martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

there's method

Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.

Even if I like to improvise when dressing up, sometimes I just resort to some guaranteed ensembles which I've learnt to mix and match quickly. There's a method in my madness!.
When you're in a hurry, just throw a complementary color on your ensemble, and then add a secondary color which matches it, and everything would look way more interesting!.
So I'm going to make a recap about some of my easiest color combos. Sometimes I like to stop and glance at whatever I'm doing.

Aunque me guste improvisar al vestirme, a veces simplemente recurro a unos cuantos conjuntos ya bien probados que he aprendido a combinar rápidamente. Como dijo el Poeta, hay método en mi locura!
Cuando tienes prisa, sólo con añadirle un color complementario al conjunto, y luego un color secundario que combine con él, ya consigues que todo parezca mucho más interesante!
Así que estoy haciendo un resumen acerca de mis combinaciones de color más fáciles. A veces es bueno pararse y echar una ojeada a lo que estás haciendo!

1. Blue + yellow/orange
I've worn this color combo a thousand times. And I'm willing to wear a thousand more, because it works nicely!.

1. Azul + amarillo/naranja
Lo he llevado miles de veces, y estoy deseando llevarlo mil más, porque funciona estupendamente!

March 2014, March 2013, April 2013

Obviously, you also can wear a two toned combo!

Evidentemente, también se puede probar con una combinación de sólo dos tonos.

May 2013 and May 2013

2. Teal & Purple
No complementary colors, nor rules can explain why I like so much purple and teal/turquoise. But I think that royal purple adds just a deep and rich color to any ensemble, it's the warmest of cold colors!

2. Azul Pato & Morado
Aquí no hay colores complementarios, ni reglas que puedan explicar porqué me gusta tanto el morado con azul pato/turquesa. Pero creo que el púrpura real es un color tan profundo y rico, y es el más cálido de los colores fríos!

Jan.2013, March 2013, Jan.2014

3. Teal & Red
There's a lot of teal and turquoise involved in my outfits. Acutally, I think teal is just a dark and wintry version of turquoise, so I use both of them indiscriminately. And Red color is simply appealing to me. Particularly, red dresses!

3. Azul pato & Rojo
Hay un montón de azul pato (o azul petróleo) y turquesa en mi forma de vestir últimamente. En realidad, creo que este tono azul pato es simplemente una versión más oscura e invernal del turquesa, así que utilizo cualquiera de los dos indistintamente. Y el color Rojo es que sencillamente me gusta. En particular, los vestidos rojos!

Sept2014, May2014, March2014

Wish you enjoy this recap!

Espero que os haya gustado!

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  1. And purple and red, and purple and orange and purple and yellow....! It really is so versatile. I also love purple and grass green!
    Interesting thoughts on colours. Do you ever do bright without an anchor like blue or purple? Do you do yellow and red for example?
    Isn't it fun to play! I always love your distinctive yet flat shoes :-) xo Jazzy Jack

    1. glad you like Purple with Everything!. Love bright colors all together, no neutral color is needed. But not a huge fan of dressing in red and yellow, because these are the colors in our flag!, and I don't want to look like a football supporter!
      Also glad you like my shoes!

  2. Turquoise and red is a match made in heaven.

  3. These are wonderful, I like purple with all things and of course any shade of blue is perfect for me, since it's my favourite colour. And the last set with the red is wonderful and always look marvellous :)) xx

  4. I just love it! Thank you, thank you for describing your method! :) I adore the color combos you create. Love how you describe purple - "warmest of cold colors", isn't it true!?

    I don't think I have any method - just playing around and invent a bicycle every single time, which is my sort of fun, though I must admit - not the most effective way to learn stuff, but I can't help it - I love it! I do learn from such lessons like yours here though - somehow it makes learning fun.

    Give us some more of your insights, dearest Monica! xxxxx

  5. I love your thought process and the resulting outfits! I usually pick out the least obvious colours in a printed dress see what happens.
    Teal is a wintery version of turquoise, i hadn't thought of that! xxx

  6. Wonderful colour combinations - you are the mistress of mixing great shades together, it's your trademark! xxx

  7. Blue and orange is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I always like seeing you match up teal with purple or red. It was interesting to see how you think about colour mixing - your outfits are always like a breath of fresh air.

  8. you have a great way with color. I get sick of all the dullness around me.

  9. Excellent summary of your outfits. I like knowing how you put your things together, especially when I love your style so much. Your process should be a mandatory class in school! - although I suspect so much of your vibrancy is also your inner self and instinct bursting out.

  10. Of course there is! You have an unerring eye for color. Nifty post ... fun to read and see. Hope you're having a fabulous early spring!

  11. Excellent to read your explanation of how your outfits work. Brilliant.