miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2015

think pink

We've enjoyed a pair of unusually warm days, so snow on our nearby mountains melted quickly and rivers were nearly overflowing. No problems here, but some country areas were affected, particularly truck farms and kitchen gardens. Obviously, these are no good news.
Anyway, this mirage of spring was short, so we squeezed it, walking, running errands and staying outdoors as much as possible. We even have a beer at a terrace yesterday!. And today some snow is forecasted, once more!
I've been wearing my pink shirt with some leggings recently purchased on ebay. I like this kind of long men shirts, because they can be worn many ways, and they've got an 80's vibe!

Hemos tenido un par de días de calor totalmente fuera de época, así que la nieve de los montes de alrededor se fundió rápidamente y los ríos han estado a punto de salirse del todo. No hemos tenido problemas por aquí, pero en el campo sí que hay zonas afectadas, sobre todo huertas, una verdadera lástima.
De todos modos, este espejismo de primavera ha sido corto, así que lo hemos exprimido al máximo, saliendo mucho, haciendo recados y en general, estando en la calle todo lo posible. Incluso nos tomamos una cerveza en una terraza ayer. Y hoy se supone que vuelve a nevar, claro!
He estado poniéndome esta camisa rosa con unos leggings que compré hace poco en ebay. Lo que me gusta de esta clase de camisas largas de hombre es que dan mucho juego, superpuestas o no, y además, tienen un punto muy ochentero!

- coat, Anne Weyburn (old) / abrigo
- pink shirt, Peekaboo Atelier, local design / camisa rosa
- leggings, ebay
- maryjanes, Tuk / merceditas
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, regalo de Sacramento
- black jacket, October (ages ago) / chaqueta negra, de hace siglos

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  1. We've been experiencing the same here. Little glimpses of Spring with lots of sunshine. I walk as much as I can during these times. It's been fun seeing the Spring colors and fabrics pop up again on these blogs. Hope you have a great weekend coming up!

  2. Well I'm going to buck the trend Joni because we are in Autumn! Teal and pink are a magical combination, and I adore those almost but not quite leopard print leggings :-) xo JJ

  3. Both fantastic outfits, blue legs and pink plaid legs, with that great pink top.
    I'm glad you had a spell of wonderful warm weather. It should help get you through this new cold snap. It must have felt good to be outside again without shivering!

  4. What fabulous leggings and cool shoes. You look so Spring-like and colourful, no wonder the snow is melting! x

  5. the only leggings I can seem to find that fit me are black or gray. Hmmm, maybe I should make some

  6. So wonderfully Spring-y! The stripes on your t-shirt which continued on your socks made me smile - love them with plaid leggings! I have not thought of looking at ebay for colorful tights or leggings, I must try it! I hope Spring will be back and stay very soon! xxx

  7. You have such amazing leggings! and footwear! both outfits are incredible, I love your mixes - the weather does seem to be quite extreme doesn't it, we are going from cold to warm too x x x

  8. You look amazing and I love love both pairs of your leggings and shoes too!! You're so marvellous :))) I hope your weekend is bliss xx

  9. You really are the queen of bright, cheery colours and fabulous prints - hurray for the onset of Spring! xxx