viernes, 12 de junio de 2020

gardens & walks

These are some pictures taken when we were doing our (almost) daily walk through the city parks and gardens. Even if it's not necessary to wear a facemask when walking in open areas, I always carry one just in case.
Most of the people we see in our walks wear sport gear, but actually all you need is a pair of comfy shoes!. Obviously, I also wear some accessories, a necklace, a scarf, whatever. Which means that some people stare at me because I don't wear whatever they think is appropriate for a walk. I couldn't care less. Despite my 'unappropriate' gear, I'm entitled to go for a walk, as anybody else.

- raincoat, Lighthouse (old) / impermeable
- trousers, charity shop (revamped) / pantalón, de tienda solidaria, reformado.
- black t-shirt, really old / camiseta negra, viejísima
- orange sarong as a scarf / pareo naranja a modo de pañuelo
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas

Estas son algunas fotos que tomamos cuando salimos a pasear casi a diario por los parques y jardines de la ciudad. Aunque no es necesario llevar la mascarilla cuando se está en una zona abierta sin gente, siempre tengo una a mano, por si acaso.
La mayoría de gente que vemos en nuestros paseos lleva ropa deportiva, aunque yo lo único que necesito son zapatos cómodos. Evidentemente, también le añado accesorios, un collar, un pañuelo, algo de color. Lo que significa que alguna gente me mira raro supongo que porque no llevo lo que se supone que es adecuado para caminar. No me importa nada. A pesar de mi ropa poco deportiva, tengo el mismo derecho que cualquiera a salir a pasearme y caminar.

- trousers and t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta y pantalón
- cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto
- necklaces, vintage & second hand / collares, antiguos y de segunda mano
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- straw bag, Etsy (old) / bolso de paja

Sometimes I take a break from the internet for some days because I'm involved in a project or have to catch up with work (or because I'm reading, cooking, watching series or chatting with a friend!, I'm easily distracted.). It's difficult to keep on doing all the interesting things I like at the same time. My patchwork project is going on, anyway, and I've baked some clafoutis, which I'll show you in a next post!

A veces me desconecto de internet por unos días porque estoy metida en algún proyecto o tengo que ponerme al día con el trabajo (o porque estoy leyendo, cocinando, viendo series o charlando con amigos, ¡me distraigo fácilmente!). Es difícil hacer todas las cosas que me gustan a la vez. Mi proyecto de vestido patchwork sigue adelante, de todos modos, y he horneado algún que otro clafoutis, que os enseñaré pronto.

This is another simple meal we cooked from scratch (we cook all kind of pulses in a pressure cooker, it takes 45min instead of 3 hours). This is a salad whose main ingredient is haricot beans seasoned with finely chopped onions, green and red peppers, vinegar and olive oil. Other ingredients are raddish, canned beetroot, cooked broccoli leftovers and cherry tomatoes, but you can pick whatever vegetables you have at hand. We added some canned tuna and cappers, but it's optional.

Otro plato cocinado en casa, desde cero (cocemos las legumbres en la olla exprés, 45 min en vez de 3 horas!). Esta ensalada es de alubia blanca aliñada con cebolla, pimiento verde y rojo, todo finamente picado, aceite y vinagre. También lleva rábanos, remolacha en conserva, restos de brócoli cocido y unos tomates cherry, pero puedes ponerle lo que tengas a mano. También le pusimos atún y alcaparras, pero es opcional.

12 comentarios:

  1. People must be pleased to see such a colourful and beautifully coordinated person such as yourself out for a walk! Personally, I find sportswear incredibly boring.

    I have always wanted to taste clafoutis and look forward to seeing yours. Your pulse salad looked delicious. I'm looking forward to your patchwork project.

    Take care and stay safe,

    1. I agree about sportswear, I refuse to shop such boring clothes!
      I'm working now on more patchwork news and a clafoutis récipe. Lovely to read your comments!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Monica, as I'm always getting stared at when I go for a walk. People seem to find it strange if you are not dressed down. Why indeed? You are right: all you need is a comfy pair of shoes. And perhaps something waterproof in case it rains. But it doesn't have to be boring! I'm always carrying a face mask too, by the way. So far, I've only used on the city streets - unavoidable when one has to go to work - or in shops. Love your photos of the park as well as your colourful outfits, the second one with the chunky yellow cardigan being my favourite. I also agree that the Internet can be time-consuming. And indeed there are so many other things one wants to do. Even now that I'm mostly at home, I keep being short of time. Your salad looks delicious and I look forward to seeing your clafoutis, which I've never tasted. Besos xxx

    1. You always look fabulous in your walking attire, and really comfortable too, which makes me feel encouraged to keep myself colorful!.
      I'm also being short of time, even if it is supposed that I have plenty of it!.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. You look so well put together, stylish and colourful, no wonder people look, you're performing a public service by looking fabulous at all times!
    You're right, sportswear is unneccessary (and ugly), comfy shoes are all you need for a walk (I wear clogs!)
    I'm loving the look of your salad, I shall have to copy you and make it without the tuna. Your patchwork is really exciting, I'm dying to see the result! xxx

    1. mwhaha, I'm feeling proud now, due to performing a public service! so lovely comment! ;DD
      Glad you like my salad 'recipe' and happy to know that you're giving it a try!

  4. When I go running (which I rarely do now) I wear sportswear, otherwise you couldn't get me into those horrible lycra things. You always look lovely.

    That salad looks delicious.

    1. I understand that people have to wear sportswear when practising a sport, as running or cycling. But I don't understand why sportswear have to look so unappealing!. Anyway, people wear it all the time, some people look like they're going to climb the Everest and they're going to the market. ;D
      Glad you like this salad, we cook similar salads all the summertime!

  5. I think you look great, so I don't know why people would stare at you, except to admire your outfit. I haven't been out for many walks unless I need to get groceries. There isn't anywhere nice to walk close by and I don't have a car to get to the places that actually have some nice scenery. Your salad does look delicious!

    1. Sorry to read that there's not a nice place to walk close to you, it has happened to me (when we lived in the south of Spain, no paths nor walking areas in the town, every park or natural area was some kilometres away). It's annoying.
      Shopping groceries has been my only outdoors activity for three months, and still my only social activity!, its becoming a highly valued activity these days!

  6. I agree, and who cares what you're wearing when you go for a walk? I'm sick of all this athleisure-wear, anyway! You look wonderful in your bright colours, Monica! Your salad looks amazing!

    1. Glad that you like my colours and no-athleisure wear!, ;DDD
      Thank you for your lovely comment!



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