viernes, 3 de abril de 2015

there's method (2)

As you could 'enjoy' previously, there's method in my madness, and I posted my easiest pick-n-go color combos. It was funny, so I decided to make another recap while I was sick at home with no outfits to share. This post is about different silhouettes I'm used to wear, even if they're not 'flattering'. Wish you enjoy!

En una ocasión anterior, ya os conté cómo hay un método en mi locura y compartí las combinaciones de colores que me salen más fácilmente. Fue divertido, así que, mientras estaba enferma en casa, decidí que haría otras recapitulaciones por el estilo. Esta vez, diferentes siluetas que suelo llevar, incluso aunque no sean 'favorecedoras'. Espero que os entretenga un rato.

1. wide midi skirts
I know it's all about proportions and heels make them look more flattering, but I don't care. The one advice I can share about wide skirts is that they look nicer when worn with short jackets.

1. faldas de vuelo a media pierna
Ya sé que todo depende de las proporciones, y los tacones hacen que el conjunto estilice mucho más, pero me importa un #%&. El único consejo que puedo compartir es que las faldas de vuelo quedan mucho mejor con chaquetas cortas.
May2013, Jul2014, Mar2015

2. wide skirt dresses
Obviously, I love wide skirts mainly because they hide my hips wideness, making me look well-proportioned. I prefer short dresses with a high waist, as they're more comfortable and more flattering on me too. And I'm very appealed by big prints which are absolutely inappropriate for plus sized ladies (blah!)

Evidentemente, me encantan las faldas con mucho vuelo sobre todo porque disimulan la amplitud de mis caderas, así que me hacen parecer mejor proporcionada. Prefiero vestidos cortos con cintura alta, son mucho más cómodos y además me favorecen más. Aunque tembién prefiero los estampados bien grandes, que son considerados totalmente inadecuados para las chicas de talla grande (blah!)
May2013, Nov2013, Nov2012

3. Short over long
Long tunics or short dresses are similar, as I'm concerned. Once more, a bolero or short jacket can work nicely on a long tunic.

Las túnicas-camisas largas o los vestidos cortos vienen a ser muy similares, en lo que a mí respecta. De nuevo, un bolero o chaqueta corta es lo que mejor queda sobre una túnica.
Feb2014, Jun2014, Dic2013

4. Long-line silhouette
Love maxi skirts, but this is a particularly unsuitable outfit on rainy days or when using public transport. Anyway, it makes me feel really floaty and elegant, except when I stumble upon my own skirt.

Las faldas arrastrando por el suelo son un estilo especialmente poco práctico para días de lluvia y para usar el transporte público, pero me hace sentir muy elegante, excepto cuando me tropiezo con mis propias faldas.
Sep2013, Aug2013, Aug2013

As a huge fan of 80's coolness, I love a long trench, summer coat or overcoat. Particularly cool if it swooshes when you walk!.
Como me encanta el estilo original de los ochenta, también me gustan mucho las gabardinas largas, abrigos de verano, y sobretodos. Mucho mejor si además susurran cuando caminas!
Jul2014, Nov2014, Aug2013

Next time, I'll inflict you with a post about pants. I'm working on it and realizing there are at least four different silhouettes!

Para la próxima vez, amenazo con infligiros un nuevo post sobre pantalones. Estoy en ello y me he dado cuenta de que hay al menos cuatro siluetas diferentes!

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  1. I think all of the outfits are flattering on you. You're very good at pulling complimentary pieces together and mixing colors and patterns. I need some lessons from you!!

  2. I agree - all these looks are flattering on you! You simply have the magic style eye. Swoosh? It makes us feel like super-heroes. Great post!

  3. They all look wonderfully good, especially that Indian block printed maxi! I love it! x

  4. Loving the style retrospective! I think you have a great eye for what suits you, and as for large prints on larger frames? I say yes, they look fantastic! I really like the candy-striped midi dress in the first set of pics, and all the bold colours and prints make me very happy! xxx

  5. Gorgeous, all of them! You look fantastic in all of them! I went through many of your posts while working on the interview, and I saw all of your 2014 posts I think, but some of these outfits are new to me - like the one with the "Indian" maxi dress and the first wide skirt dress (red flowers) - so beautiful! You know how to create a flattering silhouette for sure, and you have long legs, there is absolutely no problem with no heels on. My legs are shorter than yours, but I too wear short skirts and dresses with no heels, I think it works just fine! xxx

  6. And I also adore Summer coats or long blazers or cardis, so chic!!

  7. Come to think of it, I had no idea that there is a "rule" against larger frame/larger print. I think, to be honest, that it works the opposite way - the larger print o you, the smaller you seem in it, it sort of evens the proportions.

  8. You wear bold colours and patterns with confidence and joie de Vivre! The large prints work great on you - small prints are much more proportionate for your body. I like full skirts and 80's coolness too, but I skip the maxi dresses because I walk so much and get on and off buses I'm always tripping on them.

  9. All these outfits are amazing!! You always look outstanding xx

  10. Sorry I'm so late, but I just had to say, that I love your style. You have such an eye for colour as well as structure. I think the short A-line skirts are so flattering on you, and the Ikea-one is fabulous! I've tried tunics over wide pants and haven't been overly thrilled. Now I see you do tunic with skinnies and that seems to work much better. I'll go and shop my wardrobe now!