

    We've had a mixed bag of weather here. Sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy. Repeat!

    Ooh, your cherry clafoutis looks so good...

    1. Lovely comment, I've never been called 'snazzy', love it!
      We have to wear masks into any shop or supermarket, and obviously at the hairdressers too!, it's not a pleasant experience but we have to deal with it!

  5. You look like the essence of Summer with those pretty florals, your sandals and perfectly co-ordinated face mask.
    Our local market reopened here last Friday but neither of us have visited. Masks are only mandatory here if you use public transport and, other than the Black Lives Matter protests last weekend they're still not a common sight - probably why we've still got the highest death rate in Europe, sadly.
    I love your balcony, those clothes dryers always remind me of holidays in the Med! Your potted plants are lovely and the clafouti looks and sounds delicious!
    Our weather has been crazy, hot enough for a bikini but with violent storms, hailstones the size of tennis balls and a month's rainfall in 20 minutes. Crazy times! xxx

    1. So glad you like my colorful face mask, it makes a difference!
      Our markets have never closed, as they were considered as 'essential services', so they've kept us provided with fresh vegetables and fruits even during the lockdown. I love our local market!
      My balcony is my little mediterranean corner, geraniums included!
      Our spring weather has been also really crazy!

  6. Por aquí hace ya días que hace mucho calor 30 grados la mayoría de los días y calima. Así que estamos en pleno verano. La señora Allnut colorida hasta con mascarilla, me encanta. Las mías son blancas y sosas jejeje, como yo. Esños clafoutis tenían que estar deliciosos.

    1. Aquí parece que el verano se hace esperar, pero es mucho mejor que el año pasado que nos vino La Ola De Calor de 40ºC en junio!
      Y yo también he llevado mascarillas blancas, pero decidí comprar algunas a negocios locales y además sentirme mejor, porque son lavables y transpiran mejor. Colorines para todo!
      Los clafoutis de cerezas hay que aprovecharlos todo lo posible, que la temporada es corta!

  7. I love your outfit, the blazer is so gorgeous!! What wonderful pictures too, the treat looks so delicious!! I hope you have a great weekend x

  8. I don't know what a "clafoutis" is but it looks delicious! I love the combination of teal and the various shades of pink in your outfit.