sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

scarf & scarf

Inspired to pick a scarf as a theme this week, by Spy-Girl, I've worn this one to mix and match with some different color combos. Multi-colored scarves are a good inspiration!!
I'm recovering from a springtime flu-pharingitis-whatever at the moment, after a pair of days at home (too sick even to watch tv), but I'm feeling better. I'm still coughing and hoarse, but, hey, spring is almost here (irony)

Inspiración de esta semana para escoger un pañuelo como tema, tomada de Spy-Girl. Y he llevado este chal para mezclar y conjuntar con varias combinaciones de color. Los pañuelos multicolores son una buena inspiración!
Me estoy recuperando después de la habitual gripe-faringitis-loquesea primaveral, después de pasarme un par de días en casa (y demasiado hecha polvo hasta para ver la tele), pero ya me siento mejor. Todavía estoy tosiendo y ronca, pero, mira qué bien, que la primavera está ya llegando (ironía)

- coat, Punto Roma (old) / abrigo
- cord pants, Punto Roma (sales) / pantalón de pana, de rebajas
- boots, Clarks / botas
- teal shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camisa azul pato
- old Mr.A.'s jacket, revamped / chaqueta vieja de Mr.A., reformada
- very old scarf, NafNaf, a present / chal antigüito, de NafNaf, un regalo
- necklace, very old, Sfera / collar, antigüito también

- shearling coat, thrifted ages ago / abrigo, comprado de segunda mano, hace siglos
- gauze dress, C&A (very old) / vestido gasa
- turtle-neck, La Redoute / cuello vuelto
- crochet beret / boina ganchillo

More multi-colored inspiration!

Más inspiración multicolor!

12 comentarios:

  1. Wow! Two different colored looks from the one scarf! Very versatile!
    Thanks for linking!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! You created wonderful outfits, I especially loved the red one! Beautiful scarf, and AMAZING necklace! xxx

  3. You've got a bug, sounds awful to not even be able to entertain yourself with television. Hope you're on the mend quickly and back to creativity as usual.
    Is there any color you don't look good in? I don't think so! Thanks for the tip on wearing longer lengths under shorter layers. I'll try that and wear a longer shirt under next time.

  4. I hope you get better soon! You look fantastic in your bright colours and always always you are the queen of purple. You are a living work of art. That scarf is gorgeous and I have major shearling coat envy. xoxo

  5. Too sick to watch TV sounds very bad and I am relieved that you are feeling better for real springtime.
    This scarf is a continent of beauty and it suits you and your magnificent style perfectly - a little splash for colour for everything.

  6. I hope that flu bug has been kicked in the arse. Too sick to even watch TV is very sick indeed. You are the queen of colour mixing.

  7. I hope that flu bug has been kicked in the arse. Too sick to even watch TV is very sick indeed. You are the queen of colour mixing.

  8. Wishing you better very quickly! Wonderful colours here. Interestingly the scarf looks so different in each outfit that it would not have occurred to me, had you not said, that it was the same one. I love the red necklace, the purple dress, and the sequin(?) belt especially.

  9. You look sublime, love each look :)) Fantastic always you are :) xx

  10. What a wonderful round-up of colourful outfits, I adore that shawl and the red number! That market stall looks very enticing!
    Hope you feel loads better soon. xxx

  11. Looking fabulous in red, purple and mustard - such great colours.
    So sorry you've been ill, hope you are lots better now as we head into Spring! xxx

  12. Wow! Gorgeous colours in this scarf! I especially love the purple and mustard one with the shearling coat because to my mind it looks different to usual. But of course the red is magic as well. Lovely beret too. xo Jazzy Jack