domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

lavender & teal

I'm not used to wear muted colors, but I've always got a crush on lavender color, probably because it's in the purple family. Actually, I've had a crush on every shade of purple. So I'm loving my new crochet cardi, and wearing it a lot of times!.
When I need to refer a color when buying paints or fabrics, I always carry a sample, because it's really difficult to explain to a nonbeliever that purple, mauve and violet are not all of them the same color!. Have you ever asked for something in magenta or fuchsia color, without affronting a sceptic attitude? Sometimes I get involved in really strange discussions about colors and shades!

No suelo llevar colores apagados, pero siempre me ha encantado el color lavanda (pero no el malva!) probablemente porque es de la familia del morado. En realidad, me ha dado por todos los tonos de morado!.
Así que me está encantando esta nueva chaquetita de ganchillo, y la estoy llevando todo el tiempo!
En general, si necesito referirme a un color cuando voy a comprar una pintura o una tela, siempre llevo una muestra, porque es muy difícil contarle a un escéptico que morado, malva y violeta no son el mismo color, en serio!. ¿Alguna vez habéis pedido algo en magenta o fucsia sin recibir una mirada de extrañeza?. A veces me encuentro metida en discusiones muy absurdas sobre colores y matices!

- trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina
- cardi, 4x4 / chaqueta
- t-shirt, Punto Roma (very old) / camiseta, antigüita
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar, lo mismo
- skirt, Elisabeth (old) / falda, ídem
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- bag, retail / bolso, detall

8 comentarios:

  1. Your combination of lilac, teal, green and purple is lovely, and suits you perfectly.
    I love the stronger shades of purple and pink, but struggle with softer pastel versions on me, they are too chalky for my pale skin tone. xxxx

  2. What a glorious colour combination. the new crochet cardi is a fabulous addition to your already fabulous wardrobe. x

  3. What a gorgeous colour on you, I like it very much. Like flowers :))) You look amazing xx

  4. Your teal and lavender combination is so refreshing - and I would never have guessed how well it works. The skirt is really beautiful - and that bag is lovely! Again!

  5. You are like a painting in this outfit. Very beautiful. Monet with a big twist. I've always wanted to sit down and study colours and learn ALL the names for them. That would take a while. Your idea to take around a sample is a good one.

  6. Very pretty color combo! Especially the crochet cardigan! :)

  7. Melanie is right, you are wearing Monet shades here, and both outfits are a splendid mix of colours and textures. I tend to prefer stronger colours, and magenta is one of my favourites.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful combo! Love how you play with different shades, as well as shapes and textures - very rich, interesting look. You are so right about many hues or shades of purple! I don't always know the proper names, but I definitely feel the difference. But it takes a while to learn - I was not always that color-sensitive. xxx