miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

magenta spring

Spring weather is so unstable as usual, and it's still cold when I walk to work in the morning, so some layering is very sensible when dressing up. Then, why not to wear some 'short over long' style?, it's one of my favorites!.
And I've worn for the first time a shirt recently purchased, at a retail chain shop, which is not my best option when buying new clothes, but sometimes I'm tempted by shiny shop windows!

El tiempo en primavera está siendo tan inestable como de costumbre, todavía hace frío por las mañanas cuando voy al trabajo, así que las superposiciones parecen lo más prudente a la hora de vestir. Así que, ¿por qué no ponerse algo en el estilo 'corto encima de largo', que tanto me gusta?
Y he estrenado esta camisa que compré hace poco, en una de esas cadenas de tiendas baratitas, que no son precisamente santo de mi devoción, pero quién no sufre la tentación de los escaparates!

- new shirt, 4x4 / camisa nueva
- magenta jacket, ebay (bought last year) / chaqueta magenta, ebay (comprada el año pasado)
- leggings, La Redoute (very old)
- maryjanes, Hotter (old) / merceditas
- trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina
- starfishes crochet hairpin / horquilla de estrellas de mar, de ganchillo
- scarf, very old, a present / pañuelo, antigüito, un regalo

I like to buy locally produced food, so Saturday we visited the Cooking and Vegetables Fair at Calahorra, an event all around locally produced greens, which are a great industry indeed. I missed the catwalk, but some amazing clothes were shown at the fair. Obviously, they're all made of vegetables!

Como me gustan todos los eventos locales, el sábado fuí a visitar las Jornadas de la Verdura, una feria con toda clase de verduras de la zona, que además, son una gran industria. Y estaban expuestos unos maniquíes con ropa hecha toda con el tema de la feria: verduras!, muy original!. Me perdí la pasarela, pero otra vez será.

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  1. Seriously??? Is that white dress out of mushrooms? This is so spectacular! It's a dress AND your lunch!

    I love magenta on you. You always do such wonderful vibrant colours.


    1. that white dress was made of garlic peelings, a work of art, and it looked like made of delicate fairy petals!

  2. No one mixes colours like you - and I love it! You have such a great collection of pink pieces, and they go so well together. I adore the shoes, El Naturalista I presume? If ever they would fit my feet they would certainly go with lots items in my wardrobe :-)

    The "vegan" clothes are amazing, artists must have made them? Unbelievable and brilliant!

    1. sorry, I didn't post my shoes brand!, they're actually Hotter, and this model is still in their online shop, if you're interested, even if they change colors!

    2. Thank you so much - I'll have a look right away :-)

    3. I just had a look - OMG - I'm saving up now as I saw several pairs that I'm dying to try on, but not so cheap though... I'll be posting on my blog how things turn out. Thank you so much for letting me know the brand!

  3. Great clothes for snacking. The creativity is brilliant.
    I love your magenta short-over-long look, and your starfish are a particular favourite. I agree, spring weather can be very tricky in terms of dressing for comfort. Like you, even my strictest self control becomes like wet noodles when I walk past a lovely window. I should leave my money at home.

  4. I'm lost for words over that incredible white dress!
    Gorgeous layering skills, as always. xx

  5. Glorious pinks and purples, you look fabulous!
    Wow, those vegetable dresses are amazing! xxx

  6. Wonderful outfit and these pictures are amazing, love the white dress :)) Glorious finds :)) Happy weekend xx

  7. Beautiful AND tasty clothes?! That's like the best of two worlds! :) Love long over short look on you, you really are masterful! Magenta/purple tones are so glorious on you! Love the pendant and your shoes too! Thank you for these amazing photos of the market, I just imagined your walk that day! The dresses are truly amazing... xxx