domingo, 7 de junio de 2020

rain & orange

The sunny weather has turned into a more springy one, rainy and chilly, which has a silver lining: there are less people outside so I can go for a walk in a really quiet atmosphere. Obviously, I'm not going out in the middle of a storm, but there are some beautiful moments when dark clouds are less darker. And I like how the greenery looks after a shower, the colors really shine. So I'm enjoying these moments as a relief before the summer heat (which is not my cup of tea, as you can imagine).

El tiempo, que estaba veraniego, ahora se ha vuelto muy primaveral y lluvioso, lo que tiene una ventaja: hay menos gente fuera y puedo aprovechar para pasear en un ambiente tranquilísimo. Evidentemente, no voy a salir en medio de una tormenta, pero hay momentos en que las nubes no están tan negras, y justo después de un chaparrón se ve todo mucho más brillante y los colores son increíblemente vivos. Así que procuro disfrutar de estos momentos, antes de que llegue el calor del verano, que ya podéis imaginar que no me gusta nada.

- cropped trousers, made of an old lining / pantaloncillos, hecho con la tela del interior de un pantalón.
- tunic, custom made by a friend (old) / túnica, hecha para mí por una amiga
- orange trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
- sarong as a scarf, charity market (old) / pareo a modo de pañuelo, de un mercadillo solidario

I've been invited to pick fruits from a loquat tree in our neighbourhood. I've mistaken it as a 'medlar tree' (lost in translation), but it's actually a loquat, not the same thing. These trees grow in many gardens and orchards here, mostly as ornamental trees, but their fruits are tasty too!.
So I've made some compote/jam, which took me ages as it involved a lot of peeling and deseeding small fruits. Anyway I'm loving their distinctive citric flavour and thinking on making more pots.

Me han invitado a coger todos los nísperos que quiera, ya que hay tantos que no se pueden aprovechar. Por aquí hay muchos de estos árboles, sobre todo como decoración de jardines, pero la fruta es muy rica aunque no mucha gente la disfruta. He decidido hacer una mermelada/compota, ya que tenía tanta cantidad, pero me llevó muchísimo rato pelar y quitar las semillas de cada fruta, así que quedé harta. Pero como me está gustando tanto el sabor, me estoy pensando hacer más.

My last patchwork dress is taking me some time and patience, but I'm enjoying the process. I like mixing prints!
Este último vestido de trozos de tela me está llevando tiempo y paciencia, pero el proceso es muy entretenido y me gusta, es muy bonito elegir y mezclar los colores.

Hope you're keeping yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible!
Espero que estéis bien y todo lo estupendamente que podáis.

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  1. It sounds like we're sahring weather, last week's high temperatures and endless sunshine feels like a dim and distant memory.
    Loving your La Redoute mac (they used to sell some lovely clothes) and that gorgeous geometric printed tunic. Those loquats look delicious. Funnily enough I'm reading a book about a family who move from the Uk to Spain and have a loquat tree in their garden, now I can visualise it.
    The patchwork looks really exciting! xxxx

    1. Your book looks really interesting, I'll put in my list!.
      And we're still having typically springy weather, rainy!

  2. Our temperatures too have cooled down considerably, and it's been raining and windy. I know our gardens, and nature in general, needs the rain, but it's still a bit of a letdown. I don't like the Summer heat either, but I do love sunshine. Love your walking outfit. That mac is a delight, and the pattern mixing provided by your tunic and scarf is gorgeous. Those loquats look delicious. They do look a bit like medlar fruits, so I can understand your mistake. That patchwork looks like a labour of love, but I'm sure it will turn out to be fabulous! Besos xxx

    1. I agree about summer, I dislike heat but sunshine is welcome. This is the reason to love our mild Autumn!, it's so warm and still sunny!
      Glad you like this trench/mack!
      Loquats jam has been a fantastic discovering!

  3. I've never tried a loquat-they're pretty looking little fruit. Your dress will be magnificent, I'm sure. Hopefully the summer heat will hold off for a bit.

    1. Loquat fruits are not particularly popular, but they're tasty!
      My dress is looking particularly shapeless, so I hope it's going to be comfortable at least!

  4. I've always translated 'nísperos' as medlars. Is there really any difference between medlars and loquats? They look the same to me!!
    I made compote with them once, and this is just a thought, they would probably be good in a crumble, might try that!!
    Patchwork is not to be done in a hurry, as you are finding out!! But the process of choosing and combining colours and patterns is the part I enjoy most. It's a very rewarding hobby.

    1. I searched a little bit about this and finally found that they're different fruits. But both of them are called 'níspero', which totally confuses me. Medlar is european and loquat came from Japan. Totally lost in translation!
      Totally agree that the patchwork process is enjoyable, picking the colors and textures is such a lovely job!

  5. The orange coat is amazing! I just love it. I'm also enjoying this warmer weather, but with a coolish undertone, while it lasts. I don't have to think about sweating through all my clothes just yet!

    Your fruit labours are impressive! I also love seeing how your patchwork dress is coming along! It looks awesome!