jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

green & roses

This is what I've worn two days ago, to go for a walk with Mr.A. after another medical appointment (we've got plenty of them these days, even if we're quite healthy!). So we went to the library, ironmonger's and other little errands and took pics too!. RealLife, once more!.
I'm going to shorten this skirt, I think its length is the reason I don't wear it so frequently as it deserves. It's a really unflattering length!. Obviously, I'm going to take up the upper side, not the skirt's border!. Anyway, it's another sewing project in my long list!

Esto es lo que llevaba anteayer para ir a dar una vuelta con Mr.A. después de otra cita médica (tenemos un montón estos días, aunque la verdad es que estamos los dos bastante saludables!). Así que fuimos a la biblioteca, a la ferretería, y ese tipo de recados, y aprovechamos para hacer unas fotos!. Montones de Vida Real, de nuevo!
Creo que voy a acortar esta falda, me parece que es precisamente por este largo tan poco favorecedor por lo que me la pongo poquísimo. Evidentemente, la recortaré por la parte superior, no en la de abajo!. De todos modos, es otro proyecto más en mi larguísima lista!

- skirt, La Redoute (seven years ago) / falda, de hace unos siete años
- green t-shirt, retail / camiseta verde, tienda local
- cardigan, La Redoute (shortened) / chaquetita punto, acortada
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas

Same outfit, two years ago as it was sketched by lovely Spy Girl

Hace dos años, el mismo conjunto, tal como lo dibujó la encantadora Spy Girl

8 comentarios:

  1. You live in a beautiful part of the world to run errands.
    You always seem to be having a fascinating conversation I want to hear and join in! xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I love your happy expressions in these photos. No wonder you look happy - look what you're wearing! Gorgeous. Yes, I think shorter would perk up this skirt but it still looks good now.
    I want to hide in one of those beautiful buildings and live there.

  3. What a gorgeous skirt, i like it a lot!! A bit shorter and would be perfect :))) Gorgeous as always :)) xx

  4. Another joyful colour combination! The skirt has such a pretty pattern, but I think it would look better if it was shorter. I have found that once you pass 50, there seems to be all kinds of medical appointments that suddenly appear on your calendar, even if you consider yourself to be pretty healthy.

  5. I did think that skirt didn't look your usual style, length-wise. it would look way cooler shorter. Great print though and a stunner of a location! xxx

  6. Look at those beautiful buildings! Yes, the skirt would work well at a shorter length, although I'll confess I feel sad at the thought of losing the fantastic colour and the striped detail at the hem. Ah well, sometimes the sacrifice just has to be made... xxx

  7. I agree with the other ladies - it would look great a tiny bit shorter (taken from the top of course!), and it deserves to be worn frequently. I do like the bag too.

    The little plaza is so beautiful - it's unbearable that Spain is so far away! I've planned my exile in Spain so many times, and this is no help against it!

  8. I think you had a good insight into how to make this gorgeous skirt even more lovable for you! You look wonderful, like a blooming flower yourself! The architecture is breathtaking, I love all the flowers on balconies, and I learned a new word - ironmongery (we call it "hardware store" here). xxx